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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Context, Syntax

Context, Syntax

If 100 is compared to 75
The context, Syntax Defines the % Ratio
100 Dropping to 75 is a 25% loss
75 increasing to 100 is a 33.3% gain
75 is 75% of 100
100 is 100% of 100
Now if the Origin point is 100 then 75 increasing back to 100 is the same 100 Origin point and 0% change
If 75 is the Origin point then 100 decreasing to 75 is back to the same 75 origin point and 0% change again

This is where it gets tricky, Without Direction only a Focus point all possibilities are relevant
If 100 is the point of origin then 75 is seen as
25% loss or -25%, 33.3% gain or +33.3%, 75%, and both 75 and 100 are seen as 0% change to there own state regardless of the origin
If 75 is the Point of Origin then 100 is seen as
25% loss or -25%, 33.3% gain or +33.3%, 75%, and both 75 and 100 are seen as 0% change to there own state regardless of the origin

The Real Tricky part is in the use of Combination, Separation, and Multiplication...
100 can be Added, Subtracted, Multiplied, or Divided by 75
75 can be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided by 100
The % these Ratios give are going to blow your mind, remember same Variables 75 and 100, yet Context and Syntax changed
100 added to 75 is 175 = +75% and 175%
100 subtracted from 75 is -25 = -125% or subtract 75 is 25 = 25%
100 Multiplied by 75 is 7500 = 7500% or +7400%
100 divided by 75 is 1.33 = 1.33%

75 Added to 100 is 175 = +75% and 175%
75 Subtracted from 100 is 25 = 25%
75 multiplied by 100 is 7500 = 7500% or +7400%
75 Divided by 100 = .75 or 1%

So just from the Simple Application of Mathematical Context, Syntax to 75 and 100 has resulted in % variables between -125% , to 7500%
If the Directional Context, Syntax is lost or misplaced but the % variable is retained then mixed with other syntax or Context's the Entire Perception Generated is Defective... and Hazardous...

If we add just one piece of Directional Focus to explain Context, Syntax Direction is Understood
A Point of origin dose not give the other Value a point of reference and so all its possible relationships are relevant
This means that the Relevance of DEPTH Perception Graded in an Orderly Understandable Fashion is the core or Syntax, Context
The Ability to Linguistically Communicate Syntax and Context Effectively is the core of Effective Translation

Without the relationship between values explained a point of origin : is like your home "point of origin" and if your at a different location and lost with no known relationship between the points all Possibilities are relevant yet irrelevant at the same time, until the relationship between points is explained and understood only then will the clear picture of different locations be one set obvious Context, Syntax rather then the mass of possible yet irrelevant uses of syntax, context without any factual or tangible variables that can correlate such a syntax, context Reinforcement or reliability over the other possibilities, nor rule the others out

a point of origin : is also like the amount of $ your house costs, while your current $ is different yet no context or syntax has been established are you still saving for the house so its a future point/plan/dream, or is it long in the past, It is being purchased, or sold? telling someone "house X$ i got y$ dose nothing to explain how the values relate

However if the Directional focus is taken to be irrelevant as in the use of semantics, Or Statistical Tricks then the (+/-) % is used to mask the underlying goal and the true intentional Context, Syntax Direction is being obfuscated through deliberate miss-perception reinforcement

Every Day, the Media, Advertising, Politics, Education, and Religions use a Mish-Mash of Spaghetti Syntax, Context to Confuse, Dumb-Down, and Program the Re-Education of Society to Parrot and Conform to Hypocrisy through CONSENSUS

This is why the Analysts, Intelligence operatives, Independent Critical thinkers who have the Intelligence, focus and will-power to find-out and understand are not so easy to SENSE CON like the rest of US

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fifth column

A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within, to help an external enemy.


