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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pete Santilli Threatens to Beat up Australian Paraplegic "I am going to come to Australia and beat some manhood into you"

Pete Santilli Knows i have a Broken Back, Medically a Paraplegic all tho i am walking again what the doctors call an unexplained medical miracle as i have a 1inch gap in my spinal cord where my L1 Vertebra was its now totally shattered and missing 3/4 with 3 Disk's out...

I am reporting this Death Threat , Unlawful Coercion to the Australian NSW Police, Clearly Pete is Breaking the Law now and if he is not arrested For Threatening Hatrick and Sherria, he wont be arrested for Threatening me... this just proves his protected by the US GOVERNMENT because his an AGENT IN PLACE doing his JOB!

For the Record ive never lost a fight in my life, before i broke my back i was a martial artist and i am confident to defend my self especially against a logistical Co-Intel Pro Marine, i would hesitate and be concerned if a Front Line Combat Marine made a threat to harm me, but a Logistical Marine is by Default Chosen by the Marine Core as to Weak to be Relied on the Front Lines of Combat... So i do not Condone Pete Santilli's Unlawful Threat but i do not fear it, i wont ask Pete to "Bring it on" like Hatrick, but i wont lie i did think it would be something the world might begin waking up to Pete's Real Deceptive Immoral Intentions... if a US X-Marine gets Stomped by a 6'2 Paraplegic with a Broken Back... "i was 6'4' before the Accident" People may give Pete Santilli's Immoral Deceptiveness a little more notice...

From: "" <>
To: John McAlpine <>
Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013 4:48 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Pete

You seriously think I am going to read that you fuckin douche? are cunt & a little whiney bitch whose pussy hurts because we kicked you out of or chat room.   Susannah says you're a pussy & laughed when you said some crazed shit about her leaving to join your cross dressing live stream

If you don't stop harassing me I am going to come to Australia and beat some manhood into you

Fuckin wingnut

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

From: "" <>
Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013 5:15 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Pete
Hey cocksucker.......I just glanced at your message as I was setting you up for girl trash----- "I won;t be hiring Pete Santilli..."  ????   bwaahahahahahahahahaahahhaah!  You can't even afford to buy a book you fuckin worthless specimen of a human ------effing feeders will never be able to hire anyone.  Go get a job first and quit trying to suck my cock for blog clicks you fuckin homo.  You wouldn;t even have 3 people reading your shit if I didn't accidentally clck your link 3 times in the chat room.  YOUR WRITING SUCKS......stop sending links to people & they won;t hate you as much---its the main reason why everyone wanted you banned----cuzza your fucked up writing and pink website really need to get a sex fucked this life up pretending to be a man & ending up as a cock sucking feeder   hahahahahahahaaha~~

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

From: "" <>
Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013 4:51 AM
Subject: Fwd: Hello Pete
Hey pussy.....your wing-nut 15 page emails now go directly to junk and trash immediately.

Be a fuckin man instead of a little girl and stop contacting us....everyone says you need to go get your vagina checked

Don't write back pussy 

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

Begin forwarded message:

From: John McAlpine <>
Subject: Re: Hello Pete
Date: January 27, 2013 2:27:18 AM PST
Reply-To: John McAlpine <>

"Obviously i will not hire pete santilli under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, nor do i want anything to do with him, i will continue to expose him until he apologizes and changes his ways STOPS THE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DISINFORMATION "and exposes those currently pulling his strings in Marine Intelligence" its past the apology now... like i said originally none of this was about me, it was ALWAYS about YOU the READERS"

Pete attacking me isnt going to help, you have a Choice to make COME CLEAN AND TELL YOUR LISTENERS THE TRUTH or just keep adding Fuel to the Fire and let the TRUTH Burn You...

Until Pete Santilli Comes Clean and tells everyone the Truth and STOPS BEING IMMORAL i dont want anything to do with him... So Pete Please Just Stop it its wasting everyones time, but i guess that is your Job isnt it? Counter Intelligence-Disinformation Time Wasting Confusion Specialist?

Please Dont Contact me again untill you Come clean, i dont want anything to do with those proven to be immoral...

Shun DRAL La
P.S. Stop being Dral!

10 Days After Flu Shot Struck Down

10 Days After Flu Shot Struck Down

 Stop Zionism!

Pete Santilli Still harassing Via Email, Just Come Clean Pete and try be Moral for once?

The Following was just sent to me by Pete Santilli, his Emotional Ranting is becoming Psychotic... I dont think his able to send a normal email anymore without Attacking Personally ad Homenim Attacks and using Childish Derogatory Terminology...

From: ""
To: John McAlpine
Sent: Sunday, 27 January 2013 5:05 PM
Subject: Re: Hello Pete

you are such a little cunt...and a stalker

3 people have read your so-called expose.........fuckin worthless feeder who has NO BEARING on anything

go write your articles and then publish it for 3-5 people to read & throw up from your turret's syndrome writing style

we all laugh at your stalking "happy birthday" bwahahahahaaaa      fuckin wingnut

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

This is all because i said HappyBirthday to Susannah Cole and informed her many of petes old listeners are doing their own Blog, Journalism, Music Etc and they all Support Her still and would help her Go Solo and get out of Pete Santilli's Puppet Mastery of her...

Below is a copy of that Chat Wishing Susannah Cole a Happy Birthday...!!!

[4:48:02 PM] John McAlpine: Happy Birthday, i found the link as well so dont worry about it
[4:48:35 PM] Susannah Cole: Ahhhh ... Thank you Shun ...
[4:52:53 PM] John McAlpine: Sorry about any flack you get for being with pete, you read the emails he had a lot of chances to just say sorry for what we all know he did, now its public... and pete is responsible for pulling susane P in to it when he threatens to post chat
[4:59:02 PM] Susannah Cole: He's not worried about it Shun and neither are Susanne and I ... You can post whatever you like ... I don't have to like or respect it... That's the truth ... I also saw things about you I did not like ... so you know ... it is what it is ... We will survive ...
[4:59:31 PM] Susannah Cole: Thanks for the birthday wish
[5:03:36 PM] John McAlpine: Nothing posted is UNFACTUAL, and if you think your siding on the moral side when you clearly read and HEARD petes comments and want to defend him that is your choice, i'm always open to hear anything people find unfactual and i will correct it... anything Factual you dont like dosnt change the FACTS tho dose it?
[5:09:37 PM] Susannah Cole: Don't twist my words Shun ... I'm simply telling you I'm not worried about what you or anybody else thinks of my relationship to Pete santilli ... I know what hapened that day ... I know what you did and I know what reaction you got ... Your post do not affect me one way or another ... your post ... say whatever you like ... I am simply indifferent ... sorry if that makes you angry ...
[5:13:27 PM] John McAlpine: i'm only feeling sorrow for you right now, no anger at all this whole time... if you read my comments and petes you can clearly see ive forseen this and been logical about it all :) you no what pete said to me and to hatrick... do you think pete is acting moral and if its immoral how can you claim to be good and defend him?
[5:14:34 PM] John McAlpine: your emotions might be feeling anger or hostility right now, but i am not, i can see why you might feel emotio0nal aboutt this you have a lot to lose like when you had to leave alex, its your choice
[5:16:59 PM] John McAlpine: its your listeners who are looking out for you, and who i am respecting to help you, they feel petes cut all your connections to everyone else but him, so you feel trapped, there are ways out over 10 of your old listeners are starting their own blogs and going to syndicate between them
[5:17:05 PM] John McAlpine: your welcome to join them :)
[5:22:47 PM] Susannah Cole: Are you serious? What the hell Shundrallah ... Well good luck to you ... I wish you all the best ...
[5:24:05 PM] John McAlpine: You as well :) seriously no hard feelings you were always nice and honest, and i really did appriciate your efforts to raise facts i pointed out :) "i really mean that"

