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Friday, September 14, 2012

Nibiru Explained, The Annunaki QE3 Agenda's Revealed

To begin meet Enki
"Enki was not perfect, as god of water he had a penchant for beer and as god of semen he had a string of incestuous affairs. In the epic Enki and Ninhursag, he and his consort Ninhursag had a daughter Ninsar. When Ninhursag left him he came upon Ninsar (Lady Greenery) and then had intercourse with her. Ninhursa then gave birth to Ninkurra (Lady Fruitfulness or Lady Pasture).

A second time, he had intercourse with Ninkurra, who gave birth to Uttu (weaver or spider).

A third time Enki succumbs to temptation, and attempts seduction of Uttu. Upset about Enki's reputation, Uttu consults Ninhursag, who, upset at the promiscuous nature of her spouse, advises Uttu to avoid the riverbanks."

So Who is Enki other then an Insestual Child molester?
Who Created his Bloodline Linage by Raping his Daughter Ninsar,
Then Raping his Granddaughter Ninkurra,
and then Raping his Great Granddaughter Uttu who couldn't escape even with Great Grandma's help...

En = Lord and Ki = Earth,
The Self Titled Lord of Earth was Ruler of the Abzu

Tiamat = Maidens of Life + u = To Either, Or, Let "The Maidens that Empower"
Tiamatu = Abzu = Primeval Source = The first or Earliest Stages of this Bloodlines History!

Until this time, 2800BC-3000BC no Words Existed for Primeval Terminology,
Vampire = Akhkharu
Incubus = Gelal
Succubus = Lilit
Larvae = Uruku
Phantom = Lalartu
Evil Ghost = Gigim Xul
Witch = Kashshaptu
Spectre = Lalassu
Evil Spirit = Gigim Xul
Evil Fiend = Maskim Xul
Evil Devil = Malla Xul, Dingir Xul, Rabishu
Evil God = Alla Xul
Demon = Idimmu
Wicked Demon = Telal
God of Death = Uggae
Exorcism = Edin Na Zu
Dragon = Tammabukka "From the Land of Mas-Vedic"
Great Serpent = Azag "Represented Enki's Sexual Rights to Impregnate all, Bulls Penis on staff"
Concubines = Sinnis, Sekretu
Sorcery = Kispu, Kishpu
Fate = Simtum "Fated for Eternity to heaven or hell upon Shi Oath"
these are Enki Sumerian Language Creations to Assist in Explaining how their Methods Work
Note that Human Civilization goes back to 8000BC "10,000 YEARS" in the Punjab-Vedic Region where Buildings, 2 Story with Advanced plumbing, heating, running water, cooking, wheels-carts, astronomy and advanced math where they had the 0 which had a special metaphysical meaning of the placeholder of RTa the Infinate Natural Moral Pure Absolute Unfolding Foundation "like time, awareness, perception, etc" this was held back from western annunaki controled regions untill the age of enlightenment where once again the west was allowed to access and read eastern knowledge and concepts, again the age of the internet is breaking all dogmatic and missinformation or attempts at iconoclasm by the elite...  Civilization and all advancements apart from conbustions engine, advanced explosives and electricity were invented thousands of years before the Enki Insestual Annunaki Bloodline abomination ever existed...

Let me introduce Enki's Only Original Creation "The Reeds of Enki" Becoming the First Psychopomp Under 5,000 Years ago, 1/2 of civilizations recorded history
Every Piece of Sumerian Terminology revolves around Enki's Creation of "The Reeds of Enki"
Shi = The Breath of Life to make a Soul, Words to Create Living Clay by trapping Energy,
Shi is the Words used to Slice someones Mul = Celestial Body, resulting in Mul-Ki, Mulki = Celestial Body torn Apart, By Shi-Oath!
The Process to do this is called "Molding Clay to Create Man"
 Usemi = Turned in to, Changed, Manipulated
Tiddu/Im = Usemi Living Clay
Duggae = Lifeless Clay "yes they have a special word to represent manipulation of ones metaphysical consciousness to manipulate you in to serving them, and another word for general clay"
By Manipulating the Living Celestial Body one can Rip a part off and Put it in to a Jar-Container to be a Battery of Energy to sustain them in their afterlife
How is this "Soul-Trap-Jar" done?
Using what Summerians called Shi the enchantment is something like
If you agree to Serve Enki in this life and the "Reeds of enki" afterlife you will live for ever, and happily if you trully believe happily is to serve and devote your energies. "TO SUBMIT AND GIVE FREELY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE" and to turn your back on morality and truth to keep your Oath... you even have to follow and side with Enki "at least Enki's current physical representatives orders"over your own Family Friends and other Oaths... "The Annunaki Beleive themselves when you die, especially when sacrificed under enki evocations, your first use of your power in the afterlife is to go directly to enki and enter your self in to his battery vault... to sustain them with your power, because of your oath if you believe it you may, if you realize you were deceptively tricked the oath is non binding and your already free :)

