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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Occupy Movement Reporting "Review" OccupyCarlisle -Radical Media "Show Some Support to REAL INDEPENDENT TRUTH"

Occupy Movement Reporting "Review" OccupyCarlisle -Radical Media "Show Some Support to REAL INDEPENDENT TRUTH"

To Begin i would like to Clarify Shundrallah's Position on the Occupy Movement...
Shundrallah is Based on MORALITY, helping people to grow and KNOW the TRUTH
many of the "Ideals" of the Occupy Movement are based on MORALITY, FREEDOM, EQUALITY

It Should be Noted that there are Groups who are Deliberately CO-OPTING the Occupy Movement, i have Documented this many times linking the Satanic "Sex with Animals" Co-Opting Video
Obviously This is IMMORAL on MANY LEVELS, but outlines Co-Opting to those who don't realize how simple it is if your not alert and Critically thinking, analyzing everything

It is always good to have a RELIABLE SOURCE of VIDEO FOOTAGE at events
And from what i have seen on the Site being Reviewed Below "OccupyCarlisle -Radical Media", the Footage is good and Unedited "So you can see what really happens at protests, Events, False Flags, and Criminal Actions by all people, Moral and Immoral ones, some protected by the Uniform or Rank, Elevated to Carry out an Agenda"

Only with Aware Alert Informed people can we Unite and put an end to double standards that enforce perpetual Immoral Oppression

Shundrallah Dose Not Support Mindless Chanting or Protesting causing Disruption to Individuals
Shundrallah Dose Support Dismantling of Necromancy Raised Dead Entities with no Heartbeat who Suck your Energy like Parasitic Vampires, and any Protesting Targeting those Undead Necromancy Creations "Dead Bodys with words put in the Corpse to Constitute it, hence In-Corporate it in to a Religious, Political, Corporate Body's that have no heart beat's yet those who direct these undead "The Necromancers" only do so with YOUR ENERGY sucked in to their creations , to complete their IMMORAL GOALS AGAINST YOU!

Anyone Doing any kind of Transaction Contract Agreement, including Law "Prosecutions with Jury Evidence" by Advocating a DEAD BODY is committing Fraud, so anyone who wants to prosecute me for targeting the DEAD with NO HEARTBEAT are self incriminating them selves UNDER LAW!

The GLOBAL REVOLUTION , 1381 History Repeating Globally, is unfolding as you read this as the Down trodden UNITE AND RISE UP against the DNA Insestual Inbred Immoral Oppressors, and the more "INDEPENDENT" people Sharing Video's of World Events the Better ! "For you and your Children"

OccupyCarlisle -Radical Media

Shundrallah also Supports Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism "Independent Reporting of the Occupy & Global Issues"

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