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Thursday, November 25, 2010

AUSTRALIAN COURIER MAIL : Schoolboys to be offered cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil to stamp out human papilloma virus

EVERY secondary school boy could soon be offered a free jab to vaccinate them against a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer.

The makers of the Brisbane-developed cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil have asked the Federal Government to extend the highly successful mass immunisation scheme to boys.

Since 2007, millions of young Queensland women have received the vaccine, invented by former Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration last week approved Gardasil for use on males up to the age of 26.

It is the first step towards a government-funded vaccine rollout for 12 and 13-year-old boys.

The vaccine maker, CSL, has filed an application for the vaccine to be funded for adolescent boys under the National Immunisation Program as a "universal gender neutral program".

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Gardasil guards against the human papilloma virus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease, responsible for 70 per cent of all cervical cancer as well as some cancers in men.

Prof Frazer has argued for the free vaccination to be extended to young men as part of a wider strategy to prevent cancer.

"One of the major issues is the prevention of 10 per cent of HPV-associated cancers (including cancers of the mouth and throat) in men. Boys are entitled to be protected like girls," he said.

Prof Frazer and other health experts believe the more people vaccinated against HPV, the greater chance of achieving "herd immunity" - where a high percentage of the population is immune to a disease, essentially stopping it in its tracks because it cannot find a new host.

CSL said the approval for Gardasil in young men was based on a trial in more than 4000 males aged 16-26 years, where the vaccine was demonstrated to be 90.4 per cent effective.

The company has put forward a case that it would be worthwhile on a cost-benefit basis to immunise boys as well as girls.

The application to include the vaccine in the National Immunisation Program will be considered at the March meeting of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

Cancer Council HPV expert Dr Karen Canfell said boys would receive "incremental benefits" from vaccination.

"It is a complex issue," she said.

"There will be better protection if males are vaccinated but we have to put this in perspective of the benefit boys and men are getting from the current vaccination program because Australia has one of the most comprehensive programs in females.

"Our own research has shown that rates of infection of HPV in females has already halved since the vaccination program started and is going to keep declining and the fact that new infections are halving in women is already going to have that beneficial effect on men."

Every year it is estimated there are 44,000 new cases of genital warts, caused by HPV, with an annual cost of managing the disease at more than $14 million.

Rates of new genital wart infection in Australia have plummeted, research shows, in an early positive sign of the success of mass Gardasil vaccinations.

A study taking in patient data from sexual health clinics across the country has shown up to a 60 per cent fall in new genital wart cases since 2007, when the anti-cancer vaccine was first used.

A MESSAGE TO AUSTRALIA : Friends of Israel - Enemies Inside the Gates

About the video maker: "Anthony Lawson (known professionally as Tony Lawson) is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn’t find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sustainability, Officially termed in the United Nations Policy paper in 1991 as a way to manipulate society in to accepting population control

Your going to Volunteer to live as a slave, giving up the choice to have children, Or DIE

After all the UNITED NATIONS gives AWARDS and GOLD MEDAL'S to those who have already Forced Population control on to Nations

If you are still not getting the picture yet of what the Elite GLOBAL PLAN is

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Top of the Pyramid

POPE is at the top
Has only 2 official people left who directly report to, or are appointed to there position by the popes authority, all other sectors are councils and conclaves.

The Queen's Coronation

The Superior General of the Jesuit Society
reports DIRECTLY to the pope, and Controls the VATICAN CONCLAVE, aka the POPE IS THIS GUYS PUPPET, that is why past popes revealed the Jesuits for what they are, and the Jesuits became the Illuminati and the Illuminati became Freemasons, the Jesuits came from the VOID in Vatican Elite Forces after FRIDAY THE 13th when the pope ordered the assassination of ALL TEMPLAR'S, the Templar being the old elite force and bankers of the papal office who began overstepping there authority and using the pope as a figurehead puppet, but the pope got the upper hand and fought, that is what warned the successor popes of the ploys of there new elite unit the Jesuits would one day possible go rogue and need to be Terminated, but the professor of Jesuit law "aka ADMIRALTY LAW or law of oceans and international commerce aka banking, Professor Weishaupt created the Illuminati as a new front name for the same JESUIT enterprise continuance, and the name changed to masonry to infiltrate the English who had abandoned the PAPAL authority with the Church of England which was quickly brought back under control with the infiltration of the mid level lords and men of title... who now make it obvious to the Queen of England that she MUST submit to the POPES Authority! "like the rest of us"

The Bankers are bankers for the Vatican, KNIGHTED BY RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY! Always have been always will be... The names change, much like presidents, or the manager of burger king, but the Same people are still running the show and have been Since ENKI

THE BLOOD LINE IS ENKI all the elites love showing how they descend from the past leaders and push this information in your face!

new name, new mask, new manager and you lap it up like a good puppy, Sit boy calm down....