its a bigger choice then you realize turning your back on true "Conscious Non-Meta-physical Infinite Experience , to ignore the Absolute Natural Foundation's of Existence that can never be changed regardless of ones amassed status or power!" regardless of ability to write Finite laws they cant turn time backwards or redefine 1+1=6 instead of 2, nor can they create the Infinite any more then they can effect Infinite Foundations!. Unless you give away your power and let them trick you and Believe! and then they are only leching enough energy to sustain the Enki-Dream, Hoping the Annunaki wont face that oneday we wake up and the reeds of enki end forever, and everyone will free themselves, and the ones who wasted devotion to a lie, who turned away from infonity to suck from others, fade away in to oblivion and no one is left to feed them, that scares the shit out of the elite... but thats what they can expect to get when they KNOWINGLY TURN THEIR BACK ON THE INFINITE FOUNDATION! they become Finite and they need power from you to perpetuate and continue... the good news is one day it will be all over, everyone will wake up dispell the enchantments and be free, the bad news is how long and how many will suffer at the hands of the Annunaki Bloodline Psychopathic Agenda until we are all free?

Have you heard this before? its in every western abrahamic zoroaster eqyptian man-made-worded RELIGION, Puppeted Followers agree to devote their life to "insert god", and serve him, and follow his rules"Special chosen ones write", and do what "Inserted Gods Chosen representatives" advise you to do and if they do it well "telling them, he knows, his all knowing, he sees everything" then if they promise and faithfully serve him willingly giving him their energies they get told keep their OATH to life for ever in heaven! or they Burn in hell tortured for ever, such is their "Inserted Gods" power...
if you dont see the Methodical correlations to give your free will and energies and turn your back on infinity for a lie... Unlike Eastern Philosophy Models, no Hierarchy or hidden sects and societies in the shadows, and eastern so called religions give everything back to their followers unlike western religions who rape and pillage to send the $ and GOLD! back to the Vatican at Rome... or line some corrupt Enforcer of this Corrupting Lie's pockets...

What happened to the people who went to "The reeds of Enki" when they died thinking the world was Flat?
do you think it would be strange for the ones in "Flat World Heaven" when people start arriving and having the power to begin changing the place to "Round World Heaven" ?

Enki also Created Zagmuk to signify each years passing in an attempt to ward off "Bad Karma"
Do you Enjoy Celebrating Zagmuk?
Do you have any idea what kind of sick crazy twisted events the elites go to while your all enjoying your "public Holiday"?

Do you no what Annunaki means?
Annu = This or These
Na = Femanin Verb
Ki = "Founder of Bloodline"
Annu + Na + Ki = These Females of Ki's
So the Annunaki are the Interbread Female Harem to serve as reproduction of Pure Blood of heirs.

Why the Nephlem ?
After Enki made man, "Subjects to the Dogma-Programing of the Reeds of Enki" Some of the New Servants were chosen for breeding, 1/2 Blood as in not 100% insestual, are used in public office being trusted to benefit Lavishly, yet exposable, and never entitled to lead the Pure bloodline, nor can their children ever be purebloods no matter how much interbreeding they do, this is a clear distinction between pure insestual Annunaki who remain hidden out of public knowledge, and their puppets the nephlem 1/2 bloods positioned in to places of power to fullfill the Annunaki goal...

Heirs for what?
As Enki Spoke to his Bloodline he said
Enuma Elish
And the primeval Apsû, who begat them,

Then Apsû, the begetter of the great gods,

Apsû opened his mouth [and spake],

And unto Tiamat, the glistening one, he addressed [the word]:

"[...] their way [...],

"By day I cannot rest, by night [I cannot lie down (in peace)].

"But I will destroy their way, I will [...],

"Let there be lamentation, and let us lie down (again in peace)."

When Tiamat [heard] these words,

She raged and cried aloud [...].

[She ...] grievously [...],

She uttered a curse, and unto [Apsû she spake]:

"What then shall we [do]?

"Let their way be made difficult, and let us [lie down (again) in peace]."

"Come, their way is strong, but thou shalt destroy [it];

"Then by day shalt thou have rest, by night shalt thou lie down (in peace)."