I said all i have to to pete in the last post Exposing him...
Let me Clarify and say it again
"Obviously i will not hire pete santilli under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, nor do i want anything to do with him, i will continue to expose him until he apologizes and changes his ways STOPS THE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DISINFORMATION "and exposes those currently pulling his strings in Marine Intelligence" its past the apology now... like i said originally none of this was about me, it was ALWAYS about YOU the READERS"

Pete attacking me isnt going to help, you have a Choice to make COME CLEAN AND TELL YOUR LISTENERS THE TRUTH or just keep adding Fuel to the Fire and let the TRUTH Burn You...

Until Pete Santilli Comes Clean and tells everyone the Truth and STOPS BEING IMMORAL i dont want anything to do with him... So Pete Please Just Stop it its wasting everyones time, but i guess that is your Job isnt it? Counter Intelligence-Disinformation Time Wasting Confusion Specialist?

 Stop Zionism!

Friday, January 25, 2013



Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

Please Note : This is not just about GMO, its about GENE MODIFICATION
the Varying Methods to "Insert, Modify, or Remove" Genes is providing a BACKDOOR to VIRUS DNA MODIFICATION

FOOD Modified by GMO by inserting DNA from BACTERIA found living in VATS OF ROUNDUP is the result for ROUNDUP RESISTANT strains of Soybean and other types, the Soybean's were found to SHARE THE RNA MODIFICATION with HUMAN GUT BACTERIA, in effect MODIFYING HUMAN DNA-RNA...


THIS IS NO JOKE! unlike Tv... People need to FACE REALITY NOW! before your MODIFIED at the DNA base level to be UNABLE TO RESIST FUTHER MODIFICATION

Also please note this technology could be used to CURE GENETIC DISEASE, Obviously its being WEAPONIZED rather then HEALING PEOPLE...

