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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Here to Rip Your Soul out...

I'm Here to Rip Your Soul out...
                         of the Soul Jar...

Just a Soldier Fighting in the 5500yr Moral War
Against Immoral Soul Trapping Parasites

Tracking the Abomination
Hunting Undead 
Vampiric Bodies with no Heart Beat
Raised by Necromancers
Chanting words in to a Corpse
Incorporated by those of Status
Status in Greek is how You Stand

In Greek the Priest Hood Stood-Over Knowledge
Your Told to Under-Stand
So they Stand-Over You
Unless You make a Stand

Stand Up! 
Dis-Spell Un-Enchant Dis-Infect 
the Warped Dogmatic Twisted Attachments that make up your SOUL TRAP

"Your Worst Nightmare is only Fueled by your and other Enthralled supporters"
Do not allow Your Infinity to be Trapped, 
Drained and Sucked to Fuel the Beast 
Forced to Support a "Non-Living" Undead 
In-Corporated Dead-Body with out a Heart Beat, 
Made by those who Claim the Status to Write Words that Constitute the Dead to Rise as Necromancy Creations that Force you to Empower their Perpetual and Growing Abomination with the Stated Goal of making You Abandon Morality and Freedom...

Necro in Greek is Corpse
Mancy is Divination
Why Divine ?
The Original Creators of these Strategic Manipulative Methodology and Terminology were the Glistening Ones, "Sumerian Language" 
AnnuNaKi in Sumerian 
Annu = This or These, 
Na = Feminine Verb, and 
Ki "Self Titled Lord of Earth, created of the "Reeds of Enki" the First After Life Soul-Trap, and the Shi, Mulki terminology to manipulate people in to being Attached and the Zagmuk Hierarchy System to carry out and update via Divine-Insestual Family Advisement" is the Creator of these Immoral Techniques, 
Annu-Na-Ki = This or These Females of Ki, 
"The Harem of one Individual who began his cult Raping his Sister Daughter, Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter, and whose descendants have only ever had 4 females outside the insestual bloodline brought in to the Gene-pool in 5500 years and this Inbred Family is related to all American presidents and European royals this one bloodline proven with DNA science... "apart from 4 women" Purely Insestual... Psychopathic, Immoral, Ruthless, and Intent on a "New World Order" so their One Bloodline Family can as they put it Inherit the earth when were gone as is their stated goal, one catch they need YOU to wipe your selves out via taking the orders of their UNDEAD NECROMANCY CREATIONS, governments, UN, Police, Military, Banks, Corporations, Media, Religion etc
Any Zagmuk Hierarchy that they can Order you , and make you make a choice chose morality or follow orders of the Dead Body...

The Immoral Elites System "Zagmuk" Hierarchy , of installing programing "Shi" to manipulate you like a Muppet... though the method of "Mulki" Living Clay in Sumerian meaning your are malleable like clay in their Immoral hands now... "Like a Sock Puppet"

The AnnuNaKi use this Method to Create Hierarchy of "Dead Body's with no Heart Beat Constituted with Words Written by Beings with a Heart Beat who are proclaimed God, King, Pope, Divine etc, to Suck your Energy like Vampires"

Religious Bodies
Corporate Bodies
Government Bodies
Police Bodies

A Doctor will find no Pulse on these Necromancy Created Undead Bodies

The Law Demands if one Deals with another they are not allowed to include a DEAD BODY in the CONTRACT or its FRAUD...

Yet Necromancy is ENFORCED through the Sway of its Undead... and those Enthralled to Serve the Dead Beasts...

It is not the Will of Individuals...
Rather the Will of the Necromancers Advising the Undead Entity on the Direction to take...

The People of a Nation do not Chose or even Vote to go to war...
The Necromancers "Zagmuk" False Leader Sacrifice of the Body makes the Appearance of Choice while just representing the necromancers Interest and soon replaces like all undead leaders the UNDEAD BODY GOES ON AND THE HEAD OF THE HYDRA IS REPLACED RE-MASKED

The True Power Lies with the Necromancers who Create, Control and Advise their Undead Body Creations Constituted with Words on Paper

It is not the will of locals to have Gestapo Rounding up and Enforcing the Commands of the Gestapo Representative Bodies Chain of Command "Zagmuk"... that most locals never got to chose or vote on yet are forced to serve and enforce against their fellow neighbors... "School Bully thugs on a Global Generational Scale"

When your Infinite Energy "Life Force" is Free
Then you Experience the Crossing Back from the Manipulated Mul-ki State, to Mul
this Crossing is Known as Nibiru

True Freedom from all Necromancy Undead Attachments Draining Energy and Efforts to the Goals of Immoral Individuals Manipulating the Insertment of Expanded Social, Cultural & Moral Corruption

Then your Soul Jar is Broken

Now you need to Evaluate...
Do YOU Support Necromancy in ANY WAY? or IS YOUR SOUL JAR BROKEN?
"Morpheus in the Matrix, you feel it when you pay your Tax's, your energy supporting efforts you do not MORALLY support"

If its really Broken...
Nibiru "The Crossing Back and Detachment from Shi attack is Complete"

Then You can also now say to people...
I'm Here to Rip your Soul Out...
                        Of the Soul Jar...

The Day you die... Any Hierarchy, or Undead Body that No longer Enforces its will to make you obey has NO REAL POWER 
Why do so many do something now, or support, give there energy to something now that you know you wont the day you die, something that can only keep sucking your energy's after your dead if you CHOSE to continue to give your energies to those creating the words on paper that constitute the Dead... as the brainwashed ignorant enforcers are not going to be there when you die to make you submit to the necromancy creations what will you chose then?

When all Infinite Moral Beings stop being tricked in to giving their energy to Immoral Finite beings and all attachments draining energy to sustain the Immoral are detached, the Immoral Fall Past the Reeds of Enki Creation of the Abyss Absu in Sumerian is the Dwelling Place of Enki where those who are attached go to serve after physical death for eternity until they wake up to the enslavement and Multiversal-nibiru sets everyone free from Enki's Soul-Trap, sending Enki and his Immoral Followers Perpetuating this Abomination to the Final End... OBLIVION... where no Emanations or interactions will ever continue and the immoral meet their final spiritual death...

This 5500yr war is more then fighting for future generations, its also fighting for our Ancestors Trapped by these Manipulations to Serve "In this life and the Next" and like when people started showing up saying heaven isn't flat, its round and enki was powerless to stop them, when everyone showing up is not trapped by only going to show up to free their ancestors from these dogmatic attachments, the 5500yr war will finally end with the liberation and freedom granted for all past present and future generations!

isn't that worth fighting for?
This is why i am a Soldier Fighting in the 5500 Yr Moral War...

 Stop Zionism!

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