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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zionist Jesuit Illuminati Masonic Knights of Malta Dragon Slayers

Firstly These are just TITLES of the New Manager of Burger King, the METHOD AND GOAL is the Same... "Under New Management, Same System, Advisers, Plan, Funding, and GOAL!" purely related to MEGIDDO

before 1847 there were ZERO Jews even living in Palestine!, from here on the Zionist Concept can be tracked
1897 Jesuits Give official Judgement

Theodore Herzl JESUIT traveled to Rome in late January 1904 , Right on Time According to the DODD Foundation Minutes... "it was revealed a 100+ year JESUIT plan, planning ww1 ww2 ww3" and that includes CREATING and using ZIONISM as PUPPETS to take the fall in ww3, like they wrote in the minutes and used Hitler as a Pawned puppet in ww2 to make Israel, "The movement was eventually successful in establishing Israel on May 14, 1948 "Power to draw lines on a map - Nation Creation"
This is a SETUP ! On a Global Scale to bring about the ONE WORLD MARINES, CURRENCY, RELIGION

1 Abomination Pulling the Strings of 2 Wings
Republican v Democrat,
Liberal v Labor,
Jesuit v Zionism "Not Christians V's Jews" just the law makers are fighting, so its like having Catholic-British Jesuit law makers v's United States Jesuit Law makers educated by the Catholic-British Jesuit System...,., you have Jesuit law makers, who are fighting with Zionists they trained, positioned, and funded... "Even gave them a country Israel" Israel Dose not have its Own City-State-Nation like DC-Vatican-London
And for the Record the Masons and Illuminati are the Same ORIGIN & Goal just a Different Mask they are ALL following JESUIT Law at the top! "The Masons-Fabians are to London , As the Jesuits-Illuminati are to Vatican city" "Look for the Knights of Malta tho for WAR and DEATH, they are the Currently MILITARY wing, not the Jesuit-Zionist Law-Religious Wing"

Note : The Western forces "Nato + US" Destabilize the Region Around Israel "Installing Muslim Brotherhood"
Then the "Nato + US" forces LEAVE, pulling out all military forces completely "Or at least showing they will just watch" and allow the Easily Lead Muslim Brother Hood AL-CIA-DAto Comit Genocide Against Israel...

This will be the Pretext to "BEGIN THE NEXT CRUSADE!"
They will tell you its so it dose not happen again
So Genocide wont happen again "after the Elite arranged the Muslim brother hood destabilization, and allow genocide to wipe out Israel"
We will have ONE WORLD GLOBAL MARINES-ARMY, A SINGLE FORCE SO NONE CAN FIGHT OTHERS! that is the solution... "according to the DODD minutes... Complete with ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT & CURRENCY, and FORCED LAWS PERTAINING RELIGION, TAX, CARBON CREDITS, "How many Children can you afford Birth Licenses for?

People say "Israel has Nukes!"
Sudam had "Poison gas" no nukes, but didnt get a chance to use it due to Psychotronics Tech in the 90's
Judy Wood's term "Dustifying" can be used to Clean up the Radiation of Fukushima, or "Dustify the Radioactive material" effectively making Israels Nukes a Bunch of Duds... This Tech is the Elites Ace card BLUEBEAM

Don't Let them Fool you in to a Dragon Slaying Crusade!

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