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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I posted the Initial Meteorite Strike and Explosion when it happened over Russia,
Under Video Analysis it seems we missed something...

"the broken smaller pieces that still hit the ground caused massive damage, the actual explosion damaged over a thousand buildings, many other meteorites have hit earth this week, from Saudi Arabia to Florida "As fallout from the MASSIVE meteorite that passed close to earth, Closest any of that size in recorded history"

It is likly this UFO is HUMAN MADE, as part of the "Vrill, Bell, Thule-Black Sun" project's continued, TR-3B's are the tech used today, i have seen one of these "TR-3B's" my self in person, Their "TR-3B" Projection of a Field allows them to be Effectively shielded... "Depending on the Modifications of the projected field" so it is possible for this human tech to be used like this... "To fly the TR-3B through the Meteorite to break it up..."

 Stop Zionism!

Occupy Corporatism! 100% Original, Transparency, Honesty & Integrity.

I would like to Inform Shundrallah Readers of some important News, and Updates

Before we get in to the Facts, lets Clarify Shundrallah's Relation Ship to Occupy Corporatism, Susane & Dave Posel...
I had seen there Site and information for a while, and because of their association with alex jones i basically ignored them originally..
When Occupy Corporatism left Genesis because of Alex Jones Censorship
they Left with Pete Santilli...
Now many of the Independant Truthers started looking in to the change to sus them out, from Hatrick penry, to the Gurilla News Network, "and many many others" People who know and dont mind being tracked touch the initiative to go sus out the new guys claiming to be independent...

During this time i was receiving communications from pete that exposed his Deception, telling his listeners one thing "claiming he had nothing to do with before its news" then in email telling me his setting up their video stream Chanel... "This has all been exposed along with pete santilli making death threats to 4 people, and deliberate lies about many people, read about it all i made everything transparent in other articles including all emails, so everyone knows the kind of Psychopath Pete Santilli is..."

Satanists started attacking Trolling Susane Posel "One in particular BOB TUSKIN" was being supported by Satanists actively and openly, i went to Bob Tuskins Chat room a few times and posted my Troll Slaying Article he since apologized, stopped trolling and hasn't trolled since... no hard feelings Bob...

Well long story short, Pete Santilli was Exposed as a Military Psy-Ops Payed Disinfo Agent with USA MILITARY SECURITY CLEARANCE who worked on the REX84 "USA MARTIAL LAW TAKE OVER PLAN..." Since all this came out at the start of the year pete santilli went from over 50,000 listeners a day to under 1000, the truth will set everyone free from the manipulation of puppet masters... It Seems only Brainwashed Cult members or Psychopathic Hangers on are still involving themselves with Pete Santilli now...

The Sharks Came out, Pete Santilli Tried to Go Fishing for the Immoral Bloodline and his Hooks were Bent off by the Experience and MORAL STRENGTH of the Sharks who are now circling...
The Truth is Morally i will defend anyone, morally people will defend them selves from pete santilli, and morally i can not defend pete santilli, so when the other sharks come to pete with Extra Rope for the 1381 History Repeating its self, hanging of the Immoral Bloodline and their Minions, NO ONE WILL MORALLY STOP THEM, i will personally watch pete santilli hang... i think other people have a far more moral claim to put the rope around his neck, morally i wont be forced to defend him as it will be the ones hanging him in the moral defense of petes immoral attacks and deliberate immoral deception that will be the reckoning coming... Pete is protected now by the System, Government who pays and employs him, the Boat will only protect you so long pete, a Storms coming and the systems going to be kicked out, your boat will capsize and you will join us in the ocean unprotected by your masters, the sharks will rip you apart... and pete santilli is TERRIFIED because he knows his facing Oblivion "his final Life-Force End" because of his Immoral CHOICES AND ACTIONS!

However the Occupy Corporatism Website is Independently Run by Susane & Dave Posel and they have Cut all Ties and Associations with Pete santilli, and no Facts have linked them to anything bad or Corrupt apart from their previous association with alex jones and pete santilli, their is no skeletons i have found in their closet...

