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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thankyou Truth Seekers is in the process of upgrading ,
Until now ive never had Adds, however Adds will be added to this Blog when the New Site+Blog is up and running "The new site will not have any adds"
This site will become an Archive next year, Wait for the Announcement of the new site, Currently its still primary :)

With over 35,000+ Visits, and over 2000+ Loyal Returning Readers "Truth Seekers" on popular months

Now is the time to change gears and integrate everything together, transparently so you can all see and follow the dots

This year i have been focusing a lot on my book, to explain the history and re-masked techniques the elite used to control and manipulate, to pinpoint their origins and track their development and corrupting infiltration

I will be Upgrading to a new Website, With a Gallery, Blog, Forum, Chat, Members Login, Video's, Ebook's, Downloads etc

The Main focus will be revealing Public domain Occult Hidden Secrets, Published and Ancient Texts "This is partly to make sure your getting first editions unedited and uncorrupted data, and also to compile the images that explain more then words in some cases the techniques developments and beliefs of the elite inbred bloodline, and the solutions that exist to bring truth growth equality tranquility and REAL peace for all

Stay Tuned for More News being Blogged here until early next year when the new site will be launched,Then i will Blog on the new Site...

For now , Anyone can contact me :
The New Site will have new Official Emails

Anyone Currently Involved in Digitizing, or Collecting Old Information, Books, Texts, Public Domain out of Copyright, Preferably Pre 1899 when people still independently published BANNED BOOKS by the Church and Kings, before Laws made everyone submit to editing Censorship Classification before publishing, and would like to share or Trade Archives or Use of Books & Texts to Create Digitized Files, Please Contact me... "Especially if you have images of Elite Dogma ritual Beliefs"

All Newsworthy Articles can also be Emailed, i will check them out and Possibly Blog a Story giving you Credit, or who ever was responsible

I would like to see more people Getting Actively Involved, you dont have to start Blogging or Traveling a Long way , just talk to people and share the truth ACTIVELY, if you see something good share it... think to your self, What are the top 10 things or even top 1 thing you should bring up when given the oppertunity.... is their anything new and pressing people need to know?
Are you ready to engage in the possibilities that will arise tomorrow? Discussions with people you meet? oppertunities to raise a topic of discussion? will you use those oppertunities to help people grow or will you let them fleet away like sand falling through your fingers grasp...

Be Prepared, Be focused, We need everyone to start taking initiative... "in little ways to wake people up and get everyone on the same page of truth"


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