The term originated with a 1936 radio address by Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the 1936–39 Spanish Civil War. As his army approached Madrid, a message was broadcast that the four columns of his forces outside the city would be supported by a "fifth column" of his supporters inside the city, intent on undermining the Republican government from within (see Siege of Madrid). The term was used as the title of Ernest Hemingway's only play, which he wrote while the city was being bombarded; the play was published in 1938 in his book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories.

In fact, this supposed "fifth column" did not prove very effective, as demonstrated by the fact that Madrid held out until 1939 despite very heavy fighting. Nevertheless, the term caught on and was used extensively, especially by those fighting the Fascists and Nazis.

The term was in wide use in Britain in the early stages of the Second World War where the fear of the fifth Column was used as justification for the mass internment, on the Isle of Man, of German nationals who resided in the United Kingdom. The United States and Canada interned U.S. and Canadian citizens of Japanese, German, and Italian descent around the same time (early 1940s), using similar justification.


With the grain requisition crises, famines, troubled economic conditions, and international destabilization in the 1930s, the leaders of the Soviet Union became increasingly worried about the possible disloyalty of diaspora ethnic groups with cross-border ties (especially Finns, Germans and Poles), residing along its western borders; this eventually led to the start of Stalin's repressive policies towards them, most notably to the national operations of the NKVD and forced population transfer.

In Europe, German minority organizations in Poland and Czechoslovakia formed the Selbstschutz and the Sudeten German Free Corps respectively , which actively helped the Third Reich in conquering those nations. After 1945, this was cited as justification for the wholesale expulsion of ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Soviet Union, as well as return to these countries of territories which had been annexed by Germany.

Modern usage

Pop culture

  • Author and Radio Personality Michael Savage frequently claims that in the United States the Fourth Estate has now become the Fifth Column
  • In the NBC mini-series, TV series & ABC TV series adaptions of V, a group of rebel aliens and humans call themselves "The Fifth Column".
  • In the television series Stargate SG-1, the Jaffa resistance is sometimes referred to as the "Jaffa Fifth Column".
  • In the MMORPG City of Heroes, the Fifth Column are a Nazi-themed terrorist organisation that has infiltrated the United States.
  • Ernest Hemingway wrote a propaganda play in 1937 entitled The Fifth Column about the Spanish Civil War.
  • The "Fifth Column" was a recurring nemesis for the Green Lama in the 1940s pulp stories.
  • In the television series Jeremiah, forces of the Army of Daniel that infiltrated the Thunder Mountain complex of the Western Alliance were referred to as the "Fifth Column".
  • The Agenda, a current affairs television program aired by TVOntario has a blog colled "The Fifth Column"

Note : Between the Re-Education Indoctrination, and the Current Strategic Systematic Global Agenda, Terrorists are today's Targets Labeled as "A Group of people who Morally Resist and Undermine the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, GLOBAL RULER SHIP, GLOBAL SUBMISSION, GLOBAL CONTROL SYSTEM. The Conditioning process is aimed to gain subconscious support for the Detainment and persecution of anyone with the attitude they are Morally FREE of the Larger Corrupt Group "Global Governance Agenda", Enticing the Mentality of the Followers of the Larger Group of Global Governance Indoctrinated Puppets to Justify INTERNMENT of others who do not Submit and Follow the "Global Governance Agenda"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Freedom, Escaping the Matrix, Quadruple Integrity Mentality

If a Free man is not of a Quadruple Mentality his Delusional and already a Serf to the System...

When a Freeman is Captured, Indoctrinated and Re-Educated, he becomes a part of the System...
When a Freeman joins the system with his integrity intact, with the mask of the system used to blend in he is a double agent...
Of course the System knows about Double agents and has Triple agents who are part of the system that act like they are FREE to the System Insiders to gain trust and intelligence on the Double agents...
Their for only the Quadruple Freeman is on the lookout for such Scheming and is on guard for such a Triple cross...

Their for only those who are free with the Mentality that is aware of Infiltrators infiltrating Freedom movements within an oppressive indoctrinating control system are really FREE, the rest are just a Compartmentalized part of the system...

This is whats meant by Escaping the MATRIX...