The Following is the Article Replicated from Independant Science News

January 21, 2013 Biotechnology, Commentaries 62 Comments
by Jonathan Latham and Allison Wilson
How should a regulatory agency announce they have discovered something potentially very important about the safety of products they have been approving for over twenty years?
In the course of analysis to identify potential allergens in GMO crops, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has belatedly discovered that the most common genetic regulatory sequence in commercial GMOs also encodes a significant fragment of a viral gene (Podevin and du Jardin 2012). This finding has serious ramifications for crop biotechnology and its regulation, but possibly even greater ones for consumers and farmers. This is because there are clear indications that this viral gene (called Gene VI) might not be safe for human consumption. It also may disturb the normal functioning of crops, including their natural pest resistance.
Cauliflower Mosaic Virus
Cauliflower Mosaic Virus
What Podevin and du Jardin discovered is that of the 86 different transgenic events (unique insertions of foreign DNA) commercialized to-date in the United States 54 contain portions of Gene VI within them. They include any with a widely used gene regulatory sequence called the CaMV 35S promoter (from the cauliflower mosaic virus; CaMV). Among the affected transgenic events are some of the most widely grown GMOs, including Roundup Ready soybeans (40-3-2) and MON810 maize. They include the controversial NK603 maize recently reported as causing tumors in rats (Seralini et al. 2012).
The researchers themselves concluded that the presence of segments of Gene VI “might result in unintended phenotypic changes”. They reached this conclusion because similar fragments of Gene VI have already been shown to be active on their own (e.g. De Tapia et al. 1993). In other words, the EFSA researchers were unable to rule out a hazard to public health or the environment.
In general, viral genes expressed in plants raise both agronomic and human health concerns (reviewed in Latham and Wilson 2008). This is because many viral genes function to disable their host in order to facilitate pathogen invasion. Often, this is achieved by incapacitating specific anti-pathogen defenses. Incorporating such genes could clearly lead to undesirable and unexpected outcomes in agriculture. Furthermore, viruses that infect plants are often not that different from viruses that infect humans. For example, sometimes the genes of human and plant viruses are interchangeable, while on other occasions inserting plant viral fragments as transgenes has caused the genetically altered plant to become susceptible to an animal virus (Dasgupta et al. 2001). Thus, in various ways, inserting viral genes accidentally into crop plants and the food supply confers a significant potential for harm.
The Choices for Regulators
The original discovery by Podevin and du Jardin (at EFSA) of Gene VI in commercial GMO crops must have presented regulators with sharply divergent procedural alternatives. They could 1) recall all CaMV Gene VI-containing crops (in Europe that would mean revoking importation and planting approvals) or, 2) undertake a retrospective risk assessment of the CaMV promoter and its Gene VI sequences and hope to give it a clean bill of health.
It is easy to see the attraction for EFSA of option two. Recall would be a massive political and financial decision and would also be a huge embarrassment to the regulators themselves. It would leave very few GMO crops on the market and might even mean the end of crop biotechnology.
Regulators, in principle at least, also have a third option to gauge the seriousness of any potential GMO hazard. GMO monitoring, which is required by EU regulations, ought to allow them to find out if deaths, illnesses, or crop failures have been reported by farmers or health officials and can be correlated with the Gene VI sequence. Unfortunately, this particular avenue of enquiry is a scientific dead end. Not one country has carried through on promises to officially and scientifically monitor any hazardous consequences of GMOs (1).
Unsurprisingly, EFSA chose option two. However, their investigation resulted only in the vague and unreassuring conclusion that Gene VI “might result in unintended phenotypic changes” (Podevin and du Jardin 2012). This means literally, that changes of an unknown number, nature, or magnitude may (or may not) occur. It falls well short of the solid scientific reassurance of public safety needed to explain why EFSA has not ordered a recall.
Can the presence of a fragment of virus DNA really be that significant? Below is an independent analysis of Gene VI and its known properties and their safety implications. This analysis clearly illustrates the regulators’ dilemma.
The Many Functions of Gene VI
Gene VI, like most plant viral genes, produces a protein that is multifunctional. It has four (so far) known roles in the viral infection cycle. The first is to participate in the assembly of virus particles. There is no current data to suggest this function has any implications for biosafety. The second known function is to suppress anti-pathogen defenses by inhibiting a general cellular system called RNA silencing (Haas et al. 2008). Thirdly, Gene VI has the highly unusual function of transactivating (described below) the long RNA (the 35S RNA) produced by CaMV (Park et al. 2001). Fourthly, unconnected to these other mechanisms, Gene VI has very recently been shown to make plants highly susceptible to a bacterial pathogen (Love et al. 2012). Gene VI does this by interfering with a common anti-pathogen defense mechanism possessed by plants. These latter three functions of Gene VI (and their risk implications) are explained further below:
1) Gene VI Is an Inhibitor of RNA Silencing
RNA silencing is a mechanism for the control of gene expression at the level of RNA abundance (Bartel 2004). It is also an important antiviral defense mechanism in both plants and animals, and therefore most viruses have evolved genes (like Gene VI) that disable it (Dunoyer and Voinnet 2006).
Cauliflower mosaic virus genome
Gene VI (upper left) precedes the start of the 35S RNA
This attribute of Gene VI raises two obvious biosafety concerns: 1) Gene VI will lead to aberrant gene expression in GMO crop plants, with unknown consequences and, 2) Gene VI will interfere with the ability of plants to defend themselves against viral pathogens. There are numerous experiments showing that, in general, viral proteins that disable gene silencing enhance infection by a wide spectrum of viruses (Latham and Wilson 2008).
2) Gene VI Is a Unique Transactivator of Gene Expression
Multicellular organisms make proteins by a mechanism in which only one protein is produced by each passage of a ribosome along a messenger RNA (mRNA). Once that protein is completed the ribosome dissociates from the mRNA. However, in a CaMV-infected plant cell, or as a transgene, Gene VI intervenes in this process and directs the ribosome to get back on an mRNA (reinitiate) and produce the next protein in line on the mRNA, if there is one. This property of Gene VI enables Cauliflower Mosaic Virus to produce multiple proteins from a single long RNA (the 35S RNA). Importantly, this function of Gene VI (which is called transactivation) is not limited to the 35S RNA. Gene VI seems able to transactivate any cellular mRNA (Futterer and Hohn 1991; Ryabova et al. 2002). There are likely to be thousands of mRNA molecules having a short or long protein coding sequence following the primary one. These secondary coding sequences could be expressed in cells where Gene VI is expressed. The result will presumably be production of numerous random proteins within cells. The biosafety implications of this are difficult to assess. These proteins could be allergens, plant or human toxins, or they could be harmless. Moreover, the answer will differ for each commercial crop species into which Gene VI has been inserted.
3) Gene VI Interferes with Host Defenses
A very recent finding, not known by Podevin and du Jardin, is that Gene VI has a second mechanism by which it interferes with plant anti-pathogen defenses (Love et al. 2012). It is too early to be sure about the mechanistic details, but the result is to make plants carrying Gene VI more susceptible to certain pathogens, and less susceptible to others. Obviously, this could impact farmers, however the discovery of an entirely new function for gene VI while EFSA’s paper was in press, also makes clear that a full appraisal of all the likely effects of Gene VI is not currently achievable.
Is There a Direct Human Toxicity Issue?
When Gene VI is intentionally expressed in transgenic plants, it causes them to become chlorotic (yellow), to have growth deformities, and to have reduced fertility in a dose-dependent manner (Ziljstra et al 1996). Plants expressing Gene VI also show gene expression abnormalities. These results indicate that, not unexpectedly given its known functions, the protein produced by Gene VI is functioning as a toxin and is harmful to plants (Takahashi et al 1989). Since the known targets of Gene VI activity (ribosomes and gene silencing) are also found in human cells, a reasonable concern is that the protein produced by Gene VI might be a human toxin. This is a question that can only be answered by future experiments.
Is Gene VI Protein Produced in GMO Crops?
Given that expression of Gene VI is likely to cause harm, a crucial issue is whether the actual inserted transgene sequences found in commercial GMO crops will produce any functional protein from the fragment of Gene VI present within the CaMV sequence.
There are two aspects to this question. One is the length of Gene VI accidentally introduced by developers. This appears to vary but most of the 54 approved transgenes contain the same 528 base pairs of the CaMV 35S promoter sequence. This corresponds to approximately the final third of Gene VI. Deleted fragments of Gene VI are active when expressed in plant cells and functions of Gene VI are believed to reside in this final third. Therefore, there is clear potential for unintended effects if this fragment is expressed (e.g. De Tapia et al. 1993; Ryabova et al. 2002; Kobayashi and Hohn 2003).
The second aspect of this question is what quantity of Gene VI could be produced in GMO crops? Once again, this can ultimately only be resolved by direct quantitative experiments. Nevertheless, we can theorize that the amount of Gene VI produced will be specific to each independent insertion event. This is because significant Gene VI expression probably would require specific sequences (such as the presence of a gene promoter and an ATG [a protein start codon]) to precede it and so is likely to be heavily dependent on variables such as the details of the inserted transgenic DNA and where in the plant genome the transgene inserted.
Commercial transgenic crop varieties can also contain superfluous copies of the transgene, including those that are incomplete or rearranged (Wilson et al 2006). These could be important additional sources of Gene VI protein. The decision of regulators to allow such multiple and complex insertion events was always highly questionable, but the realization that the CaMV 35S promoter contains Gene VI sequences provides yet another reason to believe that complex insertion events increase the likelihood of a biosafety problem.
Even direct quantitative measurements of Gene VI protein in individual crop authorizations would not fully resolve the scientific questions, however. No-one knows, for example, what quantity, location or timing of protein production would be of significance for risk assessment, and so answers necessary to perform science-based risk assessment are unlikely to emerge soon.
Big Lessons for Biotechnology
It is perhaps the most basic assumption in all of risk assessment that the developer of a new product provides regulators with accurate information about what is being assessed. Perhaps the next most basic assumption is that regulators independently verify this information.  We now know, however, that for over twenty years neither of those simple expectations have been met. Major public universities, biotech multinationals, and government regulators everywhere, seemingly did not appreciate the relatively simple possibility that the DNA constructs they were responsible for encoded a viral gene.
This lapse occurred despite the fact that Gene VI was not truly hidden; the relevant information on the existence of Gene VI has been freely available in the scientific literature since well before the first biotech approval (Franck et al 1980). We ourselves have offered specific warnings that viral sequences could contain unsuspected genes (Latham and Wilson 2008). The inability of risk assessment processes to incorporate longstanding and repeated scientific findings is every bit as worrysome as the failure to intellectually anticipate the possibility of overlapping genes when manipulating viral sequences.
This sense of a generic failure is reinforced by the fact that this is not an isolated event. There exist other examples of commercially approved viral sequences having overlapping genes that were never subjected to risk assessment. These include numerous commercial GMOs containing promoter regions of the closely related virus figwort mosaic virus (FMV) which were not considered by Podevin and du Jardin. Inspection of commercial sequence data shows that the commonly used FMV promoter overlaps its own Gene VI (Richins et al 1987). A third example is the virus-resistant potato NewLeaf Plus (RBMT-22-82). This transgene contains approximately 90% of the P0 gene of potato leaf roll virus. The known function of this gene, whose existence was discovered only after US approval, is to inhibit the anti-pathogen defenses of its host (Pfeffer et al 2002). Fortunately, this potato variety was never actively marketed.
A further key point relates to the biotech industry and their campaign to secure public approval and a permissive regulatory environment. This has led them to repeatedly claim, firstly, that GMO technology is precise and predictable; and secondly, that their own competence and self-interest would prevent them from ever bringing potentially harmful products to the market; and thirdly, to assert that only well studied and fully understood transgenes are commercialized. It is hard to imagine a finding more damaging to these claims than the revelations surrounding Gene VI.
Biotechnology, it is often forgotten, is not just a technology. It is an experiment in the proposition that human institutions can perform adequate risk assessments on novel living organisms. Rather than treat that question as primarily a daunting scientific one, we should for now consider that the primary obstacle will be overcoming the much more mundane trap of human complacency and incompetence. We are not there yet, and therefore this incident will serve to reinforce the demands for GMO labeling in places where it is absent.
What Regulators Should Do Now
This summary of the scientific risk issues shows that a segment of a poorly characterized viral gene never subjected to any risk assessment (until now) was allowed onto the market. This gene is currently present in commercial crops and growing on a large scale. It is also widespread in the food supply.
Even now that EFSA’s own researchers have belatedly considered the risk issues, no one can say whether the public has been harmed, though harm appears a clear scientific possibility. Considered from the perspective of professional and scientific risk assessment, this situation represents a complete and catastrophic system failure.
But the saga of Gene VI is not yet over. There is no certainty that further scientific analysis will resolve the remaining uncertainties, or provide reassurance. Future research may in fact increase the level of concern or uncertainty, and this is a possibility that regulators should weigh heavily in their deliberations.
To return to the original choices before EFSA, these were either to recall all CaMV 35S promoter-containing GMOs, or to perform a retrospective risk assessment. This retrospective risk assessment has now been carried out and the data clearly indicate a potential for significant harm. The only course of action consistent with protecting the public and respecting the science is for EFSA, and other jurisdictions, to order a total recall. This recall should also include GMOs containing the FMV promoter and its own overlapping Gene VI.
1)  EFSA regulators might now be regretting their failure to implement meaningful GMO monitoring. It would be a good question for European politicians to ask EFSA and for the board of EFSA to ask the GMO panel, whose job it is to implement monitoring.
Bartel P (2004)  MicroRNAs: Genomics, Biogenesis, Mechanism, and Function. Cell: 116, 281-297.
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Séralini, G-E., E. Clair, R. Mesnage, S. Gress, N. Defarge, M. Malatesta, D. Hennequin, J. Spiroux de Vendômois. 2012. Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Food Chem. Toxicol.
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Zijlstra C, Schärer-Hernández N, Gal S, Hohn T. Arabidopsis thaliana expressing the cauliflower mosaic virus ORF VI transgene has a late flowering phenotype. Virus Genes 1996; 13:5-17.