Because of the Choices and more importantly ACTIONS of Susane Posel, its not just me, its almost the Entire Independent Truth Movement Community has Embraced Occupy Corporatism, as a Reliable alternate Source of Information... "Having More Readers and Listeners now then ever before"

Most of the Focus for Occupy Corporatism is focused on USA political Relationship to Globalists, Martial Law, Fema, Agenda 21, United Nations Sovereignty Takeovers, Police Brutality, Big Pharma, and Technology etc
Occupy Corporatism also have a Weekend Radio Show

Firstly i have Reported previously that the Occupy corporatism Website was started the same Day Satanists Co-opted the Occupy Wall-Street Protests, 7th Dec 2011, This is a Coincidence...
Nothing Else Connects Occupy Corporatism with or to Occupy Wall-Street...
I have spoken to Susanne Posel and Dave Posel "many times previously, however recently i have received some important Clarifications"

From: Susanne Posel>

Hi Shun,
I have NEVER been associated with OWS. The last time I was in NY  I was 4 years old visiting family.
Pete is a lot dirtier than you have figured out. I have REAL dirt on him. I have left his show.

I had previously linked a Video Readers brought to my attention about the OWS "Occupy Wallstreet" protests Co-Opting and asked if Susane Posel was involved... "above you can read she is not involved"
Susane Posel has been Polite and Honest through out the entire time i have known her...
Even during all the Shit Pete Santilli was involved in...

I have no problem admitting when i am wrong, and saying Sorry...
"Officially From Shundrallah , John McAlpine would like to apologize for any flack caused from linking that Video in Association with Occupy Corporatism and Susane Posel, i have No Evidence or Facts to Doubt Susane Posels word, and from her above reply on the matter i must make the correction for all readers"

Officially Shundrallah is Not Payed, has never been payed "From anyone for that matter" 
nor have i received any donations "From anyone again for that matter"
Shundrallah is Supporting Occupy Corporatism Purely because of their INTEGRITY, 
Calculated from their ACTIONS!
Throughout my entire Dealings with them both Susane & Dave have had 
the Highest Standard of Morality and ALWAYS ACTED ACCORDINGLY

I spent many hours one evening talking to Dave Posel about Eastern Philosophy, He is a Very Wise and Experienced being who in my opinion is one of the few i have ever encountered to really KNOW the RTA!
For this Reason, and the Fact that Susane & Dave Posel have only ever acted Morally!
Shundrallah Supports Occupy Corporatism 100%
And until i have Factual Evidence of the contrary i will continue to defend all moral people who have integrity... "Especially those Active and Acting in the Truth Movement Area!" 

 Stop Zionism!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOMESSIAH Immorally Backs "Dribble Shite Pantilli" after i told them to Chose Morality or Back petes Immorality... When Santilli-Messiah becomes Nomessiah again i will relink them­.au/2013/02/pete-santilli-aka-­shite-pantilli-is-at.html
This is a perfect track for Pete he is becomming a Creepy Immoral Psychopath
Let me no if u guys are going to back the Psychopath and i'll drop u from my Site, if u stop Supporting and Perpetuating the Immoral i will be happy to support you guys, its your choice, NoMessiah, or Santillimessiah you guys Chose???

I just got the Reply....

Nomessiah Official has posted a comment on your channel

Hey you fucking dumb fuck god loving asshole! Don't ever use Nomessiah's music! Take it down Now!

Santilli-Messiah you have Chosen to attack me and Defend the Immoral, for that your only have your conscious to face... I thought you guys were Different "Independant" , All you had to do was be nice, but enstead you go and be immoral and attack the ones pointing out the truth, to Defendthe KNOWN DOCUMENTED IMMORAL ACTIONS OF PETE SANTILLI "there is even active federal police investigations about this"

And for the Record Anyone who has read my Blog posts for 5 years, or talked to me IN PERSON all my life, KNOWS i am AGAINST ENKI AND HIS DOGMATIC GOD CREATION!


Anyone can SEE MY BLOG HISTORY i have and always will be against ANY MAN MADE GOD DOGMA, Only the RTA is TRUE!

 Stop Zionism!

Hone Harawira "Dragon seen in Action!"

When Every One is Represented in Politics by people like this Dragon Hone Harawira
there will be no need for politics! 
nor any of their Shite Dribbling Minions!

The Wave of Morality is bubbling away...
Soon it will Unleash and the Immoral Cleanup will Begin.
Be Sure to Save Plenty of Rope! for the Immoral Ones and their willing Minions...
So to will any of their minions who continue to follow the Immoral, 

It could be Over in under a Week...
Nibiru the Crossing is coming Closer...
Soon be Time to Send all the Immoral to Oblivion and Detatch them from the Emminatables YOU!
So the Immoral No longer Parasitically Feed on YOU!
and Suck YOUR Energy, "Life Force", Time,
Stop being Tricked, Fooled, Conned and Swindled in this Archaic War!
Then Finally the 5500yr war will be over,
and the MORAL will live Responsibly MORAL 
in TOTAL MORAL FREEDOM, Peace and Tranquil Equality!

