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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Liberty Submission V's True Moral Freedom

Liberty ; Permission Granted to a Subordinate by ones Superior to be Released from ones Impositions, Duties and Privileges Granted by the Superior.

Free Cognition, Self-Mastery, True Freedom,
Means one has no Superior who they seek PERMISSION to be GRANTED before they will ACT on there own COGNITIVE CHOICE made from there own FREE Awareness, without seeking checking or relying on the Elevation of a Superior to Justify ones Actions as Imposed, Duty or Privilege…

For those Seeking or Relying on Liberty, Seek to Affirm there status as an Underling Slave Subordinate to the Superior,
Inferior by Self Admission to the Self Realised State of TRUE RESPONSIBLE MORAL FREEDOM

Least of all are any of the Superiors ever Mentioned,
Who is the Superior who Grants Privileges and Imposes Duties?
Who is The Spider Weaving the Web of Subordination?

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