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Saturday, November 17, 2012

CDC : US Brain Eating Black Mold Super Virus on STEROIDS! KILLS 47 Hospitilises Hundreads!


No Cure !
Do not Panic !
Trust your Government !
Exserohilum rostratum is a ubiquitous black mold
This fungus is rarely a human pathogen. A 2006 survey found reports of only 33 cases in the medical literature to that date, primarily eye and skin infections in immunocompromized patients.

In October 2012, the fungus (under its alternative name Exserohilum rostratum) was identified by the Center for Disease Control as the pathogen responsible for almost all cases and fatalities in the New England Compounding Center meningitis outbreak.

The CDC initially Claimed only people receiving Steroid Injections were being Infected when this Outbreak Began, Citing only Steroid Injected people were Effected, Now it seems 6 years ago a survey was taken "Because Someone High Up asked for all the records and information on this be compiled" and at least 33 recorded Deaths happened before "With No Steroids or Injections!"

The Virus is equipped with a spore-launching mechanism ideal for going airborne.

The Mutation Virus Travels through the Spinal Column in to the Brain and Eats the Brain, from the Inside out...

Official Government Sources are saying no need for alarm, or Panic...

Yet Officially an Uncontainable, Airbourne Virus is Infecting people, With No Known Treatment! Prevention Methods, Or Containment Method... "Still Officially no need for Panic your Government is looking after you and under 100 cases of Death recorded by out Competent Governments!"

The Current Outbreak States Are Below, with 480* Infections at this Time

Thanks Hannah Osborne for bringing this to my attention

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