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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Terminology of the 5500year War Defined as the Final Battle Looms

Our Species has been Civilized for over 12,000 years
Vedic civilization had advanced mathamatics, 2 story houses with plumbing fresh running water, hot water, wheels, astronomy, infact they had invented everything apart from electricity combustion engines, and advanced alchemy-explostives-plastics-metal alloys along with the developments from those 3 technological knowledge spheres 10,000BC

sometime around 3500BC and 3000BC "Only 5000-5500 years ago" a being was borne Ki, Soon to title him self Lord of Earth

Ki Invented Manipulation Techniques Recorded for the first time in our species Civilized History
En = Lord and Ki = Earth,
The Self Titled Lord of Earth was Ruler of the Abzu = Abyss

Tiamat = Maidens of Life + u = To Either, Or, Let "The Maidens that Empower"
Tiamatu = Abzu = Primeval Source = The first or Earliest Stages of this Bloodlines History!
From Primeval Era, to Medici Bloodline Descendant's, of the Medieval Era

Annu = This or These
Na = Femanin Verb
Ki = "Founder of Bloodline"
Annu + Na + Ki = These Females of Ki's
The Annunaki are the Interbread Female Harem to serve as reproduction of Pure Blood of heirs. the Source of Power to Perpetuate the Source of the Primeval Power... "The Seed of Ki"

Mul is the Sumerian word for Celestial

Shi is the Summerian word for cutting a part of ones Celestial Non-Physical Body off to Create Mul-Ki

Mul-Ki is a part of your Celestial Non-Physical Body known today as a Soul, Part of your Consciousness Awareness Trapped in the Creation of the "Reeds of Enki"

In the Vedas and most Eastern Philosophies they refer to this Delusional Infection as the Maya "The Illusional lenses that warps your perception"

The Process Enki "God Created" to do this is called "God Molding Clay to Create Man"
Usemi = Turned in to, Changed, Manipulated
Tiddu/Im = Usemi + Living Clay "Turned in to Living Clay, Manipulated in to Servitude"
Duggae = Lifeless Clay "yes they have a special word to represent manipulation of ones metaphysical consciousness to manipulate you in to serving them, and another word for general clay"

The Dragon is the great Foe of the West who Revel in Dragon Slaying,
while the East Know the Dragon is Revered as Grand Protector! RTa Incarnate! Dragons Wielding the "Varja" Diamond of the Mind !

The Giants are Hunted Down by the West "Giant Slaying"
while the East Know the Giants are those who stand up, Teaching and Protecting The RTa Natural Ancestral Knowledge

In Summerian Texts, where the West began its Giant and Dragon Slaying Campaign we need to look at the Texts and Terminology, and Compare that with the Eastern Vedic Texts at the Time, and the Archeological Evidence

Summerian Dictionary
Dragon = Tammabukka "From the Land of Mas-Vedic"

Nephilem = Giant
The Children of Nephlem were made in to Man Via Shi
And the Children of God "PureBlood Inbred Bloodline of Enki" lay with them to create the Watchers

Watchers are todays 1/2 Bloods, Polititions, Popes, Kings and Queens, Anyone in PUBLIC leadership, or Security Enforcement Leadership in the past they were known as Werewolves the Servents of Vampires....

Vampire = Akhkharu The Energy Sucking Pure Bloods, Generation based on their being one below the highest of their pureblood parents, few outside of the purebloods even know of the rankings within their own heirachy"

Incubus = Gelal "Terminology used to Train Seduction to induce Shi"
Succubus = Lilit "Terminology used by a seductress and Induce Shi"
Larvae = Uruku "Shi Implanted Education of Reeds of Enki for Children"
Phantom = Lalartu "Ghost of Ancestor"
Evil Ghost = Gigim Xul "Ghost of Fallen Enemy Dragon or Giant that was not Infected to go to the reeds of enki to serve as an energy battery"
Witch = Kashshaptu "Study practice, alchemy, Sorcery, Necromancy"
Spectre = Lalassu "Ghost of Infected Servant"
Evil Spirit = Gigim Xul "Spirit of uninfected Enemy"
Evil Fiend = Maskim Xul "Active Enemy"
Evil Devil = Malla Xul, Dingir Xul, Rabishu "Active Leading Enemy"
Evil God = Alla Xul "Natural Unfoldment RTa"
Demon = Idimmu "Follower of Ki rather then Nature"
Wicked Demon = Telal "Follower of Nature rather then the Illusions of Ki"
God of Death = Uggae
Exorcism = Edin Na Zu

Great Serpent = Azag "Represented Enki's Sexual Rights to Impregnate all, Bulls Penis on staff"
Concubines = Sinnis, Sekretu
Sorcery = Kispu, Kishpu "Sex & Sacrifice Ritual Magic"
Fate = Simtum "Fated for Eternity to heaven or hell upon Shi Oath"

So why now, after 5500 Years is the truth about this ongoing WAR with many battles "called seperate unrelated wars from your programed education system" as the Bloodline uses Conquered people to Conquer more... finally coming out?

Thousands are waking up, this month has been the biggest explosion of independent researchers all coming to the same conclusion about the pressures and techniques being used today responsible for today's problems, Tracking these Techniques back throughout history seeing past the masks, the lies, the disinformation...

For many its sickening to see how Evil and how much pain and torture one Bloodline is responsible for...

Yet then people realize, NOW IS THE TIME! 
As the Pressure builds like a pimple, or in this case a volcano, soon it will burst, the banks will no longer control and direct the currents flow and the energy will naturally flood immoral finite creations of the Annunaki... 

Nibiru the Crossing back, the Healing of the Shi attack that Fractured so many's perception will soon bring a Global Apocalypse, Dogma Desecration, De-Sanctification of Elite Hierarchical Mentalities
a Freedom Party that sets EVERYONE free from the Parasitic Virus Programing of Consciousnes

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