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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Magic Spells Occult Sorcery Esoteric Knowledge

"The Mass Dispell" True Love Kama to you all
Magic By Shundrallah

This Spell Comes from the Master Sage Vyasa Author of the Rig Veda "Mass Dispell and Consciousness, Metaphysics Growth" and Mahabharatta "Grandest Epic Ever"
I could Teach & Explain Siddhi's, Jhanas, Akasha or Awakening however
The Most Powerfull Spell I can teach you is the Most Powerfull you will ever learn "The Mass Dispell"

To Di-Spell any other Spell one must Know what one is Dispelling
One must Know all other Spell's from Technique
The Following are the Different Spells, Techniques, and Relivant Dispell
For once you know all Spell Techniques your FREE from all Magic thanks to Knowledge and Wisdom
I have also referenced Each Spell Technique to its Original Creation Source "The First Spell" of its Technical Kind
Please enjoy and Share the True Power of "Mass Dispelling"

Necromancers Raising Dead Bodys , Breath of Life in to a Corpse "Cor-Por Dead thing" to Incorporate by Magic Words, Called the Body of Law, Words with no Heart Beat No Life apart from the energies Sucked in to the Undead Body, These Bodies Fade away when one dispells the Undead Bodys of Flatworld Church, or Un-Natural Laws used to Justify Heirachy
Enchanters, Chanting Words, That are Ignorantly taken on, spunged up and repeated, Regurgitated, the Chant becomes part of you if not dispelled, critically analysed and thought about" It will trigger even tho you dont no its their like when you hear music and know the words pop in to your head" "Dis-enchanting is Easy just Question analize the Chant rather then continueing the chant" Chants are usually sponged and regurgitated by Zonbified Hypnotised Followers of the System who actually enjoy being entertained and take enjoyment in repeating movies and music reguardless of what the information contains
Sorcery, Thermaturgy, Sex Magic and Sacrifice Ritual Blood Magic, Focused around DMT, the Piniel Gland, The Immorals Inability to be Intune with Moral Infinate Nature, the Immoral CAN NOT PRODUCE DMT during REM SLEEP! like all psychopath's! The Ones who learn to Activate DMT in Victims to Consume in ancient times called this Sorcery, and the closest a psychopath can get to a High without consuming DMT-Piniel Glands is the Sexual Orgasim thats why its the lesser of the Sorcery Art, Seduction is openly talked about today as the Sexual Taboo's are Dropped, Yet the DMT Consuming Ritual of elites proformed at places like Bohemian Grove are covered up as much as advanced Technology
Illusionist, Creating Belief without Fact that predetermins your perception in to multiple choice predefined options, Inserting a Warped Lense "Maya"  that Changes what you Perceive, The Illusion Flatoworlders Dispelled is no different to the Delusion of Laws people followed under the German Government of WW2 "Just because its Written or your told an explination that verifies what you think you experinced dosnt mean you know what the real infinate truth really is and your world will become round and your words of paper will have no more value then starting a fire with the paper"
Alchemy Transmutation of one in to another, Metaphysical Manipulation of Consciousness Glimpsed During the Age of Enlightenment from a western perspective, the Physical Aspect became Chemistry and Physics the mental aspect became Sociology, the Original Alchemy Technique Was Summerian Shi "How God made man using Clay"
Vampires Sucking your Energy to Sustain them selves, treating you like cattle and batteries of the matrix, empowering their plans and directed Composition to accomplish their goals, Hypnotised by their show of power which can only be seen by the ones hypnotised and following their direction, one hardly ever sees the vampires, they feal the energy being sucked when they work for corporations, forced in to schools, pay tax or receive medical "Treatment", One Feels the Peer Pressure of Society as the pressure the vampires Zombie followers Enforce mindlessly, Should a Vampire know you know their real identity you will be hunted untill one of you are dead...
Watchers, Jackels,  WereWolves, Templars, Knights Crusaders, Giant Slayers, Dragon Slayers, Inquisitors, Psychiatrists are Just the Head Hunting Enforcer Titles "this sector is the Physical Enforcer, Millitary, Secret Police Armed Force Division"
Popes, Kings Queens Emperior and Polititions are being Served as Zagmuk
Prophets, Architects "Blueprint Designers" Plan to Accomplish or Warn of a Goal or Objective, From Directors of movies to Script Writers to the person who came up with the Original Idea and could convay that in to translatable language others could follow, prepair for and carry out "much like building a building making a movie, watching a play on stage, the Act is part of a script, the roles chosen well in advance, those characters are tested with auditions, trained to increase required skills provided funding and support to get the plan out to people... "so the actors will be positioned and follow the script, build it, carry it out"
Treasurer, Finance Ministers, Bankers, and PRIESTS are much more then the Usery "Intrest creating $ out of thin Air" or Tax "Gods Share to manage his system of collecting his share", This goes back to the Summerian Priestess Cult where they were educated in conveying to "Man" how to carry out the "Will of God" For the Will of God requires money its the one thing God never mastered in his all powerfullness, So the Summerian Vampires Educated a Priest Class in "How to use the Banks to Control the Currents Direction and Flow of Energy, The Reverse engineering of Total Control to Direct the Energies of the Enslaved by using Banks, Today its Common for most people to think and say "the Banks Create and Control the Flow of Currency aka Energy were forced to Exchange our Energies and Freedoms for, the Incrementalist from Priest to Taxman, to finance ministers and treasurers was incremental steps masked by illusionist lies "This sector is the Exchange Storage and Administeration of energies Collected, Projected, and Accepted as Power-Energy Exchange"

