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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tila Tequila New Age Parishioner Serving the Left to attack the Right

Tila Reading Todays Show Directly From a 12 year old New Age Disinformation Network Azurite Press, Its Easy to see where her Conditioning and Disinformation Comes From and why she Cant Tell the Difference

Masonic Certificate, In Tila's video is a Copy, that is why she has Blacked it out
 United Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of England His Royal Highness The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn Grand Master Issued to Jack Cohen dated 14 March

You Can buy a Copy here

With a Blog History starting Oct 15
And the First FaceBook Comments on Sept 8 "Vlog 4"
Tila also has a second Blog

Sofar i have not heard Tila say one thing Original or from personal Experince... "Relating to the Illuminati", Tila has Begun to become Aware of Vedic Siddi's and would do well to read the Vedas... and Mahabharata to Learn Accurate Language and Technique's "Rather then the Deliberate Disinfo of Newage Theosophy New World Order Satanic Luceferian Religious Brainwashing

I accept the Possibility "Something" may have happened, and if anything did Tila Should NAME NAMES, Give a Time Place etc, She is only Protected if the Truth Cant be Stopped...

Until Tila Shares some Original Facts... She is To New to the Truth Movement and Obviously LEARNING, I wish her all the best and Full Support if she Dose NAME NAMES!, I cant not Support or Continue to Listen to the New Age Satanic Disinformation she has been brainwashed with. When Tila Stops being a New Age Parishioner and Tells of the True Origin of the Bloodline, and Factual History , And Gives the REAL Historic Solution! she will have my support.

My Last thought is "All the Best to Tila and her Fans who are beginning to Awaken and Look for the Truth, I really do Hope you Wake up and Correct the Disinformation


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