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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jesuit Psy-Op's Opperative Alex Jones, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Exposed and Debunked

Everyone knows "People in control" are paying Trolls, and have Entire Squadrons of Military Psychological Operations Specialists
The Mainstream Media is Obviously Corrupt to anyone Investigating the Hidden Truths they Dont Air...

Alternative Media has been seen as Largly Independant

That was untill people like Bill Cooper started warning people of events he had seen written in official documents, and seen the patern repeating its self through out history

Then along came people like David Icke, and Alex Jones, like Sitchen they push an agenda for the Elite that becomes obvious once you independantly research the truth...

Alex openly admits to having a $6,000,000+ Yearly Budget,
while REAL INDEPENDENT MEDIA operate like my self for $600 a year... Dont charge for ANYTHING, and dont suck more money from those suffering, and struggling without enough money...

Then just this week 2 major completely independent people talking with alex jones, genesis network producers sharing information, and aranging to be on the show get canceled, and alex shuns them!

First Pete Santilli exposed Alex, and leaves Genesis

Secondly an Illuminati Exposer Tila Tequila arranged to be on the Alex Jones Show and was bled for information then outed

Now it seems their is a small group of Trolls harassing anyone pointing this out to people
Who is Directing the Troll's?
It wouldn't surprise me if there employees of either alex or the same people employing alex...

What you need to understand is ALEX knows insactly what he is doing, he is giving you truth that has been exposed to gain credability, "Rarly referencing the real source so he can claim credit like he dose for 911 claiming bill coopers works" then he will put his own deliberate disinformation "masked as opinion" to infect you and get you on the wrong path, looking in the wrong direction, and putting your energy in to futile activities

Dont get me wrong Alex has distributed a lot of truth that has is or was responsible for the initial awakening many people are thankfull for... but that dose not mean one should worship him or dismiss his deliberate covering up of information, and gathering of information for jesuits and his associations with Jesuits...

The Elites Support Alex, his like a magnet to find the needles in the haystack
SO MANY PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP, yet the elite have no way to TRACK THEM
yet if everyone is sent to Infowars they are all easily IP-ISP ID Tracked
Catigorised as newly awakening or potential threat etc based on the information and use they understanke when visiting "TRAP Statistic Analysis Sites"

For the Tech Savy this is obvious and we undertake this knowingly, for 99% of people out there they have no idea they are being analyzed and the statistics may flag them, putting you on the radar of the elites...

Its nice more independant people are speaking out and reaching millions, without having to suck money from people like alex or requiring 6 million dollars a year...

People have been Calling out Alex Jonex before he had anything more then a radio show, BEFORE 911!

and countless people have called him out over the last 12 years , Anyone in the Truth movement who dosnt

This is the Truth movement the FREEDOM movement, the MORAL movement, 
not the Trust or Belief or Follower Movement, 
Not the Lemming Sheople Programmed Puppet Robot Movement!


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