Monday, November 1, 2010

DNA BioComputer Reprogramming

Dr. Pjotr GARAJAJEV [ Peter Gariaev ] & Vladimir POPONIN

The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness...

Russian researcher Dr.Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and beamed a laser through it. When the DNA was removed, the laser light continued spiralling on its own, like it would through a crystal! This effect is called ‘Phantom DNA Effect’.
It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hyper communication and also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work.

Linguistic studies revealed that the sequencing of the codons of the non-coding DNA follow the rules of some basic syntax. There is a definite structure and logic in the sequence of these triplets, like some biological language. Research further revealed that the codons actually form words and sentences just like our ordinary human language follows grammar rules.
Scientists have conducted much research on the origins of human languages and the origins of the grammatical rules that are so essential to all human languages; however they have always failed to find the source. But now for the first time in history the origins of language may be surprisingly attributed to DNA. The language of the genes is much, much older than any human language that was ever uttered on this globe. It is even conceivable that the DNA grammar itself served as the blueprint for the development of human speech.
Whereas the western Human Genome Project deciphered the ‘machine language’ code of the DNA molecule, the structure of the DNA ‘bits’ formed by the sequence of nucleotides, Russian scholars discovered the higher level language present in DNA. Another amazing fact that Garjajev’s group discovered was that the DNA is by no means a closed book of life. He discovered that the text of the DNA book can be altered. The codons of the DNA string can be rearranged in different sequences. In other words the software of the human genome our DNA molecule can be reprogrammed! Research revealed that the triplets in the DNA string are able to exchange places.
Since the DNA was found to have a syntax and semantics akin to our human languages, it indicated that our currently restricted understanding of DNA serving only for the coding of the reproduction of proteins for the chemical make up of an organism, is only half of the story.
When in vitro DNA in test tubes was exposed to coherent laser light, the laser light spiralled along the DNA helix as if it was guided by the structure of the DNA molecule. The most amazing effect was noticed when the DNA itself was removed and the laser light kept spiralling! The vacuum of the space that was just previously occupied by the DNA had changed and something caused the laser light to keep spiralling. These effects have been measured and remained for quite some time after the DNA was removed. The effect is now becoming well known as the DNA phantom effect. Vladimir Poponin and his team of Russian Academy of Sciences repeated the work of Garjajev at the Hearthmath Institute in the U.S.A. Poponin concluded again that a field structure was formed in the physical vacuum even when the original DNA was removed. We’ve seen similar examples of vacuum changes before that could be attributed to torsion fields.

DNA programming
The most astonishing experiment that was performed by Garjajev’s group is the reprogramming of the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light. From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they were able to reprogram in vivo DNA in living organisms, by using the correct resonant frequencies of DNA. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect. Now this is a baffling and stunning scientific discovery! Our own DNA can simply be reprogrammed by human speech, supposing that the words are modulated on the correct carrier frequencies!