Heirs for accomplishing their goal, to finally have peice and rest etternally victorious.
What dose this mean for you?
The So called Elite Annunaki Bloodline plan to eradicate your way, where the only way is to BELIEVE and serve them "Eternally" to get access to the fake, created by a man "reeds of enki"... until they no longer need you using their resources...

What dose Nibiru mean?
Nibiru = Crossing back from the Reeds of Enki,
No longer being trapped by the Dogma of Flatworld Heaven, Heal your Celestial Body, Regenerate the Wounds caused by Enki's Methodology Cleaving your Celestial Body apart and trapping some inside a container, Break the Soul Jar, Awake and Cross back to help others Escape...

And the Flood ?
Flood = Sweeping Wave of Force, its a Metaphysical term the Bloodline uses to Get you thinking Fearbased enstead of positive thinking, a Global Awakening will Dispell their Enchantment, Undoing their Sorcery and Freeing everyones Energies to be put to good use enstead of letting them Siphon and Suck us dry... The Annunaki Bloodline Fear's 1381 Peasant Revoloution more then they fear any kind of Natural Random Uncontrolled event!
Did you no about 1381? or did your Textbooks Suppress the truth?

Did you Notice youve heard all this before Esoterically revealed in Dogmas and Stories?
I no some of you out there have worked this out before, How close did you get to the truth?

This is why the Current power structure today can be tracked back to
Jesus is the son of god, the Son is Lord of Earth for God, But Jesus isnt here right now so he appointed the Pope to represent his intrests "God and Jesus forgot to tell anyone apart from the internal society of the pope's loyal folowers even tho their ment to be all powerfull and it wouldent be a big deal to say going on holidays i'm leaving this guy incharge..."Because his hiding from you" this is why the popes corronate the kings and queens and why the kinga and queens appoint govenor generals to appoint primeministers, and why necromancy techniques putting the breath-word in to the "Not living no heartbeat" body to give it life, Latin Corpor = Body, Incorporate all individual Nations Corporations with the same method "Religions are created "when you stand by and allow men of self appointed status to WRITE WORDS , then allow them to ELLIVATE those words to be out of reach of your mortal grasp, "The Body of the Church" because its a metaphysical trick to gain your compliance, notice if you dont comply the force needed to force compliance is soon felt...

This is an ongoing War, with many Battles, The Elites Fear that Niberu is coming and you will all wake up to their use of
"the River banks to guide the current and direct the flow of energy,"
or as they say in politics and banking, they wrote words on paper called it QE3 "Law", that paper "Law" allows them to print money out of thin air and you are forced to accept it, Exchanging your Energies for it"
"through the banks they control the currency and flow of energy!"
 Sucking it from you like Generationally Trained Vampiric Parasites

