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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Bitcoin Can not be a NWO Currency "Unless they want Musical Chairs"

I looked deep in to Bitcoin a few months ago, along with almost all the currencies online, i have not gotten to writing up the info, i just thought i should share some notes after a fellow Truth Movement Investigative Reporter "Susane Posel" Wrote a great Article, i just Thought i Should also Share what i Dug up, so here is the Short Version...

Susane Posel, From Occupy Corporatism : Wrote a Great Article on Bitcoin

I Would like to Share 2 Key points why Bitcoin CANT possible be a Currency to Expand the Human Species in to the Stars
It is subdivided into 100-million smaller units called satoshis.
it is established that there will be a limited and scheduled release of no more than 21 million coins
which will be fully issued by the year 2140
2,100,000,000,000,000 MAX
2.1 Trillion Coins MAX

Anyone can generate Bitcoin Free with Bitcoin Mining

Be Warned the Bitcoin Community is ruled by Thugs and the Underground!
Its used as an Underground Criminal Exchange
Hackers use Bitcoin to fund their Opperations from hacking and using other peoples cpu-gpu to generate coin for them "Botnet Mining" "Theft and Fraud" "Ponzie Scheme" "Black Market"

So Think about what your getting in to... Always Know your Market!

Firstly Bitcoin is Capped, only 2.1 Trillion will ever Be generated, EVER, their for when more people exist then Bitcoin people are effectively playing musical Chairs... "Individual Item Trade is all that is needed, and Fair... Remove all paper & Digital BS"

Secondly Bitcoins are GENERATED from CPU power
So the people with Servers, Networks, Super-Computers can generate more, Have the money to buy that? or Hackers and Employees generate Bitcoin and cause Server Lag... Network Lag... and take Supercomputer Computations away from well.. tracking you.. so i guess thats a good thing :)

But on a Serious Note : Bitcoin is an alternate currency based on control of the BANKS to DIRECT the CURRENT and use your ENERGY to show you their POWER "they get from tricking YOU in to giving your life force to them"

So many alternate Currencies exist now, especially online, in MMO's, and every one has a loophole
One way or another, people with Fiat money can buy their way in..."On the Black Market if they have to"  to become POWERFULL
FULL OF YOUR POWER! Bought with Monopoly Fiat Money Printed out of thin air your Denominations are FORCED to accept, that is what GOVERNMENT CORPORATE ENFORCEMENT IS FOR! "This is an Old Necromancy Spell"

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