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Sunday, October 21, 2012

White Eye Troll Slaying 101 bái mù 白目

So your reading this for one of 2 reasons, Looking for a way to Slay Trolls?

Someone is Trolling you or a friend
Your an Avid Fantasy Gamer looking for an edge "These are not the Trolls your looking for"-Jedi

This is for the White Eye Troll Slayer bái mù 白目 "which can be straightforwardly explained as "eyes without pupils", in the sense that whilst the pupil of the eye is used for vision, the white section of the eye cannot see, and trolling involves blindly talking nonsense over the internet, having total disregard to sensitivities or being oblivious to the situation at hand, akin to having eyes without pupils.

Note : people linking and participating in the discussion with info are not trolls, people dribbling shit are trolls, people informing others of mistakes and then seeing the person repeat the disinformation knowingly and as a result continue to point out the disinformation and deception are not trolls "IF THEY GIVE THE PERSON TIME TO KNOW THE TRUTH" if these people don't give the person time to look at your info before you start ranting your trolling... so if you have something to comment and add, information and links, go for it! and wake people up!, especially if you think someone is a disinfo psy-ops agent, however if you just start flaming someone without providing links to your facts your the ignorant white eye... "i post links to the real Nibiru definition to every Nibiru post i see not to flame to wake people up of the true meaning of Nibiru :), i start attacking people like sitchen and alex jones only after i know they know they are deliberately dis-informing people! because you spent the time to make sure they had access to the real info! "Giving them a chance to change and correct themselves" and for the record i am totally against censorship, i think everything should be 100% transparent, however i'm not ignorant to the possibility of people being attacked every minute of every day and good self defense in advance will usually keep you from having to use it...

To begin lets talk about Tracking Trolls
Using IP-ISP trackers you can find out a lot about a Website or User "Names, Locations, Funding, Associates" etc, like anything it looks hard, seems easy once you get started, and before you know it its going to be second nature "you will be a master troll tracker in no time"

Now lets talk about Troll Nests, Employee's Payed to Troll, Troll Funding, And the Elusive Troll Trails "Proxy's" Facebook, Tweeter, Blogspot are all Proxy's, you have no Administrator powers and can not identify individual users, these locations are trollnests and most people avoid them unless your looking for a troll confrontation that you cant track and have no power to slay "which is pointless" only use Trollnests when you have to, and dont draw attention as you will get infested...

If your Running your own site "or you know the Administrator of a private site", you can setup Proxy Blockers, and that will force people who log in to reveal their true identity... once you have the IP your also able to Perma Block Ban them etc your also able to post the persons information Name+ IP and comments on anti-troll sites and let the hackers handle them "Hack them up"
Users should learn avoidance of troll nests and support independent seucre anti troll sites
Administrators, should learn to upgrade their sites security and troll tracking, it is possible to reach a level of security you can at least identity the troll, to report and perma ban, Most Secure Sites have a group of people elected to moderate, and ban if they have to, just remember the security of chat comments forums etc dose not compare to banking and password encryption, Social Sites are hackable quiet easily however then its obviously a Crime you can report and let the real authorities handle

Internet Crime, Distinctions between Trolling, Bullying,  Cyber Stalking, and Hacking
Trolling is usually sporadic, not focused, and generally disruptive "Ignorant, Bored, Lazy" most dont use Proxy's unless professional troll working for someone
Bullying is usually FOCUSED, Continual, and Personal, these will use proxy's to regain acess after being kicked and banned, and the reason you need to deny proxy acess, usually they are not that smart and authorities do track them when reported, so ask someone to stop focusing on you and if they dont REPORT it to the authorities "in your local state federal national region"
Cyber Stalking is Extremely Focused, 24/7 non stop and very personal, usually these freaks will seem to find there way in to every online location you may visit, as such tho they make mistakes and get tracked fastest by authorities
Hackers, Deliberately BREAK past Security layers, to gain restricted access, weather that is just cracking a password or a full scale snoop, the point of a hack is to go in to restricted areas