Same to the ones who perpetuate the lies about Summerian translations like the ones saying Annunaki means "from heaven to earth came", without any translation references, or Sumerian Texts, FOR THE RECORD IT MEANS THE HAREM OF KI THE PUREBLOOD INSESTUAL FEMALES! These people know they are deliberately deceiving and dis-informing almost everyone...
Do you not think the Bloodline has Disinformation Specialists putting Disinformation in to your head?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ONE WORLD GOV POLICE FORCE AND MILLITARY Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh Emails 193 UN Member Countries, Malasian Newspaper Interview!
Harris suggests World P'ment replace UN Council
Published on: Sunday, September 02, 2012
Kota Kinabalu: Member countries can make the United Nations (UN) fully democratic and transparent by carrying out reforms and restructuring, including re-establishing the world body as a World Parliament with member countries' representatives as members.
Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh said under the Parliament, a Cabinet could be created incorporating all present members of Security Council with additional members to be elected by the UN i.e 48 members as UN Ministers with specific portfolios.
Presently these portfolios are being held by Director Generals.
Harris said that as suggested by US President Wilson in 1942, a UN Police Force should be created in addition to the UN Marine Police Force.
Both the UN Police Force and UN Marine Police Force are to enforce all decisions made by the World Parliament, and to be stationed regularly, he said.
"With the establishment of a UN Marine Police Force, then America can assign or second half of its fleet to UN Marine Police Force in Asia.
It is suggested the Admiral be an American and the Vice Admiral to be from the Chinese Navy," he said.
The United Nations up to this day is guided by the Security Council, which may be necessary in the past, but after more than 60 years, most member countries numbering 193 were no longer colonies and were being led and governed by educated and civilised people.
He said therefore, these countries do not need any guidance.
Thus, the Security Council is no longer necessary and the UN must be restructured and reformed to match the present development of the people and the world.
"Make the United Nations the only authority vested with power and authority to solve country to country international finance, monetary and trade problems, he said in his proposal paper entitled "United Nations Needs Reform and Restructure Very Badly" that was emailed to all member countries at the UN headquarters in New York.
"Based on news reports overwhelming number of the member countries would like to see that the UN is strong, fair and just, a respected body where they can look for guidance and assistance," he said.
Harris said Guided Democracy was now obsolete and that the world needs a completely democratic and transparent body - chosen by the countries for the countries and for the government of the countries.
Under the present structure, it appeared that the Security Council, consisting only of 11 member countries, is more powerful than the General Assembly, which meets once a year, he said.
He said the Statute of Convention of the United Nations, which was created nearly 67 years ago seriously need to be reformed and updated in line with the needs of the present times.
"It is unable to function effectively in the present world atmosphere.
United Nations should transcend nations become a Supra-National Institution, characterised by mandatory universal memberships and ability to deploy physical force for effective control.
"Such a supra-national World Parliament would entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of the supra-national organisation rather than in individual national units," he said.
Harris said the World Parliament should be run like the American House of Representatives where member countries can submit any issue or complaints initially to the Cabinet and then to open debate in the World Parliament House. The Philippines, according to him, could then submit their case on the disputed area and China will do the same.
The Cabinet will prepare a paper based on both sides' submissions and the paper submitted to the World Parliament for decision.
Once the decision is made, the World Government Ministry will implement the decision through either the police or marine police who are to enforce the decisions conscientiously.
Harris said the World Cabinet should incorporate all members of the present Security Council with an additional 37 members to be elected by the UN Parliament.
"The United Nations World Parliament ought to hold at least three sessions a year, and extraordinary sessions as necessary to hear debate and make decisions on any issue put forward," he said.
China could be prevailed upon to provide the World Parliament location, in view its vast areas and resources, he said, adding a new city to be known as World City should be built for the benefit of all countries and the billion people.
The World Parliament might be able to resolve the South China Sea disputes where China was claiming sovereignty and had established bases and settlements including a special city, Shansa City.
The areas were also being claimed by surrounding countries, particularly the Philippines.
The nations of the region were supposed to work collaboratively and diplomatically to resolve the disputes without use of force and certainly without encouragement by some other nation.
However, the Philippines went to America for help, and America despite its subtle diplomatic action made a wrong approach adding to the threat in the potentially oil-rich waters.
He said the consequence of America's statements was a response from China to reject shipments of bananas from the Philippines.
It was also reported that more than 500,000 Chinese tourists with confirmed bookings from April, May and June this year cancelled their visit to the Philippines.
The Philippine Government ended up unilaterally withdrawing its naval boats from the disputed area. "Can America do anything to force China out? China will not listen to any one person or nation, except to the voice of a United Nations - World Parliament," he said.
Harris said it was also not beneficial for America to send half of its naval fleet to Asia in disguise as a relief for emergency disaster in Asia.
It only created tension in the region and making it more difficult for Asean, while nations hosting the American Force under the guise of emergency relief forces would not benefit whether directly or indirectly by China's reaction.
It was also causing unnecessary waste of money and resources, he said, adding that in addition to the unpopular American Foreign Policy, the move by America on the South China Sea would cause further damage not only to America but also the Asian nations.
The perception of the Asian people is that America was destabilising the regions with the view of allowing American companies to sell arms to these countries.
"It is only just to put the dispute for hearing by the 193 member countries at the World Body and to make decisions. It avoids adversial approach from which no party can back down to a worldwide opinion that the parties can acknowledge and respect without embarrassment.
"It is expected that all parties would abide by such world body if democratically constituted including China. This will avoid if not reduce tensions among the major powers of the world.
"Abolishing the Security Council will pave the way to setting up of a World Parliament and a World Cabinet making the UN the most powerful and having full authority on earth," he said.
He added that the establishment of such Parliament and Cabinet is the only way to save the world and to avoid genocide and other killings and the wastage of funds.
"With all round cooperation of the countries, everybody will be able to live peacefully and comfortably. There is enough land and resources for the future of 10 billion people of the world," he said.
In order to achieve the aims and objectives of the founder members that formed the United Nations in 1945, the 193 member countries must at the forthcoming General Assembly move a motion calling for the establishment of United Nations Parliament and United Nations Cabinet, he said.
It is high time that the power and authority to resolve problems between nations as well as humanitarian problems be placed wholly within the power of the United Nations.
"The United Nations must be empowered to do so.
Veto powers of single nations must be reviewed.
There cannot be serious objections to this suggestion, except for reasons that are wholly selfish, suspect and unbecoming," he said.