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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shundrallah Twitter

Shundrallah Twitter Setup...

You can now also Link Articles to Facebook and Tweeter
I had been Avoiding this for years, the Tracking V's the Ability to Reach more people...
Well everyone knows people who continually Dig up the dirt on Government Corruption and Immoral Elites is obviously being tracked, what i ddidnt want to do was assist them to track you the Readers...

So Use Twitter and Facebook at your own "Perma Tracker Risk"

Feel Free to Tweet @Shundrallah "Especially if you have breaking news"
or Add Shundrallah to Facebook "only check Facebook every few months"

Shundrallah Magazine Issue #1                                          "Coming Soon"
New Website -News -Video's -Documents -Music -Art     "Coming Soon"

& Soon an Update on AWG Project Progress "Atmospheric Water Generator" Makes Free Water from Air, and Free Electricity, Zero Pollution, Zero Waste, 100% Clean Green and Truly Sustainable.... "Under Contract to Develop 7+ years now"

 Stop Zionism!

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