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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Soloution "Liquid Nitrogen Cryogen"


My Name is John McAlpine ,
I am the Author of Shundrallah
I am the Founder of the Shundrallah Concept

I am also an inventor and have been under confidentiality with DAVISON54 an American R&D company for over 3 years, to Create Self Sufficient AWG Atmospheric Water Generator
I originally began Seeking Help with this project in 2002 well before the USA Army released their Electrically powered AWG imitation devices during Iraq,

Now Electrically powered Devices are sold to consumers, Soon the Consumer water generators will also be electrical generators not electrical users...

My Invention-Concept uses Super-fluids Cryogens Cooled below 2.17 Kelvin
That become a Superconductor of Heat!!!!
"like a super conductor of electricity 100% converter 0% loss"
Turning 100% of heat energy in to SECOND SOUND that can be turned in to electricity via the piezoelectric pressure conversion effect

This Invention-device will remain COOL, Causing Condensation on the Surface "Water Creation from air"
The Heat the device absorbs, creates its only wast product "ELECTRICITY"
Their is no pollution or other products or problems, this device only creates water from air and turns the absorbed heat in to electricity with 100% conversion ratio of heat absorbed...

The reason i am putting forward this information is because this technology can be used 2 fold to the current Nuclear situation

Firstly we "Humanity" can use Super-fluids and Cryogens to contain the Nuclear Reaction as the cores meltdown and pool together they heat and amplify their nuclear process, causing heat waves and neutron beams to be emanated from the Cores "Without Cooling or Insulation Total Meltdown is in progress"

Super-fluids will cool, Absorb the Radiation and heat, and reverse the chain reaction....
Nitrogen is preferable to helium or hydrogen in this case, due to Explosive decompression of the super-fluids back to cryogens when they are not pressurized... and as cryogen coming in contact with the 3000+deg temperature of the cascading chain reaction of the nuclear cores will be vaporized and the chance of explosive reactions would be to high with hydrogen or helium hence out of the question "yet they spray water", Nitrogen is used for firefighting as nitrogen fights with oxygen for the basis of fueling the fire, or triggering explosive reactions, if the nitrogen is to high the oxygen will be to low to light a flame... "or feed hydrogen explosions that are caused from water use...."

Secondly this Super-fluid AWG technology can be used for Water management GLOBALLY, and power management, CLEAN , NO POLLUTIONS, and no chance of NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS! Or Spikes in the Cancer Rates.... it is time to abandon Nuclear Energy their is a Viable Clean and Obvious Solution now... "FREE CLEAN ENERGY"

I am willing to talk to experts and share my knowledge in this area of Super-fluids, Cryogenics and Dealing with heat conversion in to Second Sound...
Any Experts involved in resolving the Fukushima Meltdown Problem of Humanity is welcome to contact me at

No Specifics of the AWG technology can be discussed due to confidentiality, however due to the current problem facing humanity i am willing to share all knowledge with those able to use the knowledge to fix humanities problem, i am Sure Davison54 will understand and welcome the idea of offering our knowledge to fix humanities current most important problem...

FULL MELTDOWN IN PROGRESS! "Head of EU Radiation Risks tells u the truth!"


Rods exposed, Racks and Cooling not working

Radiations at ground level should be 0-25, up to 100 at higher altitudes
Radiation levels AROUND not in but AROUND fukushima over 10,000 "max devices read to"

Fukushima is Blown apart 3 of the Reactors had Hydrogen Explosions that Blew them apart

Japan Mayor, Town Not receiving help, Out of Food, Being Irradiated

Radiation In America "DANGEROUS LEVELS!"

Fukushima OCEAN RADIATION 4,385 x HIGHER than limit,GROUND 4 x HIGHER than CHERNOBYL

Heat Flash Waves as the Rods Heat up they Pool together Amplifying their Energy

The Shops in Japan-Tokyo are EMPTY "No food"