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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Bombing Suspects, Mother "FBI FOLLOWED SONS for 3-5 years, FBI SETUP" LOCK-DOWN PSY-OP


Boston Bombing Suspects Mother "FBI FOLLOWED SONS for 3-5 years, FBI SETUP"

Boston Police Claim to have the Suspect in Custody now,
The City Wide Lock-down Psy-Op is over, the First time any Western City has been put on Curfew and House Arrest since WW2, The people of Boston are once again allowed to leave their house without being arrested and harassed by the gestapo... Shops in Boston are allowed to Open after 24+ Hrs of being FORCED TO REMAIN CLOSED... and everything returns to Normal, literally Hours after Both Parents come out and say "AMERICAN AGENCIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BOMBING FALSE FLAG", which we know now was to have a city wide lock-down Psychological Operation to see if the people would accept House Arrest forcing all shops to close and no one allowed out side of the house or instantly arrested by the police- Fascist Gestapo since WW2...

You can Hear the Fathers Interview by ABC America Here...

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