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Thursday, April 29, 2010

ABC Tv reporting almost 300 Adverse Reactions from the Vollintarily Reported Program

And the Australian Government is being Accused of being IN BED with the Vaccine Manufacturers

Subtle Eugenics, where the System is kept going barely enough to CLEAR THE BODY'S! so no one gets a Holocaust Photo and begins Waking the Sheople up, The Elite do not want an Awakening like in WW2 there own Documents State this and there Solution is Incrementalism, like a Frog in Water that's Slowly Heated,

So i ask... A Photographer can get Thousands to stand Nude in the Opera-house for a Photo to make an Effect people can connect with...
WHEN WILL A MORAL COMPASSIONATE PHOTOGRAPHER GET ALL THOSE HURT INJURED OR KILLED to Group for a Photo? "Dead people represented by loved ones or Tombstone-Body bag representations" Just to REALLY SHOW THE PEOPLE HOW MANY ARE EFFECTED
Just this issue with the current Vaccine will end up with More people being Effected then went to the operahouse Nude but no one realises its a Holocaust Eugenics program because there not allowed to see the real numbers so they wont be aware of the Eugenics happening around them, Add if the people effected by all prescription medication Pharmasuticals, and you will have over a few million as that statistic combines for more then the other top 4 killers in the country COMBINED, Yes Pharmaceutical DRUGS kill more then Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease", Add in all the people PERMANENTLY effected by Asbestos, Aspartame, GBH-Milk, and GM food Allergies, MSG, DT, and your talking over 50% of the Australian population, When people Realize the Stratigy and planning that goes in to Aranging so many Fronts to fullfill the same Eugenics Sustainable population control Holocaust Plan and Goal, and how Cancers, Aids, Diabeties, Weight Gain, Brain Damage, MS, Autism, Depression, Nervous System Damage, and Sterilization-Forced Abortions Comes from Mercury, Aspartame "Ecoli Bacteria Excrement used as Artificial Sugar NutraSweet", Thiomersal, Asbestos, Dt, Pesticides, GM Food, MSG, and so many other Engineered Soft Kill Weapons "Soft Kill Weapons Defined by the United Nations and USA as Weapons Designed to Disable Incapacitate rather then kill fast these Weapons and Strategy covers Physical, Physiological, Mental, Cognitive, "Mind, Body, Brain" From Electromagnetic Spectrum Osculations, to Biological, to Technological, From Food-Water, to Clothing Textiles and Building Products, Any Technology that can be Used to Physically Disable or Incapasitate, Mentally Disable or Incapasitate, Neurologically Disable or Incapasitate is being Applied in the areas of Sustainable Population Control

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