 Stop Zionism!

K-Rino Truth Rhymes

K-Rino New "Full Album"
K-Rino has Supported a Lot of people, Helping Growth and Truth Awareness Globally and Personally with many Individuals of the S.P.C

South Park Coalition (S.P.C.) is a coalition of Houston hip hop rappers which K-Rino started in 1986, wanting
 to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston. 

K-Rino has been Exposing Immoral Bloodline Agendas, System, Front-Masks for years, his a big supporter of his local community, and shares his talent non stop with the WORLD since i have become aware of him a few years ago he has not stopped..., a True Moral Fighting Living Dragon, Inspecting his actions and history show how he Stands... MORALLY FOR YOUR FREEDOM EVEN THO HIS NEVER MET YOU!

 Stop Zionism!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Metiorite Fireball Hits Russia Injures Over 1000 "Largest Metiorite to hit Earth in MODERN RECORDS"

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Pete Santilli Aka Shite Pantilli is at it again, THREATENING LADIES WITH HIS PSYCHOPATHY! Its about time those who left Alex Jth pete Decide will they stay with Pantillis Immorality and Back him, its their choice now!

Pete Santilli Exposed for the 4th Time

Pete Santilli is a Psychopath

Pete Threatening to Beat up a Paraplegic

Pete Spams Vulgar Emails for EXPOSING HIM!

Pete Making DEATH THREATS to Hatrick and Sheria
Pete Also admits to being involved with SETTING UP BEFORE ITS NEWS VIDEO STREAM
Pete is also identified as a US MARINE PSY-OP DISINFO AGENT WITH HIGH SECURITY CLEARANCE, which he has not denied
Pete Claimed when Alex Jones had bad info he sent in an email for Corrections, PETE HAS NEVER MADE ONE CORRECTION HE KNOWS THE TRUTH IS OUT ABOUT HIM!

This is about Pete Santillis Moral Integrity Failure and Perpetuating IMMORALITY
Pete has made his choice to turn his back on infinite, he will Fade away in to Oblivion...
Your Choice, the information and Moral Infinite Logic is Explained, your choice to Align with Immortality or your Final End as you Fade in to Oblivion for Ever gone...
Pete Cant MAKE you Chose Immorality, by Chosing to Support and Follow someone Perpetuating this kind of Immorality you are chosing to Support Immorality and you chose to turn your back on the Infinate Moral Foundation that will support your existance after your body is gone...
No one can make this choice for you, its your infinity Pete is sucking and attacking him self to, your choice to feed him or let him fade in to Oblivion and meet his final End... to restore Moral Equality and Peace YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE... if MORALITY what you want to fight for to RETAIN YOUR OWN MORAL INFINITY, or if you will CHOSE to turn your back on Morality and Support Perpetrators of Immorality? "This MORAL TRUTH Terrifies Pantilli, Even bringing it up will have him lash out on you so please be prepared and ready for the backlash, when any immoral ones are confronted with the Reality of their FINAL END it brings a wave of fear and terror on to the immoral when they come to the realization that Logically Immoral Finite Ends, and Moral Infinite becomes Immortal, and their own actions and Choices have lead them to a FINAL END where No one will ever remember them in time as the moral chose to detatch and not perpetuate the immoral emminations they cease to be sustained, with nothing to sustain them they reach the point of FINAL DEATH where their consciousness has no more moments awareness or emminations and effectively the immoral are gone for ever when unattached, the moral meanwhile fight and detach the immoral for ETERNITY as they are infinite aligned with moral infinity!"

 Stop Zionism!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Peter the Roman to be Officially Chosen in march, Peter Turkson? Right on Time for RFID roleout... Crusade?

