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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Population Reduction, Population Control, Eugenics, Genocide Plans For Dummies

Population Reduction, Population Control, Eugenics, Genocide are old terms...

Searching for these Terms will only get you the "Sensationalized Version" AKA The Version the Elites want you to know and look at... "Or its newbie truthers who dont no the Terminology yet BECAUSE THEY HAVENT LOOKED"

What you should be looking for is the Words , Terminology the Elites Use themselves in United Nations, World Health Organization, And Government "Agenda 21 - Sustainability" & Health Departments, along with the Universities who Teach-Preach this Agenda's Intellectual Terminology
"Increased Morbidity"
"Increased Mortality"
 "Decreased Morality"

Here are Some Examples of KNOWN, DOCUMENTED Facts "Real Referenced from the Sources"
WHO : Quinidine

WHO : cannabis use does not increase mortality

WHO : increase mortality, that stigmatization and discrimination are major problems
Note ive been saying this is a KNOWN UN & Ancient Plan for years,
Un-Describable thanks to Szasz

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