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Language Warning "Pete Santilli Has an Abusive MIND" and writes filthy Emails...
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SherriaLea also exposed Pete Santilli has A LOT OF WEBSITES, and thinks pete may own Before its News as well, i am currently syndicated on BIN , so if this article is deleted and my syndication stops we all know why...
Santilli Hosting his show to FLAME PEOPLE EXPOSING HIM "Childish Name Calling Acting Tough Behind the Mic"
Yet Pete Santilli has had to ban everyone and stop ALL comments because HE CANT TAKE ANY CRITICS, and his been exposed and totally LOST CONTROL "the people pulling his strings will concern pete more then we will concern him now his been exposed..., he knows to much and to many people on the wrong side in high places, now his exposed he will be worried about collateral cleanup so people dont track the trail back to who is pulling pete santillis strings...Hatrick Penrys allready Sniffing around and Digging Deep in to Santilli Excrement...


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Plan and direct, collect process, produce and disseminate intelligence, and provide, counterintelligence support to the MEF Command Element, MEF major subordinate commands, subordinate Marine Air Group Task Force(MAGTF), and other commands as directed

Even tho many of Pete's own listeners pointed out his Ad-hominem attacks he continues to attack people personally rather then even look at the facts

I would also like to say Pete santilli has threatened to use his CHAT LOGS , in a way he thinks will be against me... i have understood EVERYTHING is tracked on the internet so i only ever type things i no will be tracked, not all his listeners expect this tho and will be shocked when they read petes emails and see how pete is trying to intimidate people using the chat logs he encourages people to use... Please Note : The only thing i never published on my blog and mentioned was about Susane Posel how her Website was created on the 7th Dec 2011 after the Satanists Co-Opted the Occupy Movement at Zucotti Park, It is Strange that her website was created the Day Satanists were FILMED Co-Opting, Even Stranger when Jessy Ventura says the occupy movement needs to come back, and GET SHOT BY THE MARINES!, I am trying to give Susane Posel a chance to Explain before i make a Story and Video showing all the Evidence. however is pete santilli posts his chat logs now there is nothing hidden at all ... SO GO FOR IT PETE...


Hey Fucktard,

Dude....I caught a comment from someone that your incoherent rambling included a comment threatening us.........AND THEN YOU WONDER WHY YOU ARE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM EVER ENTERING MY LIFE EVER AGAIN.

You are the exact psycho reason why I have to push people have been give so many chances; but Susannah convinced me you were becoming  one of the girls;  were relatively harmless and should stick around. 

Shun.....nobody reads your blog, and if they do read for the first time, they have to take the same medication people have to take for Turrets syndrome due tot the awkward twitchy cadence of your.  I don't fear any retaliation by you for 2 reasons:     (1) nobody reads your blog, and (2) they think you are a fucktard

I have zero sympathy for you after banning you ---- it's now permanent, and I'm glad you were able to show everyone in the CC'list above what I have to go through with wing-nuts like yourself.

I always ask people to continue listening, but I don't even want you listening to the show ---- I want to thin the herd of idiots on the planet like yourself.

Please delete me from your memory and simply go back to you r lonely life of masterbating to kiddie porn

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 
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On Dec 21, 2012, at 4:52 PM, John McAlpine wrote:


All i have to say to the trolls is in the above link, you will be delt with in time…
I have a History of showing who is spreading Alien Annunaki disinfo, Fromm sitchen, D.Icke to Jabba-Jones, I would be the FIRST to expose Pete if he was Co-Intel… Psy-Ops etc…
And for the Record
I AM BACKING PETE 100%, His linked on my site, ive never gotten one cent, let alone anything from pete… I’m backing him because his message is a moral one…
Pete Santilli is more then a Radio Show, its a place EVERYONE can join in LIVE CHAT sharing ideas, links news etc… “Your all welcome” and that transparency is why i am backing him…
I’m not saying pete is perfect, i’m against necromancy like i no everyone else is when they find out, and i am aware of word etymology, i am informing pete that the undead bodys with no heartbeats are the creation of the elites to suck energy, The Body of the church, Nations, corporations, have the Word put inside the Dead Body to give it life, incorporated, pete is slowly getting the idea, and while he is still promoting the Constitution, that constitutes the dead, i have cleared it up with him that it is the first 10 amendments the bill of rights hes is referring to , which i totally support! regardless of the terminology one uses…
People are waking up to the Necromancy tho :) Constituting the Undead…
Anyone can Troll, with no facts, and Dribble BS…
Not many can Dig up Facts, or has integrity and a historic track record to back up ones moral stance!
I’ll stand up for everyone, i dont want to stand over anyone so i wont ask you to understand, just apprehend i want you all to stand up, but if you try and stand over others, i will warn you then i will expose you, and if forced i will not hesitate to eradicate immoral, elite or individuals if they cross the moral line… i stand for Equality, Transparency, and Truth, and i SHARE everything FREE, Brutally and Bluntly regardless of ones Dogmas or Stockholm, matrix programing, i track the truth back to the source, and i expose that which was hidden from you, “Good and Bad” People, Technology, and Information!”
As of right now if anyone has facts on Pete I’m not hard to contact and i will expose them, if not your just making it obvious to everyone now you are full of the same stuff as Jabba… Dribble where Sheople may flatter you, i’ll only shatter you…
Semper Fi !


