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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Secret World MMORPG Disseminating "Education for a new age"-Of youth, for the "Externalization of the hierarchy"

This is an Online Massively Multilayer Game to be Available on PC and X-BOX
The Content is all about the Secret societies with a twist, you can only be alligned with one of them struggling to manipulate the world, the only way to be a hero is to help bring about the new world order, informing of immoral techniques psychological warfare, manipulation, control, obfuscation, terrorism and disinformation all Glorified and Disseminated to the Impressionable youth, never mind the effect it has on people forming beliefs that they think are truth and fact, there view on life will change when they ENJOY PLAYING THE ROLE OF THE VICTOR KILLING MANIPULATING THE UNILLUMINED SHEOPLE IN THE GOAL OF UTOPIA BEING ONE WHEN NO UN-INITIATED ARE LEFT!

Ive been expecting this for a while, Movies, Radio, Tv, Politics and Religion just are not enough to get the youth initiated and on board with the coming agenda, this could be infact a Recruitment Drive seeking Lieutenants...

Keep up to date on the Secret World's Progress

Game Intro Trailer, Excellent GFX quality




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