When Our Cell Phones Chat with Our Genes
By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
"...In truth, DNA is not just a blueprint for constructing the body; it is also a storage medium for optical information as well as an organ for communication.
The German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp spent many years studying biophoton emission, i.e., the light that the body naturally emits. Popp’s studies indicate that DNA is one of the main suppliers of biophotons. Through comprehensive studies, he discovered that DNA is a harmonic oscillator – an oscillating system with its own particular frequency, or resonating frequency. Using the length of the DNA molecule (about two meters, when stretched out), and the known speed of light, DNA’s own frequency is calculated as about 150 megahertz...
The principles have been worked out by Dr. Piotr P. Garjajev and his colleagues at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow.
Genes Speak Our Language
Garjajev’s findings go far beyond Popp’s: According to Garjajev’s studies, DNA is not only the transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic radiation (in the form of energy), but it also absorbs information contained in the radiation and interprets it further. Thus, DNA is an extremely complex interactive optical biochip. In our book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Cross-Linked Intelligence) we wrote the following on this subject:
“For example, today we speak almost matter-of-factly about the “genetic code,” that is, about a systematic codification of information. However, genetics to date has gotten stuck at this point, and has relied exclusively on chemistry to finish the work, without even once calling in language experts.
“In Moscow, things are different. There, the genetic code was…additionally subjected to thorough examination by linguists. (Linguistics is the science of the structure and formation of languages). When studying a language, people investigate regularities such as syntax (rules for building words from letters), semantics (the study of the content meaning of words), and rules of grammar.
“When this scientific knowledge is applied to the genetic code, it can be seen that this code follows the same rules as our human languages.
“It should be noted: not the rules of a particular language (in this case, for example, the Russian language), but rather rules at a fundamental level where common features reside among all existing languages of mankind. Thus, the structure of the genetic code can be connected with every existing human language.
“Scientists have been seeking the ancestral human language for centuries – Piotr Garjajev and his colleagues may have found it.”






Residents take fluoride fight to UN

The Cairns Regional Council says it will try to delay the addition of fluoride to water in the region's north as residents prepare to take international court action.

A group of residents in the former Douglas Shire is planning to take action in the United Nations' International Court to prevent fluoride being added to their supply.

The area's councillor Julia Leu says the council will write to the Queensland Government requesting fluoridation be deferred for two years, pending the outcome of the action.

"The intention of the court proceedings is still in its early stages and I think it will be very interesting to see what is the outcome and it could well be some sort of landmark case," she said.

"I mean I think essentially it reflects the fact that the Douglas community is very opposed to chemicals in the water supply.

"They've done some research and they've informed me that they intend to take the Queensland Government to the Hague, which is the international court, on the basis that it is a violation of human rights to be subjected to the forced medication of fluoride."

Al-Qaeda mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki had met with Pentagon top brass only a matter of months after 9/11

At the time of 9/11 ANWAR AL-AWLAKI was 3rd in command under CIA asset Tim Osmond aka Osama binladin, today his the boss

The BBC, in an article published shortly after the 9/11 attacks, stated that bin Laden "received security training from the CIA itself, according to Middle Eastern analyst Hazhir Teimourian."[1]

In a 2003 article, Michael Powelson of the Russian journal Demokratizatsiya wrote:

It is difficult to believe that the United States played no role in the operations of the son of one of the wealthiest men in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, it is much more likely that the United States knew full-well of bin Laden's operation and gave it all the support they could.[2]

A 2004 BBC article entitled "Al-Qaeda's origins and links", the BBC wrote:

During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.[3]

In a 2006 InDepth piece on Osama Bin Laden, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published that,[4]

Bin Laden apparently received training from the CIA, which was backing the Afghan holy warriors – the mujahedeen – who were tying down Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

An article in Der Spiegel, in 2007, entitled "Arming the Middle East", Siegesmund von Ilsemann called Bin Laden "one of the CIA's best weapons customers." [5]

Hillary Clinton has mentioned funding Islamic extremists "the people we are fighting today we funded twenty years ago", she explains that this has included recruiting "Mujahideen" and importing the "Wahabi brand of Islam" from Saudi Arabia,[6] but she did not mention Osama bin Laden personally neither the CIA.

According to ABC News correspondent John K. Cooley, the Carter Administration allowed Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, later revealed as one of the conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, to come to the U.S. to recruit Arab-Americans to fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets.[2][7][page needed]

Andrew Marshall, a journalist for The Independent newspaper describes the Al Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn, which raised money and trained foreign volunteers for Afghanistan, "a place of pivotal importance to Operation Cyclone, the American effort to support the mujahideen," and also the place where several of those "connected" with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were "recruited."[8]

According to author Steve Coll,

Overall, the U.S. government looked favorably on the Arab recruitment drives. ... Some of the most ardent cold warriors at [CIA headquarters at] Langley thought this program should be formally endorsed and extended. ... [T]he CIA "examined ways to increase their participation, perhaps in the form of some sort of international brigade" ... Robert Gates [then-head of the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence] recalled. ... At the [CIA's] Islamabad station [station chief] Milt Bearden felt that bin Laden himself "actually did some very good things" by putting money into Afghanistan.[9]

Robin Cook, former leader of the British House of Commons and Foreign Secretary from 1997–2001, believed the CIA had provided arms to the Arab Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden, writing, "Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan."[10]

In conversation with former British Defence Secretary Michael Portillo, two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto said Osama bin Laden was initially pro-American.[11] Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, has also stated that bin Laden appreciated the United States help in Afghanistan. On CNN's Larry King program he said:[12]

Bandar bin Sultan: This is ironic. In the mid-'80s, if you remember, we and the United - Saudi Arabia and the United States were supporting the Mujahideen to liberate Afghanistan from the Soviets. He [Osama bin Laden] came to thank me for my efforts to bring the Americans, our friends, to help us against the atheists, he said the communists. Isn't it ironic?

