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Monday, April 19, 2010

Unified Field

The Distance between 2 Wave Peaks is its Wave Length
One Magnetic field “Easily seen with Filings” is Static a Long wave Loop
The way one makes a Wave is to have an Osculating Magnetic Field, the timing between the Osculation determines the wave length
Stacking Osculating Frequencies results in higher peaks, cancellations and lower lows, multiple stacking results in a mutly-step wave like a heart beat
The Waves must be in the same Tuned Frequency to have any effects on its own kind, the Tuned Frequency is an aspect of the essence spectrum that encompasses all Frequencies,
Waves Tuned in to a different Frequency Spectrum’s will pass through each other without interference or awareness of each other as if in different dimensions,
The Field that Creates the Frequency Wave is the Aspect of Origin that is a part of an All Encompassing Spectrum of Fields that underline all possible Combinations of Baseline Essences,
The Field can be changed, the Relationship between the Field and the Waves and the Effects those waves cause create there own Fields that have a Feedback Interconnectedness,
This Feedback can happen as a cause of Natural Interference that usually resolves its self over time like magnetic fields, however the Simple act of initiating physical bodily functions is a way cognition triggers “by choice or sub-unconsciousness” the Wave Function from the Consciousness Field Willing its Alignment that Tells the other Individual Functions to trigger there own functions that result in the desired objective change in the field resulting is perception of the new changed field via Osculation Awareness in the Known Tuned Observable Frequencies one is Aware, Alignment of the Fields to work together to preform the Action entailed in the overall Wave Function.
Self improvement is known as Self-Willed Reprogramming of ones self to that which one aspires,
Brainwashing is known as Unknown programming that are part of ones “self-Core Essence-field” that Determine what one can Perceive, and cause effects Osculations that shape ones path,
Ignorance is known as un-awareness of osculations that are or will have an effect-impact and are within ones potential to be known and responsibility to be acted upon.
Evil is known as a Focused Will Immorally Intended Osculations ENFORCED that result in the Known Effects like Harm, Ignorance, Interference, Corruption or Grief
Using an Absorption Spectrum one can Reveal the Emission Spectrum giving the individual Aspect its own Identity, which can be referenced analyzed deconstructed and interlinked to combine in a tranquil equal aspect of a wholesome Known Understanding
Done with Light reveals the Atomic Spectrum, done with the Entire Akashic Spectrum reveals the Entire Essence-Aspect Spectrum, Each dimension has a Baseline of Parameters one can use to Determine a Translatable Universal Reference point that is translatable via Nature and maths transcending any language culture Dimension time or even species
By Knowing the BASELINE one can preform an Absorption spectrum to reveal the Essence-Aspect Spectrum, Regardless of the Dimension being Analysed as long as one can Tune in effectively without Static Interference!
Human Body Individuality “Body Emissions not full Akashic spectrum” is known as DNA, however if the full spectrum on just physical cognitive function, or say the brain “Physical focused” side of that function alone was targeted then with external instruments “Scientific Devices” the Absorption-Emission spectrum can be recorded, then analysed, or even an interference pattern specially made for the specific target can be sent to override and change or force action-choice or programme a ticking time bomb kind of effect to be triggered or chained later, it can be used for positive growth, the risks here are seen in the truth of current government uses and projects, and where private researching is going and what history shows this aspect of Elite Control, Dictators and Genocide, or Psychopathic Manipulators were capable of before this kind of Technology was available to have a Global Impact
When people talk Quantum they talk Smallest Physical Observation, or about some of the specific experiments that contradict there pre determined boxed in perception of the results “This is simply because the Quantum mentality is totally focused only in the Physical Dimensional perception, totally Ignoring Spirituality, Cognition, Natural Unfoldment, Philosophy, Meta-Physics, Morality, in there Explanation of Dimensions the mentality is totally focused on Physical Scientific instrument recordable, is total physical dimensional blinders enforcing ignorance and out casting anyone who’s not coming in to the arena from a scientific physical measurement or observable perception”, like the measurement problem the wave particle duality because they do not think of the Field effect, When magnetic fields are opposites they cancel, when aligned they stack, when at angles they become interwoven and create spin to align polarity based on the angles on interaction and the frequency and energy a Donut effect may be the result “Seen in the Physical world as Matter”
When one Lowers ones own Osculating Frequency, by Knowing and Mastering the total Essence of all Spectrum Value’s that sustain the osculations one is able to reduce there BASELINE to a pure state “Free from the Oscillating Static Disturbances” where they can Gain Insight, this is seen in normal Cognition, and Emulated in all dimensions, Morality is the Cognitive Key to Knowing via Insight, Responsibility of ones Past-Karmic Osculations and Resolving them to Return to a Pure Baseline, Absorption-Emanation Spectrum not only reveals the Delusions and Illusions, Ego and Programming in all steps of Cognitive growth but without the Known and Willed Application of this Absorption–Emanation Spectrum with a Focused Moral Purity one is unable to access the Dimensions of Total Moral Purity, Tranquil Equality, For one must be in Aligned Frequency with the Natural Transmitting frequency to be able to tune in, or there Stuck out of Faze until one takes the time to Clear the Static and Lose the Baggage that’s Impure and Disconnecting there Awareness