My Readers, and my investor have questions "Questions pete refuses to answer correct or clarify"
On BIN i said i back pete's integrity 100% & i will have to make a correction to that if pete insist's on not correcting pete's comments pete made, as i said i would
If your asking me to back pete 100% after this with no apology "for calling me a troll and disinformation openly on air" and Banning from the so-called transparent chat for ANSWERING THE QUESTION PETE ASKED ME", but insist on me making an apology because i even question your integrity pete and inform you, giving you time "A LOT MORE THEN YOU GAVE ALEX" to correct the error before i go public... then your in for a big shock... "Alex was reading my blog years before you pete even began looking at the truth "you were still training the FBI how to fingerprint people like hitler wanted and the NWO wants obviously you were asleep then or you were awake then FOR THE IMMORAL OTHER SIDE!", and i am sure alex and others will reference this in under a week "via comentary how someone who left GCN and RBN trying to expose alex was exposed themselves as doing everything you claim alex dose" when published to make sure everyone knows your exposed if you dont make this right you will be unable to dodge or hide" alex dosnt like to reference my work officially as i expose to much for him to send peopel to my site, but he uses its info over and over and i dont care if the truth destroys you pete, you shouldent have been immoral and deceiving people, then the truth would only help you like it dose me :) you still have a chance to make this right tho... totally your choice...

YOU PETE said LIVE ON AIR "calling me a troll and dis-informing people"
You Pete asked me a question and banned me for answering what you asked me...
You Pete openly admit you DONT KNOW the Science, when i reference it you cant disprove or debunk me because YOU ADMIT YOU DONT KNOW, so you ban me? why because you didnt like what i said even tho its documented youve had a email copy for months... and Dave P, Susannah and Ash all now have had time to check it out :) yet while i am correct and you can only dig up prof i am right you wont admit it... instead you attack me again demanding an apology and that i support my BIN statement "that you have 100% integrity, and a transparent chat" even tho all this has happened, ive given you chance after chance, i even dropped it after susannah asked me to the first time when you called me a troll and disinfo the logs will show susannah said u were stressed and flipping out at everyone and didnt meant it, she said u wernt thinking straight and to give u a break because of the pressure u were under with all teh trolls, Logs will confirm this, but you went and did it again infront of my investor and other readers are asking questions... questions i am trying to answer for them... not for my self...

My Investor Knows my Blog and New Site launching in 2 months is all to PROMOTE THE LAUNCH OF THE DEVICE BEING CREATED UNDER R&D CONTRACT : "TO MAKE FREE ENERGY AND WATER" FOR ALL OF HUMANITY, and will not RISK OUR INTEGRITY with associations that are not 100% Fair, and Transparent...
Why do you think i have been joining all the Dots around this Tech "and its Sociological, Political, Technological, Cultural, Economic, and MORAL implications!" on my Blog for YEARS, Those years you spent supporting an IMMORAL system that you now CLAIM to fight, i spent all those years fighting all along...


I HAVE BEEN ASKING YOU THE WHOLE TIME TO JUST MAKE AN APOLOGY OR I WILL POST THIS EMAIL IN FULL ON MY BLOG, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE HERE PETE i dont feel threatened by revealing the truth, right now i do feel threatened i may be involved with IMMORAL people "who i may have misjudged" and i am trying to clarify this now...

If you think this is 100% integrity and i should keep backing you on BIN like my comment said i would if you had 100% integrity when your clearly not acting with integrity in this email history... The Truth is all i said i would correct, and i am giving you a chance to correct this before i go public, THIS IS YOUR CHOICE PETE SANTILLI

Clearly you dont want to spend time to correct this, i will not be posting another mail, you have made it clear "White Eyes Trolls Admit they DONT KNOW AND ARE IGNORANT but attack persons rather then the facts" MAKE YOUR CHOICE AND SHOW THE WORLD YOUR TRUE FACE! i dont hide behind a mask... i say it like it is i never say one thing to my  readers and a nother in private emails...
Petes Email 20th Nov
Thanks Shun,

Not sure if you know this, but I am very close to the principles at BIN... I am actually going to be getting their streaming radio station off the ground, and I am in almost daily contact with them.  I don't publicize this because there is no need to.   I am closely aligned with them because I immediately saw the potential of their site, and when I started interacting with them, I quickly realized they are a very high integrity organization who will crush the rankings in the next 12-18 months.

Thanks for your concern though!  Let me know how I can ever help you with anything...don't hesitate to call upon us, as I am taking note of your loyalty and dedication to the mission.

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

Petes Last Email Said
You will either apologize for threatening me with a wrongfully defamatory article, or you will not be allowed anywhere near my private chat room or website.  I cannot afford to have you fabricating bogus information only for you to use in future "threats".  you are banned from the chat room indefinitely until we can determine you have the public's best interest in mind.  By the way, I reserve the right to use communication between in the public domain as evidence of your malicious intent, if necessary.
I would inform Pete that my initial correspondence was addressed to "Santilli and Associates", and i will report him for revealing information i clearly requested remain confidential due to contractual LAWFUL agreements "information only shared to seek legal representation"

Please feel free to post all public information "chat logs etc", however i only ever sent confidentiality information to Pete Santilli as a lawyer "It was Addressed RE PETE SANTILLI AND ASSOCIATES", and only ever referenced that to people who PETE openly admits WORK WITH Pete Officially  with emails associated with his business's. "Susannah and Ash" This email is being forwarded to ALL official associates i have made contact with through pete's show this time, and the confidential parts are removed due to this mail going out to people outside of pete santilli's employment.

Pete's last email Quote" : "you decide to go on BIN and disparage me because I haven't given you enough attention, then I will spend 3 weeks (if I have to) laying out all of your chat comments, all for your emails, all of your incessant tirades about Dr. Judy Wood charging (non-profit) for her book, and let the public decide for themselves."
I am mentioning all the information i mentioned in chat nw, to give Susanne P Heads up, i have nothing to hide from teh chat logs, but clearly in chat i mentioned the following
As pete is saying his going to make all the chat logs public, i thought i should give people a heads up to what they will find :)
i do not want the information to catch people unaware...

