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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pete Santilli Deceiving YOU, Evidence!, Still has not Come clean

Pete Santilli Claims on his Raido Show his got nothing to do with BIN "Before Its News"

Petes Email 20th Nov
Thanks Shun,

Not sure if you know this, but I am very close to the principles at BIN... I am actually going to be getting their streaming radio station off the ground, and I am in almost daily contact with them.  I don't publicize this because there is no need to.   I am closely aligned with them because I immediately saw the potential of their site, and when I started interacting with them, I quickly realized they are a very high integrity organization who will crush the rankings in the next 12-18 months.
Thanks for your concern though!  Let me know how I can ever help you with anything...don't hesitate to call upon us, as I am taking note of your loyalty and dedication to the mission.

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli

Take Note, My Loyalty is to TRUTH AND MORALITY and i will not Support a Deceiver!
Full Evidence of Harassment and Death threats Here
Make your MORAL CHOICE, Can you Morally Support a Deceiver, Forcing Radio-Programing Dis-info in to Ignorant Minds?

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