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Monday, April 12, 2010

Choose Your Witness

Responsibility to stand alone when the Known Truth and Moral Alignment of ones inner awareness Requires one stand alone or Comprise your Knowledge of Truth and your Moral stance in formation with the Truth, if one Sacrifices the Truth or acts knowingly immoral towards the truth they kill part of themselves to prevent multiple structures "personalities" and the grounding logic of that person becomes that of the misinformed or manipulated collective, many who are apart of the collective are not choosing to commit the actions of immorality, but standing by the collective by association are part of the corruption if they fail to morally defend the truth and allow the collective to obfuscate the truth from its own, the ignorant masses of the collective make the bulk or body of the collective while the misguidance indoctrination and manipulation is perpetuated by the ignorant only a few who affiliate with the collective actually have any influence which is mostly misused and misapplied, the step after responsibility to stand by ones self awareness of truth and morality, is responsibility to others, helping some escape ignorance while confront others who wield the immoral strings puppeteering the collective

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