The Correlation between Easter 2013, the New Last Pope Peter the Roman, and the RFID implementation in America by March 23 2013 is a lining up of global events around the next 2 months , Baracuda has also pointed out some major Financial Risks people are taking that the market will go Nuts over the next 2 months, its it worth noting that after these 4 events lining up, there is no more BIG PLANNED DATES lining up by the immoral bloodline for years, "Not Until Around 2016" until so many of their individual GLOBAL plans the Ruling Western Elite Bloodline have been working on implementation for years all collide to be fulfilled in a short period of time...
"Most of the 2016-2020 Big Dates are much more to do with new Military Tech being implemented, and the West gets their Foot in to a BRIC country with the Olympics in Brazil... thats where it will start according to all the olympic Nuke propaganda, and Birth of an Egg at China, a Baby and Phoenix Rising in London and the new lord rising in Brazil "according to the Jesuit plan Israel would be Facing its Planned Zionism Outcome by that stage... Correlating shortly after the LAST POPE takes power... "WHEN ALL THE ARMIES OF THE WORLD COME TO MEGIDDO UNDER ONE WORLD RULER!"
This current 2013 stage is not WW3, its the internal security stage, cracking down on DOMESTIC CONTROL "Internet, RFID Tracking", and SOFT ANNEXING of Bordering Countries Destabilized" so when the new ADVANCED MILITARY TECH is rolled out over the next 8 years, starting in 4 years, the population, Troops, Enforcers, Psy-Ops, Tracking is all in place for the Elite Bloodline to Retain Control in a GLOBAL CONTROLLED DEMOLITION AND RESTRUCTURING of the GLOBAL AUTHORITY CONTROL SYSTEM, RESTRUCTURING FOR WW3 "Annunaki Western Bloodline V's the BRIC alliance" starting between 2016 and 2020, The Time between now and 2016 is about RFID Control Via Obama's American "BY LAW IN CONGRESS" RFID implementation, and then the New POPE PETER will say America is a shining example all Christians will get chipped and then begin a Crusade through Africa, and the middle east to Annex-Chip those Areas on to the European-American Western Bloodline Powerbase INCLUDING ISRAEL... "To Fight a WAR with BRAINWASHED RFID CHIPPED PAWNS that being YOU once they RFID chip you, sent mindlessly as FODDER to fight the BRIC alliance who is STANDING UP FOR GLOBAL MORAL FREEDOM FOR ALL!

 Stop Zionism!

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Moral Integrity Failure !" If you dont KNOW think "Structural Integrity Failure" you get the idea...

Structural Integrity Failure = Building Foundation Collapse

Moral Integrity Failure = Non-Physical Infinite Foundation Collapse

What dose it mean if Ones Non-Physical Infinite Foundation "Rta" Collapses?

Then the Very Foundation of Ones "Life-Force" Consciousness-Soul is no longer a Supporting Foundation when the Body Dies...

One Bodiless without a Supporting Non-Physical Foundation Fades Away in to Oblivion

Not even Ones Emminations are Sustained on the Non-Physical Foundation, So those Immoral Ones who Fade Away in to Oblivion do not even have the Emminations of their Immoral Spirit "Immoral Past Deeds" Carried on the Non-Physical Foundation.

If you cant have a Living Body with a Heart Beat , you will need to Create a Corpse and Put words in it to Constitute the IN-CORPORATED by putting the Breath of life in to the Corpse UNDEAD , this is done Via Necromancy Created in Summeria by the First Psychopomp "Soul Trapper" Enki with his Reeds of Enki Creation, Zagmuk Programing, and Shi "Creating Living Clay , Manipulating you" Programing installation methods...
Past Time "Deeds Actions, Choices" and Akasha Emminations of Immoral Spirits are only Sustained and Perpetuated with Necromancy, Undead Vampiric Parasitic Energy Sucking Entities who are Created to perpetuate and Empower the Immoral Emminations by TURNING-YOU in to a BATTERY SOURCE, Through Attachments, Programing, Infecting you like a Virus to Feed and Sustain Necromancy Creations made to Perpetuate IMMORAL SPIRITS who would otherwise Fade Away in to Oblivion "For ever, Infinitely GONE"

 We are Facing a Global Moral Integrity Failure, Because of a Few Brainwashing Psychopomps "Guiding people to a Spiritual Soul Trap to sustain the Immoral ones they Follow" and their Ignorant Follower Minions Disseminating their Dogma Programing and Misinformation through the Media "Known Psy-Ops Agents Like D.Icke, Shite Pantilli , Jessy V, Alex Jones,  Ramtha and many many others, Dike Shite Jessy Jones all push the Same agenda as Ramtha, Paving the Way for their Satanic Light Worshiping Glistening Insestual Bloodline that want to have you accept they have the power by giving them the authority to speak and order you as tho they are god,
so the Bloodline can claim their insestual bloodline Right "Know what Rights Really mean and who they were Created for, The Ruling Bloodline to have JUSTIFICATION OVER YOU IN AN UNEQUAL SYSTEM!"

