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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Official 2003 American Army Psyops LINK

Anti-Nato is what American Army Psyops calls it, but there own description has to be a Psyop on its own Psyop fodder being briefed, American Analysts no that that Symbol is known by the world who have researched or heard of the NEW WORLD ORDER, And those same people who know that understand "Our Enterprise is a Success" is talking about George Bush's , Tony Blair, Obama, Popes and almost every other world leaders Announcing "THE NEW WORLD ORDER", Granted not many understand that its a Global Conspiracy that is closer related to the United Nations but don't tell me American Army Analysis's don't understand, This is part of the In house Psyop The Elites are making the Individual Countries and Agencies do to there own people "Fodder" so they don't begin to wake up, begin researching and stop working for the Global Elites who's tentacles advise the white house and other governments, the generals and other military and security forces, to the extent they can do an "Exceptionally Flawed" psyop on there own psyop people to make them think the NEW WORLD ORDER is not about Corrupting the Elite management of individual countries if there not already an insider and part of the Elite group that is planning the New World Order, and claiming non Americans don't no the symbol of the American 1 dollar bill only compiles there ignorance, not everyone in the world calls the NEW WORLD ORDER the NEW WORLD ORDER, nor do they all use the same symbol, but if the original analysis revealed the symbol to be of the NEW WORLD ORDER then they would realize countries in every part of the world are rioting and kicking out governments and having a hell of a time with UNITED NATIONS Psyop teams who are pushing ONE WORLD BANK ONE WORLD CURRENCY ONE WORLD MILITARY ONE WORLD RELIGION AND EUGENICS *err CLIMATE GATE
I mean cmon Wiki uses it as the NWO symbol how cant American Analysis's and Psyop personnel not know is the Question?

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