The Larger a field is the Subtler it is, hence the need to clear Static, Also the larger the Field the Easier it Repairs its self and even tho smaller fields have Strong countering effects within them , when these counters are removed the larger fields Regenerate faster and to a state of purity that leaves no Trace of any counter ever existing or leaving a trace of Existence on its Field Record, This is a Big Tip Physically replicated for KARMA and those who Chose to Align against the One Field that Unifies everything…
Most people Assume the Field comes from the Physical, when the Physical Matrix Comes from the Field, Matter and Forms are Created from Field Oscillation Interaction, new changes and existences are created, perpetuated and destroyed by the interaction between Fields, think about how Fields create motion or Energy or Waves, How Energy Created Fields that create waves, how Fields and Energy can have an Effect with No Matter present… Matter is the Crystallization that comes from the interaction of the Field within its Physical Crystallization Dimension, Only the Physical Realm-dimension Crystallizes Energy in to matter, All other Dimensions work on Frequency with Wave and Energy and no matter “yet the Donut Effects Western Belief calls matter in the Physical Matrix term sticks”, and other Dimensions do not need to be associated with any matter accordingly even tho the structure origination and makeup are inter-dimensional and founded on a transcendental natural unfoldment, Matter is its self only a Donut of Self perpetuating Energy contained Field that’s own spin and frequency oscillation makes it a separate identity that will interact if one is also oscillating at the same frequencies its tuned to, Self Perpetuating donuts are Found at every level and repeated in every dimension in some form of Spectrum Interaction, Seen as different Dimensional Field Oscillations.
Cognition is the ability to Identify, Know the Essence and Aspects of individual Spectrums, Know the Different Options and Functions, and Chose the Application that Suits ones Larger Objective, the Alignment of Many Choices are needed to Accomplish even the smallest of tasks, One can program themselves to Automate Functions and Tasks, One should also seek the Programming that Automates Functions Choices and Tasks that they Knowingly Aware of the Choice options and Effect would have done differently… From Ignorance of not knowing at the time, to Mistakes or Stupidity, to Cult like Manipulative Brainwashing, or just seeking knowledge to gain increased insight on interactions and involvements on that which is already known to develop a greater understanding of what’s known, Cognition can be Aware of all, Learn to Fully Understand and Comprehend all Aspects and Essences of what ever they Chose to Focus upon if they continue to sustain their will, and there own Individual Osculation is Aligned with the current wills focus, one will continue like its unlimited in energy, the greater the un alignment “Tangent Angle of polarity” the current cognitive wills focus is from there own oscillating essence the faster there energy to sustain there willpower will decrease, this is seen when people are in an emergency and go to help others, they can go for days non stop even without food sustaining there will and energy purely from there willpower and focus to sustain on the tasks at hand because the tasks are so closely aligned to there own moral core of helping others, on the other hand when morally good people are asked to Torture or Murder, even see Torture Murder or Gruesome Death and Pain, they cant last seconds before the Oscillations align so overwhelmingly against them it doesn’t matter how much energy or willpower they may have there totally unable to sustain even a normal range of function, this is one of the main aspects that hold humanity together and STOP DICTATORS in there tracks, however with new technology able to TURN OFF MORALITY in human beings it will not be so simple for those unaware of there own ability and the technology that can be used to override there natural unalienable Gift “Moral Freedom Individual Cognitive Choice”
Willpower, The Will to Power, Comes from the Core understanding that the Osculation of the Field’s Interacting determine the amount or Energy one can Continue there own Cognitive Oscillation on its current focused direction in to the next moment, just like a Wall stops a body from walking through it, so to do the Oscillating Frequencies that are Aligned opposite on the Spectrum prevent all other Intractable Oscillations from continuing in that path while oscillating at that specific tuned frequency. While other paths are like a Slippery Slide seeming to take no effort to continue and something will have to change the current path-ride until any energy Draining effect will happen to ones willpower. And others are Not with nor Against and Result in a partial effect that results in little will required or just below overwhelming, Developing Awareness to be Sensitive to this Inner Draining is important as it’s the inner Fuel tank of Energy that determines ones Interest or Opposition to the Path Ahead, one will be interested if ones Inner Fuel tank dose not go down or even regenerates when on the correct path, and will be disappointed when ones inner fuel tank goes down to fast or runs out, think of the Willpower Energy Inner Fuel tank like a Battery on an Electric Car, it dose not matter how many upgrades in fuel tanks or solar cells the car has, if the work the car is required to preform uses more energy than it can get from the sun the batteries get drained, if the Suns good and the Roads good the car can go all day and possible have enough charge to make it all night… if one is close to empty and its not even dark yet then one is in trouble knowing they don’t have the energy to sustain the occasion… and someone Ignorantly driving a car with no energy Gage wonders why the car stopped, its important to be aware not only how much energy you have, and how big your tank is, but how much energy your putting in or getting out of any choice and if your putting energy in how long can you sustain it before you will be overwhelmed? And is it worth it or should you go and regenerate some energy because oscillation has already drained enough its maybe time for a change? Your choice?

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