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Friday, April 30, 2010

NSW MP email contacts. Copy them all to your address book now!

NSW MP email contacts. Copy them all to your address book now!

If people all started sending in there concerns "DAILY" Pick a new Issue or Re contact about the current most pressing issue and keep letting them all no.

Dont spam, Be Polite, Write a new message every day and always add Facts linked
And remember Pass these around, your Local Representatives are always Glad to hear from those they Represent, so Share these with everyone and even compile new lists

Having a News List "all the News sites locally and internationally" that you can send info to, Talk-back Radio are the most likely to get you on tho, its unlikely mainstream media will, just letting there reporters no to look up a new important topic with the Basic facts linked may still get the story out

Remember most people are Ignorant and Programed to Enjoy there Servitude,
Do not allow the people who Fail themselves in Awakening to deter you,
Each time you do Awaken someone your More then Doubling your Potential,
because your getting a New Fresh Unique Perspective with there own skills and methods,
to help Awaken others and Share Awareness of the Truth in there own Unique Way...
And Each time someone Fails to Awaken, or even to see the big Picture,
you will be able to Inquire in to there Reasoning, there Justifications and Beliefs,
Occasionally you will Gleam Insight in Developing an Understanding
that can be Explained to Dispel one of the Illusions-Delusions,
Freeing them from Ignorance of Belief,
to a sense of Truth and Knowing,
where one can again try and present Truth Facts,
to Awaken or Perceive a Bigger Picture...

Awareness Grows from the Knowledge its Fed,
Knowledge is Consumed by the Will to Maintain the Focus of ones Awareness
Knowledge is Digested by the Wisdom to Translate that which one is Aware
Wisdom Grows from the Knowledge that is Truly Known
Ignorance Grows from the Knowledge that is Untruly Known
Knowledge that is Untruly Known is Fed to the
Undiscerning Awareness to Program Ignorance, Belief, Illusions and Delusions.

Those Knowingly Serving Unaware Feeders Untruth are Impure
Those Knowingly Serving only Knowledge that is Truly Known are Pure
Those Knowingly Dispelling the Poisons of the Impure are Wise.

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