I would advise you that in the chat logs it will show i had uncovered Susanne P's website was started on the 5th of Dec the same date the Satanists got the Occupy movement in Zucotti part to preform a Psy-op on everyone getting them to say "Its ok to have sex with animals" i made it clear i was not releasing this information as it would add fuel to the fire of trolls attacking susanne p , i looked in to all the troll comments and articles on everyone and i debunked all of their stuff apart from Susane P's Disney DOD article having no links
IVE SPENT THE LAST MONTH Writing an article and making a documentary to highlighting the FACTUAL LINKS between Disney DOD and Gates, you had a heads up days in advance the logs will show and u havent mentioned this to your listeners once... even tho MOST of your listeners have seen and commented about it "due to their own initiative"

The chat logs will also show that all the main original veterans of the chat community "those affiliated officially with the show" have had communication with me that is only positive "in and out of chat" and it will show that over 30 other people in chat have all only had good comments to make
The chat logs will also show over 15 members have questioned what Pete is doing and what links are associated with Susane P and the Occupy movement

I am putting this all in the mail now so EVERYONE KNOWS TRANSPARENTLY i wasnt attacking any of you, i had and still have facts shown in this email, and again when u make chat public the chat logs will verify all this, so everyone knows i was trying to help everyone, and not cause ANY trouble for the sake of it... "i never threatened to make anything public like pete threatens to use his chat logs, i was well aware people track data and dont put things in chat but guarinteed petes listeners will be SHOCKED AND HORRIFIED at how his using his SITE do to insactly what he claims alex dose...
and i only released this information to people to give everyone a heads up of the damage pete is threatening to cause everyone by revealing the logs, even tho no damage will come to me he will hurt many who he says he supports like Susane P-Occupy Corporatism etc "not to mention hurting him self when he sees MOST OF THE PEOIPLE IN CHAT SUPPORT ME AND QUESTION HIM ON THESE SAME ISSUES IN FACT EVERYTHING MENTIONED IN CHAT AND IN THIS EMAIL WAS RAISED BY A MEMBER OF HIS CHAT COMMUNITY BEFORE I WOULD TALK ABOUT IT! and the logs will only verify this :)

If your not going to correct your original defamation Pete "Calling me a troll and disinformation on air"
i will not comment again unless you have more to add that needs to be clarified, i will give you until the new year to make a LIVE ON AIR CORRECTION "Send me the link as a reply to watch on utube", or this email will be posted on my blog and at BIN, and all my comments supporting you on BIN will be added a comment to update why i no longer can back you "with the statement i made concerning you having 100% integrity", as its clear your are not acting with 100% integrity "From this email alone"
Thats all i will do if you dont make a live on air apology for calling me a troll and disinformation, if u want to make this bigger, thats your choice pete, if you want to be spitefull and hurt susanne P by revealing the logs spending as you claim "3 weeks revealing logs and exposing me" yet u cant spend 3 min saying sorry???
go for it the truth wont hurt me i dont make comments online period unless i EXPECT THE INFORMATION TO BE TRACKED AND USED

I would be happy if you posted the entire chat logs it will show how i never said i felt it was "hot" and only quoted what the people said as the clip i linked "MAIN highlight Quote"
and how you used adhominem attacks on me "your own listeners pointed that out the next show technobrat called u up and told u what u did" and didnt even look at the FACTS or have one question about the facts, u just attacked me personally to try and discredit the facts... Just like NIST the way GOVERNMENT DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS ARE TRAINED, but truthers see through the Bullshit... it dosnt work on those who KNOW WHAT TECHNIQUES YOU ARE USING!

I will also have no problem making any apologies or retractions, and if you force me to post this, and only then make an apology to me, i will have no problem apologizing to you publicly if i am forced to post this, and clear up the questions publicly that readers are raising, i wont hesitate to also inform them you made things RIGHT "If you ever do"... and apologize for any harm that may come from me questioning your integrity, however i ow that TO MY READERS, to my INVESTOR, and to the GOAL OF GETTING FREE ENERGY & WATER to ALL OF HUMANITY

As of this moment its not right is it?
This is your choice pete, the reason i am forwarding this to Ash and Susannah, Lynx, Susane P, Zelig, Ext, Psycho, and Lux is so everyone can see i was being transparent and open and getting this all on the record :) with all those who have their own sites and contact information to work with in the "Truth Movement" that i have encountered through the pete santilli show

as you can see ive had problems with alex for over 9 years, and barly spend time revealing him... "less then 1 article a year on average"
Personal involvement with him squashing the truth and then backing ecolo blue who is using powered AWG,s rather then FREE ENERGY ones...
Yet the time i spend exposing alex is nothing in comparison, because i have much bigger issues to focus my time on
As such i wont rule out Exposing anyone who gets to the point my personal interaction and experience shows something not right or SUSPICIOUS... EVEN YOU PETE! i expect any real truther to expose anyone when they work out things are not adding up... especially when they have FACTS, Email correspondence and chat logs...

John hutchison is one of a handful of people in the world who KNOW how this works and he WOULDENT TELL JUDY the Specific's "Even tho she continues to ask him"
I specifically WILL NOT TALK about the specifics of weaponizable tech, either will everyone i talk to who really do KNOW this tech, like John Hutchison... we use metaphysical terminology so only moral people can keep up, Dave P will tell you the same thing if you dont talk in metaphysical terms you dont KNOW wtf your doing in this technological sphere...
Its openly on the record the frequency to dustify "Cause an unfolding Vibration to destabilize the Atomic Field Bonds" of Concrete, Glass, but not Steel...not to a Nano Particle effect, yet the science and backyarders "thanks susannah for raising the Backyarder THERMATE" prove Chemical reactions result in the Nano Particles left in the Dust

Over 500 First Respondors, Firefighters, NYPD, Crime Scene Investigators, Foressic investigators, Statements along with First hand Video FOIA NIST releases SHOW UNDENIABLE THERMAL EFFECTS 3 MONTHS AFTER the towers came down, Pete calls all "The first responders, victims, emergency responders, firefighters, nypd, forensic investigators, Advris, Library of congress, and hundreds of eye witness and video evidence Facts" liers like Nist...
Its time pete stopped lying and covering up the truth on
and thermals of 911, the victims and family members deserve an apology from pete
the second part of my doco will include petes statements of no THERMALS FULLY EXPOSING HIM to all the first respondents, emergency forensic, burn units, doctors etc that PROVE WITH OVER 500 INDEPENDENT VERIFIED SOURCES PETE SANTILLI IS LYING AND COVERING UP BURNS AND THERMALS ON 911


One last thing i would like to Clarify also
I stand up for Victims, "Those people Suffering at the hands of the Immoral" Those BURNT BY HEAT ON 911
You have said over and over there was no heat, spitting on those who were burnt and killed on 911, like their lives meant nothing...

This is more important then you not apologizing to me and if i post this email on my blog, you PETE SANTILLI are dishonoring the dead by saying they did not die from heat... "when their bodys are BURNT beyond IDENTIFICATION! or the Firefighters Helmets Burnt into their Skulls not because of Jet Fuel Fires but because of the THERMALS and HEAT During and after the COLLAPSE! or dentals being required because the FLESH WAS TO BURNT FOR DNA TESTING!