Larry King: How ironic. In other words, he came to thank you for helping bring America to help him.

Bandar bin Sultan: Right.

Monte Palmer, senior fellow at the al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies in Cairo, believes that "it now appears that the American-sponsored jihad in Afghanistan was the first step in transforming the jihadist movements of Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan into an international network capable of challenging the United States. A coalescing of the jihadist movement would have occurred with or without Afghanistan, but the Afghan experience accelerated this process by years if not decades."[13]

According to Iranian state-owned Press TV, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who has been fired from the agency for disclosing sensitive information, has claimed the United States was on intimate terms with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, using them to further certain goals in Central Asia.[14]

According to author David N. Gibbs "a considerable body of circumstantial evidence suggests ... direct Agency support for Bin Laden’s activities."[15] Both Bin Laden and the CIA "held accounts in the Bank for Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)."[15] "Bin Laden worked especially closely with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar"[16] who Gibbs calls "the CIA’s favored Mujahiddin commander".[15] Gibbs quotes Le Monde as saying bin Laden was "recruited by the CIA" in 1979,[15][17] Associated Press as saying a former bin Laden aide told them that in 1989 the U.S. shipped high-powered sniper rifles to a Mujahiddin faction that included bin Laden,[15][18] and Jane’s Intelligence Review as stating Bin Laden "worked in close association with U.S. agents" in raising money for the Mujahiddin from "vast family connections" near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[15][19]

Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations from 2002 to 2008, wrote in a letter published in the New York Times on January 19, 2008:

"The strategy to support the Afghans against Soviet military intervention was evolved by several intelligence agencies, including the C.I.A. and Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. After the Soviet withdrawal, the Western powers walked away from the region, leaving behind 40,000 militants imported from several countries to wage the anti-Soviet jihad. Pakistan was left to face the blowback of extremism, drugs and guns.” [20]

In August 2010, Fidel Castro claimed that bin Laden was a spy, employed by the United States.[21]

Here is a USA field report issuing TIM OSMAN aka OSAMA BINLADIN portable AIR DEFENSE systems, and USSR SAM's issued via the AmeriTRUST Corporation who delivered through EMBARGO's

Newly obtained documents released by Fox News on Thursday last week confirmed that Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, and who also preached to the alleged 9/11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after the September 11 attacks.

As we have documented, every indication screams out that Awlaki is a double agent working for US intelligence, a chief terrorist patsy-handler for the CIA.

Within 48 hours, it was announced that Awlaki had appeared in a new video posted on a “jihadist website,” in which he praised the actions of the Fort Hood shooter and the Christmas Day bomber.

PROJECT BLUEBEAM "could you tell if its a holigram?" the MATRIX isnt so far out there anymore eh?

Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken "9/11 Deniers are COWARDS"

Poll's show 76% of Australians support Kevin Bracken

UN Policy Paper Describes Incremental Steps Toward World Government

The governments of Europe, the United States, and Japan are unlikely to negotiate a social-democratic pattern of globalization – unless their hands are forced by a popular movement or a catastrophe, such as another Great Depression or ecological disaster

Richard Sandbrook, Closing the Circle: Democratization and Development in Africa, Zed Books limited, London, 2000.

A 1991 policy paper prepared for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) by self-described ‘ecosocioeconomist’ professor Ignacy Sachs outlines a strategy for the transfer of wealth in name of the environment to be implemented in the course of 35 to 40 years. As it turns out, it is a visionary paper describing phase by phase the road to world dictatorship. As the professor states in the paper:

To be meaningful, the strategies should cover the time-span of several decades. Thirty-five to forty years seems a good compromise between the need to give enough time to the postulated transformations and the uncertainties brought about by the lengthening of the time-span.

