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Saturday, April 24, 2010

GBS out of control its now WORSE than 1976 yearly Record
In 1976 roughly 40 million Americans received the vaccine and some 4,000 developed GBS.

we were asked to accept the assumption that, “the estimated risk for more serious reactions (e.g. Guillain BarrĂ© syndrome) is between 1-10 per million persons vaccinated”.

This is a less direct way of stating that the risk is about the same as existed during the 1976 mass vaccination attempt and that as many as 1 in every 100,000 recipients will develop GBS or some other serious adverse reaction. The CDC is setting up a new intensive surveillance system with which to monitor and track GBS cases that result from the novel H1N1 vaccine.

there are approximately 8,700 deaths from heart attack, 140 cases of Guillain-Barre, and 14,000 miscarriages in the U.S. every week.
60% of cases do not have a known cause; one study suggests that some cases are triggered by the influenza virus, or by an immune reaction to the influenza virus

Ok lets get this right, The Big Vaccine Outbreak of 1976 resulted in 4000 cases from a vaccine, When the CDC's own Website says that 140 new cases are reported EVERY WEEK, even if we take the Wiki 60% is caused from Vaccines that means 84 people per week "60% of 140" 4368 people infected with GBS from Vaccine's More than the Outbreak of 1976 however now this is Acceptable?
Were the people of 1976 just being Hysterical that 4000 people developed GBS just in America with 5% of the global population?
Or are the people today to Ignorant and Immoral to realize that is "80,000-100,000" Globally YEARLY who are given GBS via Vaccines, an incurable Degenerative and Deadly Ailment?

I do wonder when Morality Returns and Pharmaceuticals - Vaccines are no longer FORCED or Seminar-Kickbacks Indoctrinated in to the Administrating Dispensing Teaching and Media Aspects of Medical associated Society, How many of the Heart attacks and Miscarriages, Sterilization and other Astounding statistics that Each Effect Millions Globally YEARLY!

I do not no how any one can accept 14,000 Miscarriages per week just in America 5% of global population, 728,000 per year, or 7280 new cases of GBS per year from just 5% of the global population... America in 2010 is 4.53% according to most recent global population statistics
It really astounds me that so many preventable deaths, and Horrific illness is accepted as normal, "pay no attention this dose not concern you, its normal attitude..."
Its aspects like this that Morbidity is Immorally justified by Eugenics to the Extent people accept 3rd world Morbidity in there own Backyards "like its all flowers and sunshine..." Despicable and Disgraceful when you see past the propaganda and illusions and realize the people profiting KNOW from there own studies that there products Cause Human Injury or Death and Chose Profit over Life, and Forcing there will and Marketing there product "Conning ignorant Senses" Obfuscation of the Facts, Psychological Manipulation of Public opinion, and Damage control, and all the other abominations that Stem from there Greed and Selfishness that Perpetuate and Manifest a Shadowy cloud of Darkness like DEATH walking amongst us, the Immoral Eugenics followers and advocates need to be Identified Dispelled and Purged

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