Light, Lucifer "Fallen Angel, Demon, Blinding Finite Electromagnetic Wave Spectrum, Lucis Trust Many Names for a Tool, Used as Plato said to Project Shadows, Just remember the Light Did not Exist at the Beginning, it is Finite and Burns out and wont be around at the End, roman Neumerals not allowing Zero the Place holder works on the same premis, keep you entertained with the illusion so your never allowed to evaluate the Infinate Placeholder RTa, keep you looking at the Door enstead of the Doorwar, the Window enstead of the View, Anything and everything can take the place of the place holder, yet the place holder remains reguardless of what elce is or is not there, anything can go through a doorway, at a different time anything can be right there in the doorway, the doorway is like Zero a placeholder of infinate possibilities, while the Door, Flame, Light is finate and only one limited possibility, A Doorway or Zero is always there with the Door or numbers and without them, "Everything Pure is an infinate Doorway Connecting Infinatly to other Infinates, not a finite illusionary light" Only the Light Blocks you from knowing the Infinity, the Placeholder never Blocks the Light...Only immorality Forces its will on morality, Morality never forces its will on anyone, Yet Morality dose not Empower or provide a supporting Foundation for Immorality and will oppose Immorality being forced on to anyone or anything. in the end only Morality is Infinate and Immorality Finite...
Zombies, Gouls, "Man" Sheople, Cattle, Slaves, Serf's. Servants, Pupils "only seeing what their allowed to", While the Titles Chaneg the Ststus remains the same this is the Underclass of Heirachy society, Followers of Illusion, Batteries of Sustenance for the Vampires that Enslave them, as Psychological Techniques Developed the Slave master with Whips was replaces with Psychological Peer Prressure resulting in the Entranced Policing their own Enslavement
Divine authority of God to Slay You , Right Now God isnt here, and his Son Jesus Left so the "Body of the Church" looks after Gods Affairs and Speaks for God, God is all powerfull and could speak to you, but aparently God cant manage Time, Money, Or the Body of the Church well so "Special Chosen Divine Ones" Will Administer All of Gods Affairs the Earth-Globe and everything in This reality Belongs to God and as such is Managed by the Divine chosen Ones, Ow and God being all powerfull didnt think he had to tell everyone personally so the "Divinly Chosen Ones" will tell you this on Gods Behalf
Status : The Constitution, "The Way a thing is composed or made up, Its make up"
Comes from the word, Constitute "To Compose Form Establish"
Comes from the word, Con-statute
Con and Com = Directed, or to Direct" Control "Directed Troll", Command "Directed Man"
Statute : Law an Enactment, Perminant Rule Established by a Group to govern its Internal Affairs
Statute comes from the word, Status : -Tus "Past participant" To Setup, Make Stand

In Latin the Preists Stood Over Knowledge, and they Tought you to Understand Knowledge, you see They Wrote the Books and you Read them, they make the orders and you follow them, They stand over you and you stand under them do you understand?

So Someone in the Past with Status, Setup a system to Establish perminant Rule by a Group who would enforce LAW, The Statute, Enactment, Is Raised Above those it Rules over to such a Height it removes the Focus away from the person or group of Status that Setup the LAW!
So where dose Status Come from ? "How One Stands in Action
What is your standing? Standing in Awe? Taking a Stand? Making a Stand ? standing Down? Standing up? Being Stood Over?
"Reeds of Enki" Psychopomp Eternal Servitude, The Summerians Goal was to make people sware an OATH they would be bound to, this is done using Summerian SHI to Mutilate your Nonphysical Consciousness, to Trap your energy, Retained in a Meta-Physical Illusional Container "Soul in Heaven"  you made an Oath to be a Battery to Sustain Immoral beings who turn away from Infinate Nature
Desanctification, Desecration, De-Sacrilization, The Process of Removing the Divine, Dissassociation of Dispelled Divinly Ordaned "Illusionary Laws and Powers made by MAN, Dispelled by Man"
Apocalypse Ancient Greek Word, Uncovering Knowledge Deliberatly Hidden from you

Nibiru ancient summerian Word for Apocalypse, Flood Breaking the Banks the elite used to direct the current flow of your energy and Wiping out the Elites Manipulation and Programing restoring Nature and Freedom

Morality, The Dragons Power, Diamond of the Mind, Ancesteral Giants are remembered for one, Infinate Undefeatable Natural Power, The Immortal Nectar, Absolute RTa, Tranquil Pure Equality. One dose not have to Awaken, Climb the Jhanas, Become One with RTa the Infinate Absolute Foundation and Placeholder of Existance, Awareness, Time, Perception, Consciousness, Growth. For if one is Moral one will Develop these Gifts Naturally as long as one stays true to Morality one will become the Diamond of the Mind, Attain the Dragons power, the Immortal Nectar, be remembered as an Ancesteral Giant by the Akashic Emminations by those pure and clear enough to attain acess
Morality is the Path, Knowledge & Wisdom is the Key
Use the Knowledge and Wisdom to Detatch the Dogmas, Dispell the Chants and Illusions, the Delusions and Beliefs, Stop Empowering Undead Bodies, Un-Incorporate rather then Incorporate, Dont be a Citizen of Immorality Sit us In Equality, Flood the Banks and Let Lose your Natural Fire & Lightning "Contained-Detained" within all of you!
May everyone Wakeup, Grow and Know, Set your Self Free
Morality Enforcement!

No one has the Moral Authority to force there will on to you!
You have no Moral authority to force your will on to anyone!

Everyone including yourself! Has total Moral authority to Defend your self or anyone else from Immorality!
Morally Consider, Respect, Defend Stand up and Protect others

If you Read all that and Actually Followed the Links to Understand it all, you know by know there is just 3 Spell's Created by 1 Immoral Human Being ENKI, His 3 Techniques being "The Reeds of Enki, Zagmuk, and Shi"

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