In his paper “The Next 40 Years: Transition Strategies to the Virtuous Green Path: North/South/East/Global”, Sachs accurately describes not only the intended time-span to bring about a global society, but also what steps should be taken to ensure “population stabilization”:

In order to stabilize the populations of the South by means other than wars or epidemics, mere campaigning for birth control and distributing of contraceptives has proved fairly inefficient.

In the first part of the (in retrospect) bizarrely accurate description of the years to come, Sachs points out redistribution of wealth is the only viable path towards population stabilization and- as he calls it- a “virtuous green world”. The professor:

“The way out from the double bind of poverty and environmental disruption calls for a fairly long period of more economic growth to sustain the transition strategies towards the virtuous green path of what has been called in Stockholm ecodevelopement and has since changed its name in Anglo-Saxon countries to sustainable development.”

“(…) a fair degree of agreement seems to exist, therefore, about the ideal development path to be followed so long as we do not manage to stabilize the world population and, at the same time, sharply reduce the inequalities prevailing today.”

“The bolder the steps taken in the near future”, Sachs asserts, “the shorter will be the time span that separates us from a steady state. Radical solutions must address to the roots of the problem and not to its symptoms. Theoretically, the transition could be made shorter by measures of redistribution of assets and income.”

Sachs points to the political difficulties of such proposals being implemented (because free humanity tends to distrust any national government let alone transnational government to redistribute its well-earned wealth). He therefore proposes these measures to be implemented gradually, following a meticulously planned strategy:

“The pragmatic prospect is one of transition extending itself over several decades.”

In the second sub-chapter “The Five Dimensions of Ecodevelopment”, professor Sachs sums up the main dimensions of this carefully outlined move to make Agenda 21 a very real future prospect. The first dimension he touches upon is “Social Sustainability”:

“The aim is to build a civilization of being within greater equity in asset and income distribution, so as to improve substantially the entitlements of the broad masses of population and of reduce the gap in standards of living between the have and the have nots.”

This of course means, reducing the standards of living in “The North” (U.S., Europe) and upgrading those of the developing nations (“The South and The East”). This would have to be realized through what Sachs calls “Economic Sustainability”: “made possible by a more efficient allocation and management of resources and a steady flow of public and private investment.”

The third dimension described by the professor is “Ecological Sustainability” which, among other things, limits “the consumption of fossile fuels and other easily depletable or environmentally harmful products, substituting them by renewable and/or plentiful and environmentally friendly resources, reducing the volume of pollutants by means of energy and resource conservation and recycling and, last but not least, promoting self-constraint in material consumption on part of the rich countries and of the privileged social strata all over the world;”

In order to make this happen Sachs stresses the need of “defining the rules for adequate environmental protection, designing the institutional machinery and choosing the mix of economic, legal and administrative instruments necessary for the implementation of environmental policies.”

Dimension 4: “Spatial Sustainability”:

“directed at achieving a more balanced rural-urban configuration and a better territorial distribution of human settlements and economic activities (…)”.

The fifth and last dimension described in the UN policy paper is “Cultural Sustainability”: “looking for the endogenous roots of the modernization processes, seeking change within cultural continuity, translating the normative concept of ecodevelopment into a plurality of local, ecosystem-specific, culture-specific and site-specific solutions.”

But to realize such a dramatic new direction for the world, Sachs once again stresses the importance of incremental implementation. A matter of boiling the frog slowly as opposed to throwing the poor animal into a boiling-hot cooking pan:

“Even if we know where we want to get, the operational question is how do we proceed to put humankind on the virtuous path of genuine development, socially responsible and in harmony with nature. It is submitted that UNCED 92 should give considerable attention to the formulation of transition strategies that could become the central piece of the Agenda 21.”

This is the word- Agenda 21: the UN strategy for redistributing the wealth accumulated by the “North” in order to create a completely “balanced” world society- under auspices of the United Nations of course and the private central banks controlling it. This can only come about by destroying the middle-class. A sudden redistribution and industrialization would not do- for the middle-class would undoubtedly rise in defiance against it. Therefore, Sachs argues for an incremental and carefully planned dissolution of the middle-class phase by phase:

“To be meaningful, the strategies should cover the time-span of several decades. Thirty-five to forty years seems a good compromise between the need to give enough time to the postulated transformations and the uncertainties brought about by the lengthening of the time-span. The retooling of industries, even in periods of rapid growth, requires ten to twenty years. The restructuration and the expansion of the infrastructures requires several decades and this is a crucially important sector from the point of view of environment.”

