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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Patriots to Parishioners under Annunaki Magic Spell Shi

The Patriots and Parishioners all stand in Awe of the Mighty Power "They were Conned in to Swearing an Oath of Affirmation to"

Shi = summerian Annunaki Technique of Cutting a part of your Consciousness off
It is done to full effect Via an Oath of Affirmation

The Stages to Complete This Shi Technique are as Follows :
  • Manipulate = Usemi "Conned, Immorally Directed Ignorantly Adverse to your Best Wishes"
  • Make Man from Clay = Tiddu
  • Install Programing = "Reeds of Enki" Dogma-Virus
  • Install System Heirachy = Zagmuk "Accepted Directions and Validated Updates, Willingly Gives Power, Energy and Authority away to others"
  • Have Puppet-goul Make Oath of Affirmation willingly
  • Trigger "Use Puppets to carry out and follow the Systems Chain of Directing Positions to be Manned -Command"

So you can research those terminologies and most people say to me i get that Sumerian information yet they are still following the same program techniques with new masks, they Understand the Information rather then Apprehend and stand over the knowledge...

The Parishioner
  •  Manipulated "To Believe in the words that one group wrote over a nother"
  • "Following Believing the Body of Church, Belief in the Constitution of the Body of something with no heart beat = Undead Necromancy, The Constitution of Flatworld Church was Strong During times Parishioners invested energy in to the Body of the church, but when the Parishioners stopped the Body of Flatworld Church DRIED UP
  • Reeds of Enki = Heaven, "you can go to a special place like earth "It use to be Flat" when your physical body died and stay there FOR EVER!"
  • Accept Hierarchy Gods not here right now, Jesus left peter incharge to start the church and that means the Emperior-pope's managing gods affairs"
  • You make an Oath of Affirmation to Follow Gods Constitution to give him your energy in exchange you can go to a special place when your physical body died and provide him energy for eternity like a battery, your sucked for energy for ever...
  • Trigger "Inquisition, Crusades, you get the picture"

The Patriot
  • Manipulated "To believe in lines drawn on a map that separate Equality"
  • Following, Believing in the Body of their Nation, Belief in the Constitution of the Body of something with no Heartbeat = Undead Necromancy, The Constitution of Nazi Germany was Strong during WW2 Patriots Invested energy in to the Body of the Nation, but when the Zombies Stopped their was no Nazi "Insert your Nation here" Nation Patriotism
  • Security will be Given by Taking it Away from people "they get you to agree by pointing out their on the other side of the line on the map its ok then"
  • Accept Hierarchy, Chain of Command is Obvious in Nations, Directing the Patriots to the Positions they need Manned, like playing chess and moving the pieces...
  • You Make an Oath of Affirmation to Follow the Constitution of the Nation "even if lead by Hitler or an Immoral Equivalent", To give the Nation your energy in Exchange you can be privileged inside the lines on the map of the nation
  • Trigger "Wars, Foreign and civilian Casualties, Death, Destruction, Damage, Rape and Pillage to bring more in to your nation from the other side of the lines on the map

Just Remember one thing, YOU ARE NEVER BOUND TO AN OATH IF IT WAS IMMORAL OR A TRICK,The elite Use Contract Law to Con you, to Suck your energies in to the afterlife from Illusions you hold on to... "THIS IS ALL YOUR CHOICE!"

Let me ask you, when you die, you wont be taking Physical items with you where your going...
And when you get there will you need Money?
Will you need a Body of a Church?
Will you need Lines on a Map?
Will you need a Hierarchy ?

So Why the Fuck do you Need that Shit now?

Would you keep an Oath to someone you later found out was a Pedophile? then Allow Someone you Found out was a Pedophile to Watch the Children because you made an OATH? IT IS THAT SIMPLE NO! fuck that asshole up! Morality is the Answer

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