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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ponzimonium the Gold and silver Scams that make Burny Madof look like a kid stealing a cookie

It look like the Big Crash Storm is brewing on the horizon,
everyone better remember when it dose Crash... We need independent local barter currency's NOT Global currency's where all credits on RFID microchip accounts,
There will be chaos, Those Tight Strong Families Friends and communities will support each other without currency, providing food and shelter, Information and Solutions...
The Elite will attempt to use the Chaos of the next big crash to push through Global Sector currency's "North American union, Asia-Pacific union, African Union" the European Union is already established, guaranteed the EU will still crash but will be the ONLY currency to recover "after microchips are used justifiable to stabilize fraud and control of the monetary system", as all the Elites will buy everything up and then state there business's companies manufacturing and investments are only exchangeable in Euro's automatically rebounding it because the elite back it... FORCING all other Nations and individuals to adopt the new currency's protocols "RFID + United nations Globaly assigned Sector currency" to continue and re-stabilize world trade, and the PRE-ARRANGED STRATEGY TO CRASH THEN BAIL OUT THE EURO is the LIE that will be used to enforce the false consensus that the EU-UN model is the only economic system with proven survival experience "its really to control the wealth gap that will be OBVIOUS to all after the next crash where the Rich have TRILLIONS "Land Gold business's companies, infrastructure Cruse liners and jets" and the poor cant afford a single meal"

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