Then Sachs plunges into his most shocking statement:

“However, the single most important reason to consider the transition strategies over a minimum of thirty-five to forty years stems from the non-linearity of these strategies; they should be devised as a succession of changing priorities over time. A good illustration is provided by the population transition. In order to stabilize the populations of the South by means other than wars or epidemics, mere campaigning for birth control and distributing of contraceptives has proved fairly inefficient.”

Sachs argues that “an accelerated programme of social and economic development of the rural areas should be the outmost priority in the first phase of a realistic population stabilization scheme.”

Who or what is to coordinate all this, according to Sachs, and how exactly is the UN to take control?

“The solutions”, says Sachs, “can vary in terms of their boldness and take the form of global, multilateral or bilateral arrangements.” These arrangements should as far as Sachs is concerned ensure “at least partially the automacity of financial transfers by some form of fiscal mechanisms, be it a small income tax or an array of indirect taxes on goods and services whose production and consumption has significant environmental impacts.”

Over time, gradually, these taxes should increase:

“Starting the operation with a one per ten thousand tax and increasing it so as to reach one per thousand in ten to twenty years seems a fairly realistic proposal, the more so that the scheme creates an interesting market for the private enterprises involved in R and D.”

Reading all this, the question as to what entity should take charge is not difficult to answer. Sachs:

“In order to generate maximum synergies between the national strategies and global action, the United Nations should create a forum for the periodical discussion and evaluation of these strategies and a research, monitoring and flexible planning facility to put them in a global perspective.(…). The forum should have a fair representation of all the main actors involved: governments, parliaments, citizen movements and the business world. Given its importance, it should be lifted from specialized agencies to a central place in the UN system.”

The “fair representation” Sachs is talking about is of course only a pretext to get everybody on board. As the “Danish Text”, drafted for the Copenhagen conference in late 2009, clearly illustrates, the IMF and World Bank will always have final say in the construction of any international system.

Scientists Researching Genes that Turn off Learning and Memory

Deleting a certain gene in mice can make them smarter by unlocking a mysterious region of the brain considered to be relatively inflexible, scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have found.

Mice with a disabled RGS14 gene are able to remember objects they'd explored and learn to navigate mazes better than regular mice, suggesting that RGS14's presence limits some forms of learning and memory.

The results were published online this week in the Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Since RGS14 appears to hold mice back mentally, John Hepler, PhD, professor of pharmacology at Emory University School of Medicine, says he and his colleagues have been jokingly calling it the "Homer Simpson gene."

RGS14 is primarily turned on in one particular part -- called CA2 -- of the hippocampus, a region of the brain known for decades to be involved in consolidating new learning and forming new memories. However, the CA2 region lies off the beaten path scientifically and it's not clear what its functions are, Hepler says.

RGS14, which is also found in humans, was identified more than a decade ago. Hepler and his colleagues have previously shown that the RGS14 protein can regulate several molecules involved in processing different types of signals in the brain that are known to be important for learning and memory. They believe RGS14 is a key control protein for these signals.

To probe RGS14's functions, Sarah Emerson Lee, a graduate student working with Hepler, characterized mice whose RGS14 genes were disabled using gene-targeting technology. In collaboration with Serena Dudek, PhD, at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, they examined how the CA2 region responded to electrical stimulation in the gene-altered mice.

Many researchers have examined how other parts of the hippocampus are involved in long-term potentiation, a strengthening of connections between neurons that can be seen after new memory formation or artificial stimulation in a culture dish. The CA2 region is distinct from other regions for being resistant to long-term potentiation, and neurons within CA2 are able to survive injury by seizures or stroke more than neurons in other parts of the hippocampus.

The researchers were surprised to find that, in mice with a disabled RGS14 gene, the CA2 region was now capable of "robust" long-term potentiation, meaning that in response to electrical stimulation, neurons there had stronger connections. On top of that, the ability of the gene-altered mice to recognize objects previously placed in their cages was enhanced, compared to normal mice. They also learned more quickly to navigate through a water maze to a hidden escape platform by remembering visual cues.

"A big question this research raises is why would we, or mice, have a gene that makes us less smart – a Homer Simpson gene?" Hepler says. "I believe that we are not really seeing the full picture. RGS14 may be a key control gene in a part of the brain that, when missing or disabled, knocks brain signals important for learning and memory out of balance."

