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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Donations Now Available for Expansion Plan!!! & some FREE Add's Info

Hello Readers

To begin if you would like to place an Add on this Blog feel free to contact me :

This Blog and the New site will always give 100% of truth Information FREE!!! ALWAYS!
and it is expected others in the truth movement do not ever keep people ignorant to the truth because they wont pay you...that is helping cover up the truth and it will not be tolerated

I am willing to put any Adds up FREE "That Fall within the Moral Freedom Ethos of the Truth Movement"

A Paypal Link has been added for Donations, up until this time i have NEVER asked or taken $ from you the Readers
I think the Truth should Set you Free and you should never have to pay or buy freedom.
With the Plans to Expand, The Extra Funding would move these Plans Forward Dramatically any anyone who can afford to donate it is greatly appriciated

All Donations will go towards the Following Expansion plan
* Seminars, The First will be this Summer in Coffsharbour, Australia
Open Formats where Anyone can come to the location, Documentaries and short Videos of information will be played for the Audience then an open Discussion "Philosophy, Insight based" to help people learn grow and ask questions, Covering everything in the Truth movement , RFID, to Medical, False Flags, to Manipulation Techniques, History and Technology, and much much more
*Video-documentaries, i am sick of the Disinformation, real facts then filled with opinion and tangents to make you look in the wrong direction i will be making a documentary series on all the major topics, compiling up to date information shortened just to the relivant data, to be used more of a Video encyclopedia covering each topic in Factual depth then an awakening video for people new to the movement
*Print & Digital E-book, History of Developed Knowledge of Rta, Looking at Techniques, Knowledge where Concepts Originated and for what Purpose, Covering The Natural Foundation, Civilization From the Beginning, And that which Opposes Rta, Both the Good and the Bad in Morality and Immorality Development and Apprehension, for the Purpose of Informing people Who Where Why How and When Good and Bad Developments Arose So we can Repeat the Good and Shun the Dral

Note : I will not be doing Live Streams, or Live Shows "Their may be the occasional Stream from a Seminar or Event of Breaking News, if that happens links and a post will be made so its easy for you to find, but this will be a very rare activity... in Part 2 of the Expansion we would like to arrange Water Generators to power Satphone Wifi Grids at Rallys to Stream footage live of Police Brutality, and Breaking Revolution Events "or project Bluebeam when its happening live from Australia" this means your going to stream and have telephone communication "if you have our password" even when the powers turned off and the plugs pulled on the phones-internet :) i no people all over the world are setting up independent grids like this after the revolutions in egypt when they turned off the power and phone networks and the people learnt how to keep communications going more effectively then most standing armies... "Thats real truth movement innovation for you", In Part 2 their is also plans for Global Seminars, as well as some Video-Photographic Investigations, to provide more images and Information of Archeological, Cultural, and Spiritual Significance. Part 2 is a ways off for now the plan is Seminars, Video-Documentary-Encyclopedias, Print & Book Data Written Evidence in Public Domain Compiled for Easy Public Downloading and getting the other Website Fully Operational

I would like to Note : The Adds will NOT BE random Adsense
Each link i will check out and make sure the "Ethos" of those being linked is about Moral Freedom! Real Health, and anyone found to be associated with Disinformation, Money Sucking "Charging for Truth is not an option" or Harmful products will be removed, and a Blog update will be made to inform people of why

To Begin Please Note the Links to
Peter Santilli "He has a FREE Radio Show, Streaming, nothing new there..., but his also got LIVE CHAT, nothing is censored! i found out about him when he left genesis due to censorship. The other Listners Contribute and share, Peter also Runs "Santilli and Associates" and his active in the MMO Secondlife Community

Peter has not asked me for this endorsement, i am backing him because his offering a Transparent format where you can be involved and share, unlike most of the others who censor and rarely allow one other to voice their opinion let alone EVERYONE at once, check out his site, join the live shows and begin sharing and learning live

Peters Live Show Link will remain as the First Link at the Bottom of this Blog, and Others who Join in gaining Shundrallah support will be Added in Order Following Pete Santilli's Live Chat Show Link at the Bottom of the Page, Click it and Enjoy Midday East Coast Australia Daylight Saving time

"Currently Looking at 3 others to add links shortly from my own endorsement, and no one sofar has asked for a link"

As for the *** !!! NEW SITE !!! ***
The Objective of the new site is multifaceted "Truth, Shamanic Natural Medicine, Consciousness Growth and Development, Advanced Technology, And Natural Beauty"
*Gallery FREE Downloads of Public Domain images, Books and Texts, From the Ancient Texts to the First Early Books, Hidden Masonic, Hermetic, Magic, Sorcery, Religious books and Images "i will be focusing on Diggin up the Old books and Texts to make sure your getting Easy access to Authentic information previously hidden, and as they say a picture tells a thousand words.
*New Blog, Focused as much on the Natural, Consciousness, Philosophy, Technological, and Medicinal Knowledge as the Truth Movement Revealing Elite Deception, the new Blog will offer members of the new site to be upgraded rights to be Authors and post Articles, thats the biggest Change is the Member's Identification, all Blog Articles will be Public, the New Blog will arrange Topics Better in Categories and Sub-Categories, Links will be there for Source Material, the Idea is to have just the Relevant Information and no BS or Ranting so people who want to no almost everything on one of the hidden topics should find it in one spot.
*Forum, With Unique Member Access Areas, So the Real Truth movement Vets can Share Info that Trolls cant Vandalize so easy "Select Areas of the forum will be Private, their will be a Public Area Requiring Login to Post, no Login to Read Public Area

There will also be a big focus on the Gathering, Digitizing "Public Domain" "1954 or older has no copyright and your free to digitize and distribute", Making the Public Domain information Publicly available, Anyone with Old or ancient Texts or Books, Especially Hidden Esoteric Occult Knowledge please contact me... :

I will also be doing Promotions, Sending out FREE E-Books & Art Prints from the Occult Esoteric Religious Masonic Hermetic Hidden Secrets, So be sure to watch out and Sign up to the new site, and let me no if you make a Donation i will try and send you a thankyou :)


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