The Ruling Bloodline want their RIGHT back to RAPE YOUR CHILDREN Droit Du Seigneur...


It is your Choice to Morally Fight the Immoral, or Immorally Support the Lies and Deception building this Abomination....

 Stop Zionism!

Monday 11th Feb 2013 Pope Benedict Resigns! The Final Pope "Peter the Roman" Will be Chosen by March 2013...


Monday 11th Feb Pope Benedict Resigns!
Making way for the Final Pope Before the Destruction of Rome according to Malachi
1595 Zionist-Jesuit Plan Publication! Claimed to be From Malachi never seen before 1590...
"In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations:
and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed,
and the terrible judge will judge his people.
The End."
However, in the 1595 Lignum Vitae, the line "In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit." forms a separate sentence and paragraph of its own, and it is unclear whether it is grammatically related to Gloria Olivae which precedes it, or to Petrus Romanus, which follows it.


Peter the Roman Will be Chosen by March 2013...

 Stop Zionism!

Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills the Beans "We were having a Drill Hiding under the Tables with a LOT of POLICE around"

Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills the Beans "We were having a Drill Hiding under the Tables with a LOT of POLICE around"

Why Dose a Third Grader from Sandy Hook, Claim their was a Drill with a LOT OF POLICE around the School BEFORE THE SHOOTING STARTED!... False Flag?

 Stop Zionism!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shundrallah Magazine Issue #1 "Comming Soon!"

  • 100% FREE "Always as Morality Demands the Moral NEVER COVER UP or RESTRICT THE TRUTH!"
  • 100% Free Video Documentaries, Music & Articles "all inside Each Issue"
  • Past Articles Revamped
  • New Bonus Articles "From New Website Edition"
  • Sneak Peaks and Advanced Insight of "Up-coming Book(s) Releases"
  • Comments, Reviews and Highlights "Those who Support and Forward Shundrallah Truth to their own Readers, Listeners, Friends & Families..." Spotlight on the Silent Hero's of Truth
  •  New Product Reviews, From our Sponsors, Advertisers, Partners, and Affiliates to our own line of NEW Products coming to the new Site Shop "Prints, Printed PDF-Ebooks and E-Pub Magazines, Natural Health Kapikacchu, Barley Sprout Root, and many more... "Note we only charge for Physical Objects that Cost Extra, Information is always 100% FREE"
  • The New Magazines will also have Some Advanced Features, like a Breaking news Feed, Advertising Feed, New Product Feeds, New Issue(s) Feed, that will all update... So now if your E-Pubs 4 years old its still getting the latest breaking news and letting you no what the new products are even new issues out, infact the second last page of every issue will tell you when the next issue(s) are available and you can click the link for immediate Download to get the new issue without any extra links or programs! all to make the Truth Easier for you to follow and stay up to date!
  • All "Shundrallah Magazine Issues" will be Copyright, but no Cost associated, so Feel Free to Share, Distribute Freely... Set the Truth Free!

Please Do not worry Shundrallah will still have all of our Information Available HTML on the Web, "The New Website will have Video, Music, Picture, and Ebook Libraries all 100% free to Download We will also be offering PDF and E-PUB soon "FREE DOWNLOADS FROM OUR SITE LINK and Available in Itunes, Nook, Android, possibly Amazon if we can also arrange the Kindle format, along with a Smartphone App with many Advanced Features and Options "will Expand on the upcoming App soon"

Also we would like to give a BIG THANKYOU to all the Followers, Members, and Contributors, even if you just made a comment or passed on some info or a tip,
THANKYOU from Shundrallah!
"In Honor of those who have participated in the shundrallah Project over the last 4 years we will be including many of your comments and contributions in the upcoming issues, So please keep taking part in sharing the truth if you haven't already!

Unless if Breaking News, all New Articles , Video Documentaries, and Music will go towards to the Issues and be Put Online from the Day the Issue is Released....

The only Articles i plan to Finish is the DOD-Disney-Gates Docuemtary... With the Full video, Currently only Part 1 Is Released... Expect the Rest of that Docuemntary to Release and from then Wait for the Big Release Issue :)

With almost 100,000 Readers, and Doing this all by my self has been a great Journey...
But its just beginning GET READY FOR SECOND GEAR...!!! Things are about to Change and Rampup in a big way... "I would love to have the First Issue Release as part of the 100,000th Reader Joins us Celebration's...There will be a party!"

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