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Saturday, April 20, 2013

BOSTON BOMBING PSY-OPS COMMAND CENTER Back-Pack-Bombs, Seals, Bomb Squad, Uniform's at the FINISH LINE!

Mobile Military Command Center, Satellite, Mobile Phone, Internet-Cameras and Multi-Team Agent Communications
Notice how the backpack bomb carriers have the same jackets, pants, even shoes as the AGENTS ASSIGNED TO THE COMMAND CENTER!
This is the still of the ADVON truck which is the same as the type the guys are gathering beside in the photos above. Are they members of the ADVON team?
advon team

This was a Strategic Planned Operation from start to finish, even the Fake Patsy the Boston police claim they caught and had at the court house, had to be evacuated using a bomb drill when these photo's came out linking the bombers to the MOBILE AGENT COMMAND CENTER DOING BOMB DRILLS!

Also Note the Patsy's the Police Executed and Framed have had both Parents and the FBI come out and say the FBI was tracking, following and contacting the Family for MANY YEARS and until the court case incident never once suspected the family in any terrorism only Civil activism, TRUTH SHARING ACTIVISM AGAINST CORRUPT POLITICAL IMMORAL ELITES!

Father Link
Mother Link

Boston Psychological Strategic Operation 24 HR City Wide LOCK-DOWN Complete

 Stop Zionism!

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