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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Field Effects seen in the Light Spectrum

Notice how the Angle of the magnet and the softening of the Field as the angle changes, also the different colors represent the different Effects, Everyone has seen how a Glass prism can Refract light in to different color spectrum's, well Magnetic or Electromagnetic "Non physical" fields are all doing the same thing "seen physically when used with filings or on an electromagnetic light emitting screen like this - Note "don't do this to your own monitor or TV you will break it", as the 2 fields cross over in effect they create new effects "here seen in color spectrum with files seen as a 3D spectrum", Polarizing and Aligning depending on the most powerful field present, notice how the larger magnets have a stronger effect, notice how the colors represent the spectrum of interaction and notice how the color spectrum LOOPS between colors to represent DEPTH, this is a physical representation of what happens when non physical fields interact with non physical fields, How the Field of the Body-Brain-Heart is Effected by Magnets and other electromagnetic spectrum frequencies "Microwaves, Digital TV, Bluetooth, Mobilephones all are amplified so that they override the Brain-Heart and other body fields, even the earths natural field has been overridden in the past when the US govt detonated Nukes up in space in the 1970's changing the Earths Field "there is a part in the field that absorbs Radiation, they filled it when they detonated nukes up there, and the cancer rates spiked as radiation pored in to earth, its basically repaired now, it cleans its self sending the radiation to the poles and is again protecting earth from the sun's radiation, just like the Human fields and the TV is shown to repair its self when given time to do so, the Damage potential is something people better begin to understand as the Science behind using electromagnetic frequency modulation devices to control and force the population in to submission is allready being used and trialed.

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