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Thursday, April 11, 2013

2 Guys in a Jet Film Chemtrails turning off and back on, UNDENIABLE !

To act or not to act... to care or not to care...
Humanity is only in one place... its callled EARTH...
if people allow other people to POISON the ATMOSPHERE
Just to Dumb-down and make populations Docile so they continue supporting the Corrupt System...

Please think about the future generations... "Of all Species on this planet"
how many Extra will die because people will not wake up to the Facts?
How many Extra Humans, some being your own family descendants will suffer from mutant complications caused from carcinogenic pollutions? will you tell your grand-kids having miscarriages your responsible because you heard about this and decided to put your head in the sand? allowing the Immoral Elite to conduct this "Strategic well funded Global Program of De-Population..."

When the "GLOBAL 1381 REVOLT" happens, those found to be working for programs and Agendas like this Chem-trailing against humanity will face the same Nuremberg Trials and the Guilty Knowingly Involved in IMMORAL ACTIONS will Hang like Hitlers Immoral Treasonous Enforcers... and like back in 1381 they will be presented globally hanging from the capitals of every nations Parliament buildings... in every nation this Wave is making progress the Elites are TERRIFIED of this awakening and crossing back from their manipulated state, the Immoral Elite call this Awakening Nibiru as people wake up and cross back from mulki to mul, in sumerian the words simply translate from LIVING CLAY MANIPULATED by the ELITE BLOODLINE using the "SHI" technique Created so you SERVE THEM "In this life and the next", Nibiru is the awakening and detachment of the shi manipulation , transforming in to a Truly Free Individual... and this GLOBAL AWAKENING TERRIFIES THE IMMORAL ELITE AS IT MEANS THEY LOSE ALL THEIR ILLUSIONARY POWERS OF MANIPULATION...

 Stop Zionism!

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