Most people ignore the trolls, and most of teh damage is meerly a time waster...
Bullying is usually confronted in moderated invironments and is shutdown, facebook and teens is a big issue for online bullying and a lot of arrests have been made, because its a proxy nest and personal information dump...
Cyberstalking should be taken VERY SERIOUSLY and imediatly report to your authorities, some of these freaks are insane and the internet isnt enough they may eventually esculate to a physical engagement rather then just online, even if your not the one being stalked if you no someone is getting stalked report the stalker!
Hackers will not be noticeable by most users unless they deface a site, for administrators dealing with hackers can be problematic, usually its better to hire or pay for IT and Site security if your not a professional, as hacking is a cutting edge thing a hack that works today will be patched tomorrow and a new method will be worked out... but if your not the best at IT security you may miss some perimeter defense of your site and old hacks that should be stopped will work, even simple hack-attacks to bring your site down or cracks to get a password and admin access etc are easily downloadable from sites for any newb hacker to use to hack an unsecured system in seconds... For your Readers, Listeners, Fans and Followers, and first timers who stumbled on to your info its better to provide a troll free environment so everything runs smoothly and no tangents from trolls getting people off track "continuously" simple fact is it will always happen while immoral ignorant people allow dogma to trigger a pupped line of programing for them to lash out "usually because the person said or did something that conflicted with their world view" and their intelligence capacity is to average for them to intelligently or tactically approach the situation...

Payed Trolls, Payed with your Tax $ to Troll you... "working for religions, political parties, intelligence agencies, anyone with truth to hide and to shutdown Truthers whistle blowers" Its Sick but really Defines how the Elites Direct the Trolls... what is Con-Troll its obvious People in power Direct the Troll, Pay the Troll, Train the Troll, and keep the Troll from taking Insight time to be Introll

Who is Directing=CON, Con-Trolling? Who is Directing the Trolls? and when you take Time for In-Sight... Are you ever In-Troll or have you never even thought about leaving someone elses directed script being In-Con-Troll "In Directed Troll, What about Com=Direct when you get in to Com-Bat did you ever think someone directed that situation? and positioned you like a pawn on a chess board? Well why didnt you ever be IN-BAT apart from when its your TURN to play sports?
Insight, Inbat, InTroll is you Directing not being Directed "And as we Defined Trolls as the Blind White Eye, if your not awake enough to be the one calling the shots "Introll" your a pawn being positioned following someone else's "IN-CONTROL" script and even if everyone around you agrees with you your still a blind troll and its noticeable when you encounter truth... Its time for you to be INBAT for Morality! not Directed to bat for elites aka Com-Bat, instead take some time for Insight to be Inbat for Morality Truth and Freedom, then go slay some trolls :)

To Elites Who see you as their Pets, their Objects
verb (used with object) 
1. to direct the steering of (a ship).

2. the station of the person who cons.
3. the act of conning.
Also, conn.

1350–1400;  earlier cond,  apocopated variant of Middle English condie, condue  < Middle French cond ( u ) ire  < Latin condūcere  to conduct

And for the Troll's Reading this thinking i am wrong their numbers are growing... Heads up!
There is a Reason the Moral Armies are not Slaying the Growing Hordes of Trolls, The Moral people are Focused on a Greater Threat the elites Directing the Trolls "Knowingly or via ignorant reinforcement dumbing down and dogma"
I tell ye Trolls now HEAR THIS WARNING
When History Repeats and the Elites are Hanging from the Towers of London and this time the Whitehouse, Vatacan City and every other Nations Capital, YOUR TROLL DAYS ARE NUMBERED and if your still trolling that day History Repeats its self and Freedom is Restored TROLLS WILL BE HUNTED and HUNG next to your masters!
TROLLS YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED, last chance to change your ways is not far away...

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