The Second part of the Doco i am going "DISNEY DOD GATE" is focusing on Militainment DOD 911 Predictive programing and News involvement knowing buildings would fall well in advance multiple times, and changed footage that was aired live on replays...
along with concrete dustifying, chemical thermal reactions, and holographic plains only 10% of plane wreckage found less then 20% of the first plane none of the second plane was found", the tripple layered plan of 911 even the insurance payout for the wtc buildings said only 1 and only payed 2.2 bill rather then 3.55 EACH

Its up to you Pete if i add all the clips of you saying OVER AND OVER there was no HEAT
to expose your Lies and Deciet to the world, or you can make a correction and admit you have been deceiving people and tell everyone you have stopped avoiding and denying the thermal evidence, if you make an apology to the victims, first responders and family members before the new year i wont add your comments in EXPOSING your PSY-OP
You have until the new year for 2 Apologies now AND THE ONE TO 911 VICTUMS IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN MY APOLOGY!

YOU SELL TRUTH-ISM's and i will be doing a Video on that as well, again you have a chance to correct your statements, "or i will quote you over and over so their is no mistake to your intention and trickery on your listeners" Can people talk about 911 truth without you forcing Judys book on to them?? will you as a journalist REVEAL the information in the book that is not already available for people seeking the truth? or will you HELP THE IMMORAL PERPETUATE IGNORANCE BY RESTRICTING THE TRUTH FROM ALL WHO WILL NOT PAY YOU A COMMISSION FOR SELLING BOOKS?

What i am doing has nothing to do with me personally, only what the above evidence shows you have not been consistant nor fair nor truthfull
You have 10 days to make a correction, then i post this on my blog and expose you like i expose THE IMMORAL BLOODLINE Nist and Alex if you unfortunately dont correct your errors
Its your Choice now Pete

And everyone else i thought you should be informed Transparently, this is a hears up i did not want to supprise anyone, or cause problems for anyone, and if pete continues his actions i am going to be forced to expose this and petes own stated actions will only hurt people in chat and associates like susane P when the Chat logs all show and confirm this that PETE is trying to use as a threat to control and squash the truth... untimatly he will only harm those he claims to be helping and supporting... so i wanted you all to get a heads up...

I am not going to ask anyone for personal loyalty, only that you all take a look at the facts and decide your own stance on this without siding with a person just look at the facts and chose whats moral and right... and whats immoral and wrong... whats transparent and truth and whats covered up and lies?


please Note the moment i made the Blog post about trolls i made it clear
AND THEY PERPETUATE WHAT THEY NOW KNOW IS WRONG! "Continuously over and over you need to ask what is the hidden agenda?"
This is that Final Notification , and chance to make a correction :)
Just ask your self, ive seen this develop and unfold before it did, "i expected the worst from the beginning and gave people the respect as tho they were giving the best", I have given pete Chance after Chance, you have all seen my corrections on the Constitution and Undead, Shi, Nibiru, Shared with Pete...
yet pete continues to perpetuate those deceitful techniques after he knows its the bill of rights not the constitution of the dead, he ignores FACTS and goes back to pushing the lies about the constitution "To suck energy in to a Dead thing"...who is the "IGNORANT BLIND" White Eye?

From: "" <>
To: Susannah Cole <>; John McAlpine <>
Sent: Sunday, 16 December 2012 6:08 PM
Subject: Re: I Sent this to pete sunday 27th oct 2012, he knows my background


If, after we gave you the respect in the chat room as well as almost free reign to ask questions and have them answered, you decide to go on BIN and disparage me because I haven't given you enough attention, then I will spend 3 weeks (if I have to) laying out all of your chat comments, all for your emails, all of your incessant tirades about Dr. Judy Wood charging (non-profit) for her book, and let the public decide for themselves.

I have asked you to STOP & fortunately I caught from Susannah that you are threatening to go on BIN.....not that I consider your threat harmful, because my actions in handling your situation is above and beyond what ANYONE would tolerate.

You will either apologize for threatening me with a wrongfully defamatory article, or you will not be allowed anywhere near my private chat room or website.  I cannot afford to have you fabricating bogus information only for you to use in future "threats".  you are banned from the chat room indefinitely until we can determine you have the public's best interest in mind.  By the way, I reserve the right to use communication between in the public domain as evidence of your malicious intent, if necessary.

If you wish to be reinstated in our chat room, please submit your written request to us demonstrating this will never occur again.  We'll review and carefully consider your request and get back to you if we decide in your favor. If you don't hear from us, please know that we have rejected your plea & still consider you to be a time-sucking adversary to our efforts in serving humanity.

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

Host of The Pete Santilli Show
Broadcasts LIVE Mon-Fri at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST

This is the most important book of our lifetime!  "Where Did The Towers Go?"
Santilli & Associates, LLC
13312 Ranchero Road, Suite #18-134
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MAIN TELEPHONE:  (828) 738-6588 
eFax:  (760) 513-9977

On Dec 15, 2012, at 10:39 PM, Susannah Cole wrote:


You are a guest in the chat-room, you do not get to dictate how it will run. As I stated in our last correspondence you were given more time than any other person out of all that tuned in to ask your questions and then have them answered. Dr. Wood answered your questions and then it became your agenda to argue the point. It was inappropriate and a bit unprofessional. Pete has given you respect and let you come into his chat-room and post what ever you like anytime you like. You should have shown a little respect and been satisfied with the info you had to write your own revue good bad or indifferent. You had enough information to write a decent report on Dr. Wood's seminar. I know you agree with much of what she had to say. Writing an article outlining what you agreed with and giving her answer to what you disagreed with and then giving your own opinion on your own website would have been what any good journalist would do and personally what I would expect from you. Not this.

 We spent a month on that show for EVERYONES benefit and gave you fair time to ask your questions and have them answered. It was a question answer session not a question answer argue session. It was not a public forum to debate the issue. The day before you became combative because you disagreed with her charging money for HER book. Accusing her of being a selfish disinfo secret keeper agent. Again inappropriate and insulting to say the least. Even when she openly explained why she had to charge for her book it was not good enough for you, you just kept coming at us. It is not your place to come into someone else's chat-room and insist that you be heard. This behavior is exactly why you were referred to as ACTING like a troll because that is what trolls do. During this time we were dealing with actual trolls too. The ones who wanted her to talk about the murder of one of her students ... I hope you and your friends had nothing to do with that.?

This was not the Shundrallah Show. Our chat-room is not a forum for you to push your agenda. I would never come to your website and challenge you without expecting you to defend yourself. If you feel the need to go on BIN and out Pete for something you were plainly just a culpable in then so be it. But it will be done in bad form and get no respect from me. Having pissed off listeners troll our threads is nothing new to us Shun I will be very disappointed the day you join the ranks of those who are that petty and useless.  

On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 10:59 PM, <> wrote:

I don't have time to rummage through your emails.  Please stop sending them until I at least set time aside in the next few days to read the first one.

 If you send me another, I will have to send you to the spam box permanently.

Please respect the time I have to take to get my entire program back up and running after Youtube, Twitter and my website has been shutdown.

Again, please STOP.

I will try to read your first email in about a week.


Semper Fi,
Pete Santilli 

Host of The Pete Santilli Show
Broadcasts LIVE Mon-Fri at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST

This is the most important book of our lifetime!  "Where Did The Towers Go?"
Santilli & Associates, LLC
13312 Ranchero Road, Suite #18-134
Oak Hills, CA 92345
MAIN TELEPHONE:  (828) 738-6588 
eFax:  (760) 513-9977

On Dec 15, 2012, at 1:54 PM, John McAlpine wrote:

Let me make it clear and simple
I dont want anything, nor do i expect anything, nor am i asking for anything Personally, this is only in due resepct to questions i have been asked to clarify, so that is what i am trying to do...
To give you an opportunity to explain, before i go and change my previous statements and am forced to write an correction article... as listeners and my investor are asking me to clarify my position, i first would like to know yours on the issues they are raising...

