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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sustainability Defined, AGENDA 21 Still Official

Please Remember, Just because your Reading Official United Nations Documents from there website, dose not mean You Voted for the Privately Funded and Run Rothschild Organization...
“We are striving for a meaningful outcome of the Conference,” Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, told the Preparatory Committee, stressing that the outcome should be forward-looking, action-oriented and able to galvanize political will among States and other partners.  It must also build on Agenda 21 — the outcome adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit — and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, adopted 10 years later at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.    

"what had gone wrong over the last 20 years to create “such poor results” in implementing the 1992 outcomes.  For too many countries, the result had been sustained poverty rather than sustainable development"

"ways to avoid “green protectionism” should be seriously addressed"
"valuation along the ‘greened economy GDP’ approach is to ‘cost sustainability’, i.e. to provide a money estimate of the costs to society for reaching sustainability"

"Hence, sustainable development is likely to be achieved by a restructuring process of the entire society"

"The conditions for maintenance of natural resources and environmental quality are often referred to as ‘sustainability standards"

You have to Know this "Climate Scam" is a Front for the Agenda that was revealed at the Club of Rome
You also have to Know that  the "Climate Scam" is its self an Excuse to the Real Agenda Defined Erlier "Birth Credit's"...
Since the 1960's "when the Climate Cooling Scam" began, Sustainability has been Defined as MAINTAINING THE NATURAL LIMITED RESOURCES FOR THE BLOODLINE IN CONTROL

Every Human Being Exhales 3 Tones of Carbon Per Year
The climate Scam pushing Carbon Credit, Price, Tax is to have you pay for 18 years of Carbon that will be Exhaled IN ADVANCE BEFORE CONCEPTION, for your Child to be Legitimate to the GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER
If you Do Not Buy or Can Not Afford to Buy a Licence "Birth Credit" your child will be ILLIGITIMATE aka Have NO RIGHTS, BE A SLAVE OWNED BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER, TO BE USED AND KILLED AT THE WILL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER...
Making it a Monetary Issue when they Print the $ out of thin air... 

Note also they make it Clear, this is not about GREEN PROTECTIONISM , to Clean the Environment of Radioactive, Carcinogenic, Toxic Materials... They have programs to infiltrate and railroad or avoid those agendas in preference for the carbon scam...


Stop Chasing BS and just share the truth to wake people up...

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