The lack of RGS14 doesn't seem to hurt the altered mice, but it is still possible that they have their brain functions changed in a way that researchers have not yet been able to spot. Besides being resistant to injury by seizure, certain types of CA2 neurons are lost in schizophrenia, and loss of another gene turned on primarily in the CA2 region leads to altered social behaviors, Hepler notes.

"This suggests that these mice may not forget things as easily as other mice, or perhaps they have altered social behavior or sensitivity to seizures," he says. "But not necessarily."

Lee is investigating some of these possibilities now.

"The pipe dream is that maybe you could find a compound that inhibits RGS14 or shuts it down," he adds. "Then, perhaps, you could enhance cognition."

Worlds leading THINK TANK "Al-Cia-Da" Great CIA database has less then 50 members in Afganistan

THE London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), is the world’s leading think tank for military affairs. It represents the top echelon of defence experts, retired officers and senior military men, spanning the globe from the United States and Britain to China, Russia and India.

I’ve been an IISS member for over 20 years. IISS’s reports are always authoritative but usually cautious and diplomatic, sometimes dull. However, two weeks ago the IISS issued an explosive report on Afghanistan that is shaking Washington and its Nato allies.

The report, presided over by the former deputy director of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, MI-6, says the threat from al-Qaeda and Taliban has been "exaggerated" by the western powers. The US-led mission in Afghanistan has "ballooned" out of all proportion from its original aim of disrupting and defeating al-Qaeda. The US-led war in Afghanistan, says IISS, using uncharacteristically blunt language, is "a long-drawn-out disaster".

Just recently, CIA chief Leon Panetta admitted there were no more than 50 members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Continued ...

Ehrlich and Holdren: Death “Reasonable Price to Pay” for Well-being of Society

“a small net increase in deaths” is “a reasonable price to pay”

Redoubling efforts to halt the growth of the human population and eventually reduce it

Instituting worldwide campaigns to emphasize limiting the number of sexual partners, and to increase the use of condoms and spermicides. Such changes would both lower the incidence of STDs and encourage the evolution of reduced virulence in them (Ewald, 1994). Special attention should be paid to methods that can be adopted by women (e.g., Rosenberg and Gollub, 1992; Rosenberg et al., 1992, 1993), which would tie in neatly to related methods of improving the epidemiological environment by limiting human population growth (Ehrlich et al., 1995).

From Ehrlich we switch gears to John P. Holdren, who authored (also with Paul Ehrlich) an article called “The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects” in the World Bank document Defining and Measuring Sustainability. In the article, the diabolical duo propose a stark reduction in the percentage of humans on earth:

“No form of material growth (including population growth) other than asymptotic growth, is sustainable; Many of the practices inadequately supporting today’s population of 5.5 billion people are sustainable; and at the sustainability limit, there will be a trade-off between population and energy-matter throughput per person, hence, ultimately, between economic activity per person and well-being per person.”

“This”, Holdren and Ehrlich continue, “is enough to say quite a lot about what needs to be faced up to eventually (a world of zero net physical growth), what should be done now (change unsustainable practices, reduce excessive material consumption, slow down population growth),and what the penalty will be for postponing attention to population limitation (lower well-being per person.”

The most gruesome and interesting part of their elucidation is buried in the notes (page 15). In speaking about all kinds of intolerable “harms” that counteract sustainability, Holdren and Ehrlich are willing to make an exception for pollution, if it will cut some time of the average life expectancy:

Harm that would qualify as tolerable, in this context, could not be cumulative, else continuing additions to it would necessarily add up to unsustainable damage eventually. Thus, for example, a form and level of pollution that subtract a month from the life expectancy of the average member of the human population, or that reduce the net primary productivity of forests on the planet by 1 percent, might be deemed tolerable in exchange for very large benefits and would certainly be sustainable as long as the loss of life expectancy or reduction in productivity did not grow with time. Two of us have coined the term “maximum sustainable abuse” in the course of grappling with such ideas (Daily and Ehrlich 1992).”

In the horrible euphemistic way these proposals disguised as “possibilities” are usually being presented lies hidden a horrible truth. These head-hunters of the scientific dictatorship are not simply powerless psychopaths exchanging abstract ideas. They are powerful sociopaths rather, occupying key positions within the marble halls of academia and government. In the final equation, they are after you and your children.