I am just asking what my Readers and my Investor who was watching live when u booted me for ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION" the investor knows all about the tech and wanted to no why you would suppress the info when u asked for the answer?


So readers, some people in your chat room are asking me, will you apologize for calling me a troll and disinformation? "you said that LIVE on the stream"
you have the time to say it... live on air... but dont have 10 sec to make a correction? STOP AVOIDING a correction like you said you would even make for alex

i dont care what you think about me pete, and i am sick of your AD HOMINEM ATTACKS ON ME PERSONALLY I AM TOTALLY IGNORING ANYTHING YOU DIRECT TO ME PERSONALLY AVOIDING THE FACTS "under your own chat room community listener advice from multiple people", and your listeners are even calling in telling you the next day what an AD HOMINEM ATTACK IS after u did it to me... live on air...
Stop the personal attack and attack just one of my facts PLEASE SHOW ME ONE FACT TO SUPPORT YOUR STATEMENT or i am forced to correct to make a correction to my readers and investor and on BIN, where i said you have 100% integrity, handle this with 100% integrity or i am forced to make that correction, right now this is not 100% integrity is it?
i only present what i have been asked to present, my readers, and investor, and some are in your chat are asking these questions...

PERSONALLY i cant do anything until you answer, the more you avoid the answer "i'm either a troll and dis-informer because you present the facts to back up your statement, or you make a retraction and apology" then i can inform my investor and readers where you stand on the issues THEY ARE RAISING WITH ME

From: "" <>
To: John McAlpine <>
Cc: "" <>;
Sent: Sunday, 16 December 2012 4:45 AM
Subject: Re: I Sent this to pete sunday 27th oct 2012, he knows my background

Holey crap....unfortunately I cannot spend any more time with you than I have to this point, but when I opened this message; I literally receive hundreds daily;  I glance at the following words buried in a 12,000 word dissertation:  I AM NOT TRYING TO ARGUE
...then please don't.

Shun.  Please stop.  Seriously.  Get out and get some sunlight.  Vitamin D should take the edge off

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

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On Dec 14, 2012, at 5:40 PM, John McAlpine wrote:

the only 2 things i said off topic were what Chas and you asked me to comment answer..., everything else was ontopic... and every other point i said was raised with judy and got good answers mostly apart from the thermodynamics question... "Thanks Susannah"

i'm not trying to agrue, just clarify
You have called me a Troll on air
you have called me disinformation on air
and youve now banned me for answering the QUESTION YOU ASKED ME ? as it was the only thing i said was answering your question... "cant ask a question then ban if u dont like the answer" especially when u have had an email  to verify the FACTS for almost 3 months...

SO "
where is your facts calling me disinformation? link one of my articles and show the world i am disinformation or make a retraction "dosnt have to be live but if u wana do it by email i'll have to post it on my blog to show readers who ARE ASKING ABOUT THIS "Some being people in your chat community"

Like i said over and over, you keep saying i am wrong and need CORRECTING, where is one link, fact or evidence? show me a fact or please make an official retraction like you said you would even do for alex... yet you wont for me? or just link me evidence of where i have perpetuated disinformation or trolled anyone?

I dont expect you to read it now , thats why i am giving you till teh end of the year, i will still be listening and joining chat unless u totally ban me :)
but if i miss the show you make an apoligy, please let me no to listen-watch :)

I dont wana fight you pete, but i wont take crap from anyone, i was showing people your show live when u banned me for ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION, it didnt look good for everyone else's opinion of you... I AM TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING BY YOU PETE, telling people i dont think your like this or ment to squash the information...
Yet they saw what you did... and its your choice to make it right or not...

From: "" <>
To: John McAlpine <>
Cc: "" <>; Ashley Jones <>
Sent: Saturday, 15 December 2012 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: I Sent this to pete sunday 27th oct 2012, he knows my background

Too many people were complaining about your disruptive & almost manic behavior.

Although I am used getting use to you, I felt it was important to have you removed so that everyone else could learn from Dr. Judy.

When you become my special guest, you can hi-jack the chat room.  Until then, please consider yourself an invited guest who can be uninvited when you start becoming disruptive to everyone else.

Shun...I don't have a free moment to read your epic email, but I will later.

You might wanna find a different place to argue, as it is becoming tiresome for everyone----I myself have virtually endless tolerance, but you are starting to wear on everyone around you ---but more importantly I think you might need to do a  "self-check" & correction.  We all have to do that every one in awhile.

The next time I have to take time out to flag/modify/intercept/interject/write emails, etc to ask you to stop being so disruptive, I am going to have to ask you to leave ---- we have way too much work to be done.

I know you have a lot to say, but when people start plugging their ears, that should be the #1 indication that you need to change your approach.  You have a choice....

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

On Dec 14, 2012, at 4:04 PM, John McAlpine wrote:

Pete has called me a troll, Dis-informing people, and put words in my mouth, "Live streaming" i never said i felt heat or i feal its hot i only referenced the science and facts
Today pete asked me what is my credentials, below is a copy of the email i sent him, when i answered in that chat i got banned

I AM NOT ASKING FOR AN OFFICIAL APOLOGY, or EXPLANATION, or i will be forced to remove my support, as pete deliberately bans me when i mention free energy and the R&D contract proving my expertise in thermodynamics and super-fluid, squashing my information once or twice i could overlook, this is the third time, other guests in chat are commenting and i dont want this to be a fight, so i am asking officially let me no where you all stand, i want this transparent but i will not hesitate to expose anyone who knows facts when they go out of their way to suppress them... this isnt integrity or truth if its only one sided...


I will not post an article yet, i was still waiting for susannahs guest list to write the full review of the show, guests, and others associated, i would still like to clear this up and write a good article but i want this on the record, you can all check my background and decide will you continue to supress and call me a troll and disinfo? without one fact? when i have given you facts...

Please be fair and even in your thinking... and let me no, i will not rush this, or rush you only giving you one day to reply... i will enstead give you untill the new year to look in to this and decide, no rush, plenty of time for you all to look in to this... and make your own opinion

Please check with Dave P also, ive had some talks to him about possibly investigating the company for me, he has their info and may have done some checking allready :)

I then referenced an Older Email i asked "Pete Santilli and Associates" for Representation on the WATER FROM AIR & FREE ENERGY project , That email is confidential "The only thing i dont have fully transparent on my blog is this AWG-FREE ENERGY PROJECT due to the agreement i am under to have the product sample made, i am forced by law"

Obviously i will not hire pete santilli under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, nor do i want anything to do with him, i will continue to expose him until he apologizes and changes his ways STOPS THE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DISINFORMATION "and exposes those currently pulling his strings in Marine Intelligence" its past the apology now... like i said originally none of this was about me, it was ALWAYS about YOU the READERS

 Stop Zionism!