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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daan "Pure Charity with Knowlidge-Truth"

The Virtue-Honor-Integrity of Giving away "Daan" Knowledge of the Absolute lies in the fact you give away unhesitatingly and with out expectation of return or Merit, One may Incur the Wrath of God-Brahma if you chose to Allow Daan to go to waste.

Equated to Pure Renunciation , Total Dedication, Mastery of Self Willpower and Focus, Perfect Cognition, Usually as a journey rather than a Goal, for even when one or all Equated areas may be Maxed, that is not to say ones future will remain so, unlike a goal when reached a new goal is set, a journey may reach the highlight at any point and at any future point a low or higher or lower point may come to pass.

One seeking Purity will see no faster Spiritual and consciousness progress than Daan "Giving away the Universally Absolute Knowledge and Truth" you have acquired, and do not restrict or Obfuscate that which you no to be Universally Absolute Knowledge and-or Truth

The Highest form of Daan is to share the Pure Knowledge Truth of Brahma when fully Realized, Holding that Knowlidge back from others prevents their progress and prolongs suffering and one will fall back to the maya out of brahmas good grace

However until one becomes Awakened to really Know Brahma, Sharing the Universal Absolute Truthful Knowledge you have Acquired will only help you in all aspects as a greater understanding and comprehension of Universal Absolute Truthful Knowledge comes from sharing and teaching others as quick or faster then self study or being a pupil taught by a teacher, as Insight is reflected differently when one is focused on helping others, ones self or ones teachers lesson. Brahman is a structure that when cognitively known and purified will be fully realized, teaching part of the structure often has others ask questions and allows one to look at the situation focused upon slightly different, often revealing connectivity between separate structures and insight to greater structural depth via connectivity and insight, the same connectivity and insight one has when preforming solo insight "meditation or study" or when being taught, the difference is where the minds focus is on, when teaching you should be confident in what is KNOWN, however answering some questions will reveal different ways to view whats is known that will reveal other structure connections, so to when meditating or studying one is analyzing self insight.
Insight can come at any time, one Learns to Know, one preforms insight to work out what one knows from previous learning, ultimately tho those amongst us who are Moral Good people seeking Purity want to help everyone and Sharing the Truth is a way to help people in this life and possibly even the next... Far greater Virtue-Honor-Integrity in teaching a child math than seeking self insight or seeking teachings for self insight even of Brahma... Greater still tho is Teaching Insight of "The Natural Structure"-Brahma for nothing is Carried on past this life more...

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