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Monday, November 12, 2012

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New Shundralllah Banners, to use as Links
Anyone is welcome to use the banner to add a link to their own site, to share my Site with your audience.
please contact me if you do, so i can say thankyou :
This Banner is Temporary, Until the new Site is Launched in 2013

My name is john n mcalpine j.n.m© is my own personal copyright according to Australian Law Creativity Intellectual and Artistic Rights, j.n.m © Copyright duration is my Lifetime + 70 years
All copyrights and Assets go to my Niece and Nephew in the event of my Passing...

The Reason for lowercase... "j.n.m ©"

All News, Encyclopedia, Artistic, and Video Highlights, is copyrighted from my personal point of view in explaining my what i talk, write, and make documentaries about, and i offer no Legal, Professional or Personal Advice, The only use of Copyrighted Material will be in association with a News Article as Reference, like my Dustifying Video and Article... As is allowed by Fair Use...

 This Video was made for the Article

I will be working to bring you the truth with people like :

PsychoDark "Truth Rap-Step Music Artist"

Before Its News "Truth Movement alternative Media, community Contributions, and Authenticated Investigative Reporters"

Australia Matters "Australian Alternative Truth Movement News Site" 

Elixir "Electronic Cigarette's"
Pete Santilli is offering a Special money back guarantee & discount check out his show for Details"

Susan Posel Occupy Corporatism "Truth Movement Alternative Investigative Reporting"

GT : Grant Tozer, Independent "Old School" Manufacturing Jeweler 
"GT is My Bullion guy his been following bullion for 40 years of Top Quality Hand Made Jewelry Manufacturing" 
"GT is also a Very Wise and Awakened Philosopher who talks to many people, and is always Sharing the Truth with people" 
GT Will be Joining us with the new Local Community Philosophy Seminar Videos that will be Conducted in Coffsharbour NSW Australia, Joining The People of the Local Communities with the Globe and Sharing the Truth, and Developing Opinions, Having Open Discussions that will be Highlighted as part of the new Video Line of Presentations coming soon...

None of the people Associated, or working on projects in association with Shundrallah - j.n.m © Have been Payed, or Have Payed me, The Truth is always Free!
The Reason i back the Above people is they have Integrity and they are all trying to SHARE THE TRUTH FREELY!, Each of them has been Personally Vetted by my self... and did not charge or pay me 1 cent, nor even bring it up...

Anyone else is welcome, everyone will be Checked out, to Insure your Integrity and Morality...
If your Active or want to be Active in the Truth Movement regardless of your skills or knowledge, take your time and find your self individuals you can trust to share any information you may dig up or have dug up, the truth will set us all free, i wont ask anyone to come to me or the above people, i will ask you take your time and see who it is your following and where there funding comes from? and what is there Agenda? Do they Charge and Profit? or Restrict the Truth because people someone are not eligible cant afford it?

The New Site will have a Forum, Everyone is welcome to be active in all areas, the main areas will be fighting the elite, definitions of true perfect freedom on earth when the elites are gone, medicine,  technology, history, breaking news, small special sections to debunk dis-info and identify trolls, and lots more

The New site will also offer a large gallery of Images, Texts Ancient to Official Government document Highlights, E-Books, that are associated with the Truth Movement

Almost everything j.n.m © Digital will be provided FREE at low resolution for Information Dispersal
Higher Resolution Quality will also be available... "Special Request Commercial License Use, or Limited Edition Hard Copy Prints-Books" "Some of these Hard copies will be Given out Free as Special Event Prizes, Promotional Prizes etc, So Stay Tuned for the Bonus Freebies!"

Also their will be Events, with Prizes, All Prizes will be focused around a Truth Movement Topic so people have an opportunity to awaken, not be pulled in to mindless dogmatic programing and hooked with an incentive...

Shundrallah j.n.m © is always welcoming new open-minded truthers to share, If you would like to Contribute, have info to share, or want to get active, many of you would like official sponsorship and want me to check out your activities to see if they are aligned with the Moral Truth movement and Deserving of Free Promotion, and Integrations with others working on new projects to get the truth out... I will not say NO to ALL payed promotion, or Sample Reviews... Even tho to this point i have said no to them, If you think promoting a good idea is worth paying for it to be promoted, regardless of the topic or product, Contact me, but Expect if i find anything negative on your product Promotion, to report the TRUE FACTS with the full force of Moral Lighting Kama! "I no the law is when i open the Door for Advertising i cant Discriminate, but i can say it how i see it and will not agree to any contract that censors me!" and i make no official contractual agreements with out a Financial Transaction being involved, A Private Agreement based on individual Integrity is all i offer and accept unless forced by regulation, aka Law...

Currently The above People have All Given me their blessing to be Associated with Shundrallah j.n.m © and this Post is About Honoring Them, and showing everyone new and old to the truth movement how the real truth movement roles "No Hierarchy or Zombification- Indoctrination, Real Equality, Integrity and Transparency"

For the Record all projects worked on with others, will give everyone involved the opportunity to approve the use of their creativity and works before public release, so if you want to be involved you get the final say to give public release until the final release :)

I am also talking to many others, the Official List will be much Larger when the new site launches...

Get Involved, Find your own people, Build your own Network of Trust when it comes to Sharing the Truth, u never no when u get that once in a life time story and need a good distribution network to make sure the story dose not disappear... "And do not Trust me, the above people or anyone else until you do some digging and find out for your self, one on one, mono o mono, with each individual personally, do not trust anyone just because someone else said so or u trust a site or person, or authority associated, Authenticate every fact and every persons integrity your self!

j.n.m ©

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