James Frederick Ferrier 1808-1884

I found an old copy of Lectures on Greek Philosophy in a second hand bookshop, Its now my personal favorite, Ferrier is a Hero and pioneer of Metaphysics, Coining the term epistemology in institutes of metaphysics, my personal favorite quote is :

"Philosophy being, according to our definition, that science which aims at the attainment of absolute truth, that is of truth as it exists, not for some, but for all intelligence"

"It was not truth for some, truth acquired through the particular faculty, that was now aimed at, it was rather truth for all : Truth for which every mind could and must respond"

Free Downloads
Vol 1 : Institutes of Metaphysic the Theory of Knowing and Being (1854)
Vol 2 : Lectures on Greek philosophy
Vol 3 : Philosophical works of the late James Frederick Ferrier

James Frederick Ferrier was born on 16 June 1808 to a prominent Edinburgh family – his aunt was the novelist Susan Ferrier, and under the alias ‘Christopher North’ his uncle, Professor John Wilson, was one of 19th century Britain’s leading men of letters.

Ferrier was educated at the High School of Edinburgh and Greenwich School outside London. In 1825 he enrolled at the University of Edinburgh where he studied for two years before becoming a Fellow Commoner at Magdalen College, Oxford from which he graduated in 1832. It was during his last year there that he met Sir William Hamilton.

Ferrier returned to Edinburgh, entered the ‘Faculty of Advocates’ and began work as a lawyer in 1833, but having little interest in a legal career, he continued his philosophical studies, and in 1837 published his first article in Blackwood’s Magazine. This article – ‘An Introduction to the Philosophy of Consciousness’ – appeared in instalments over seven issues and established Ferrier as a contributor to philosophical discussion in Scotland.

In 1841 Ferrier was appointed Professor of Civil History at the University of Edinburgh where he developed a close intellectual and personal relationship with Sir William Hamilton on whose recommendation he was appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Economy at the University of St Andrews. In 1854 he published his major work the Institutes of Metaphysic.

In 1853 Ferrier applied to Edinburgh University for the Chair of Moral Philosophy and then again in 1856, when Sir William Hamilton died, for the Chair of Logic and Metaphysics. Neither application was successful, partly because of the mixed reception the Institutes had received. The second competition was acrimonious and prompted Ferrier to publish a short work Scottish Philosophy: the Old and the New, in which he defended his philosophy as properly Scottish despite his express rejection of the School of Common Sense.

James Frederick Ferrier spent his final years revising his lectures on Greek philosophy, which were published after his death. From 1857 onward Ferrier’s health declined and he died in St Andrews on 11 June 1864. His collected works were published in three volumes in 1875.

Ferrier’s essay on Berkeley was regarded in his own lifetime as possibly his best piece of work. In it he rejects an idea fundamental to Reid’s Inquiry, that the philosophy of mind was led off course by assumptions Berkeley had made widespread. Instead, Ferrier argues for a return to Berkeley but at the same time insists that this is in accord with the principles of common sense. In this way he gives a new turn to the Scottish philosophical tradition.

Handbook suggests that deviations from 'normality' are disorders

The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), psychiatry's encyclopedia of supposed mental "disorders," is being revised.

Children who throw too many tantrums could be diagnosed with "temper dysregulation with dysphoria." Teenagers who are particularly eccentric might be candidates for treatment for "psychosis risk syndrome." Men who are just way too interested in sex face being labeled as suffering from "hypersexual disorder."

These are among dozens of proposals being unveiled Wednesday by the American Psychiatric Association in the first complete revision since 1994 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or "DSM" -- the massive tome that has served as the bible for modern psychiatry for more than half a century.

"It not only determines how mental disorders are diagnosed, it can impact how people see themselves and how we see each other," said Alan Schatzberg, the association's president. "It influences how research is conducted as well as what is researched. . . . It affects legal matters, industry and government programs."

The proposals will be debated in an intense process over the next two years, with potentially billions of dollars at stake for pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, government health plans, doctors, researchers and patient advocacy groups.

But perhaps more important, the outcome will help shape which emotions, behaviors, thoughts and personality traits society considers part of the natural spectrum of the human persona and which are considered pathological, requiring treatment and possibly even criminal punishment.

FASCISM "You really think it'll be this obvious?"