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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pete Santilli Exposed as a Liar and Sociopath

Shundrallah Stopped Following Vinny and the Gorilla Media after continual pushing D.Icke Annunaki disinfo
After Vinny's Recent show of Integrity were going to see if Vinny Practices what he Preaches

I am , as i have before Critiquing the Support for D.Icke Disinfo by Vinny Eastwood and Gorilla Media, as we all know Alex Jones and Pete Santilli Use Truth to gain Credibility to Slip in the Dis-info
The annunaki are Proven to be a Hereditary Bloodline from Sumeria who invented a Technique of Manipulation and Control, they are just immoral Human Beings not alien altho their immorality is alien to most good people...
The Inbred Insestual Bloodline is PROVEN WITH DNA SCIENCE

I will give Vinny Time to Analyze the Facts, and see how Vinny Handles his Next Encounter with D.Icke...    It is possible for anyone to make a mistake , and change their ways when given the facts and opportunity to make a choice...

Shundrallah Dose not Support Vinny 100%, and Can Not Support Anyone 100% who Supports Any Dis-Info
Shundrallah Dose Support Occupy Corporatism Susanne Posel 100% as Susanne and Dave have been 100% transparent

Vinny has a chance to make this right "For his Listeners"

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