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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Close Up of The Mind Controlling Parasite

Science Fiction dose not come close to NATURE FACTS
This is Great Nature footage, it wouldn't let me link

Undoubtedly Military Scientists have been trying to Mutate these little guys
I remember a Study done on Human Brain parasites, not killing the person but making them highly promiscuous to distribute Colonies of the Parasites, other than that there was no other noticeable effects...
If people recall all the propaganda of mind influencing critters, combining that with things like massive Signal Dispersion "Haarp or Mobile phone - Radio Digital Tv" would find it easier to target a brain infecting parasite that can be triggered and programed or interfaced with within the human body compared to the body its self, because there own studies show only 70% of the population will be effected by there Broadcasting weapons of mind control, with parasites in the mind effecting brain functioning physically it would be like the person had an RFID chip in them, but instead of signals sent to the chip it will be sent to the parasite as the physical interface, this kind of technology is the endgame when robotics are replaced with organics that can be easily interfaced and manipulated, that in turn manipulate the host...
Nature can do it, and dose it, Elite Psychopath's who have amassed the power and knowledge use there influence to keep on the Knowing side of this, for they may protect themselves from getting RFID micro chipped, or from direct interference through cognition techniques and physical signal boosters or blockers, however it would be impossible for even the elites to protect themselves from a Parasite unless they are informed and can eradicate the parasite, or they could be infected and controlled just by having contact or breathing, It would not Surprise me that this technology in its individual aspects has already been put together when one looks at the propaganda concerning it, and the closer one gets to the mind control aspect the more facts and truths get denied even when presented, only mind-control and eugenics are hidden and counterintelligence to such a high precision of control that when one realizes only the Anunnaki have also shown there ability to hide and dis-inform people about the truth "like using aliens" to cover up there inbred genetic family historic goal to immorally destroy all Morality Truth Knowledge and Freedom of those not GENETICALLY RELATED, Low levels and old techniques are all being revealed and if this technique has any role in there arsenal then forget about the 30% who are not effected from there Frequency overriding "Brainwashing-Robotizing" technology, those 30% will be hunted militarily, with satellite RFID gps technology, and if any serious resistance is presented to the NEW ONE WORLD UNITED NATIONS ORDER front to the Anunnaki they may possibly begin using Brain Parasite's that override neural activity that are modified to do more then increase promiscuity , more likely there targeted to Turn off Morality like they already do with electromagnetic's targeted to the back right of the brain behind the ear, or to Become Aggressive, Passive, Sleepy, Emotional, Depressed, Anxious etc, all can be Induced with Electromagnetic waves, Undoubtedly Organisms can be Modified to learn or accommodate such functions, once that happens to parasites even the common flue can be targeted to amplify but the common flue dose not target the nervous system if it did it would have a far greater effect, and as seen these Natural Parasites DO infact not only TARGET the Nervous system they make it FOOD in the process of Totally Dominating the Host, even if it was unable to Kill a human due to size it would be far worse then a physical illness as it would be interfering with brain functions, every moment it would be like one is experiencing a lobotomy with pieces of there brain eaten until totally insane nothing would make sense, or suppressed enough by the body to not get anything worse then whats already there causing promiscuity and Depression? time and research will tell, until then people should be aware these possibilities for YOUR FUTURE are a Reality and not some Science Fiction or Imagination, These Parasites "The Known ones" can be Tested for and with new technology from Sydney University these Parasites can be Eradicated Safely.

Here is the Brain Parasite that Causes Women to be Promiscuous , Men to be Depressed and Anxious

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