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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The B.I.S. Chip: Is It In You Yet?

A Chip that began as a scannable token, worth whatever was in its holder’s BIS account.

A Chip that soon would be promoted as preferably embedded in its, you know, owner. Embedded safely in our persons, the BIS Chip would, of course, serve forever as a benign convenience and preventive. The BIS Chip would have, of course, its own Global Positioning System. You, your child, or your pet would never have to worry about getting lost again.

The BIS Chip would also alert you to dangers to your health such as the easily imaginable Asian Flying Pig Flu Syndrome. Dangers, we know, Bob, are everywhere these days. The BIS Chip could be programmed to vibrate any time al-Queda e-mails or Somali pirates were near.

Speaking of vibrations, for an additional $20, or $50, or $100 or more per month of debt to your digital account, the BIS Chip could provide you with all the Pleasure Tingles you desire. It could also provide you with a Partner or Apprentice, detailed to your own specifications, for work and/or Maximal Pleasure Releases.

The BIS Chip would be the end of people’s worries in a world of shortages and chaos. The BIS Chip would mean that our responsibilities are only to It. The Chip / Is It in you yet?

You can see more slogans and billboards. One Chip–One Bank–One World. No Fun–but with The BIS Chip. No Surprises–but with Your Friend the BIS Chip.

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