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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shundrallah Dustifying!

Please let me no what you think of my First Quick video, I made this last night to Highlight something i noticed During my recent Trip, Thanks to my brother who got me to watch this Movie...

This is about Dustifying, Advanced Wave Technology Tesla Invented
Used in 911, Dr Judy Wood has been presenting these Facts, now propaganda is being put in front of most people and they are oblivious...

Zbigniew Trained the Mujaheddin Alqueda=Alciada
Obama thanks Zbig for being his mentor on Terriorism

Do you really Think 9 guys with box cutters managed to get 2 planes to bring down 3 buildings? and Dustify the 80 Story Wall left "WATCH THE VIDEO THE WALL TURNS TO DUST IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!"

Your not Divided to be Conquered... Unless your a Patriot or Parishioner who is only able to see your side of the lines drawn on the map to define your country, or your titles ordained by religion hierarchy somehow make your side chosen by god to conquer and vanquish and permanently enslave the other side, Ever Thought about Equality?
What About Treason?

If you Saw people being Disintegrated in front of you...
Would you consider for the first time the chances of surviving from jumping better then staying in the building? the Insane option is to be Disintegrated... so Sanity opens the option of jumping as a serious possibility with at least a better chance at survival then total disintegration...

Those poor jumpers, just wanted to give family members a corpse to let them no where dead, rather then fade away in to oblivion and their families never no what happened to the body's...

RIP to the forgotten ones who were Disintegrated... that is a horrific painful way to be ripped apart molecule by molecule... "Most never even considered the possibility until it was happening and powerless to do or know what was happening..."

John Ball Peasant Revolt of 1381 Showed the people that when they Rise up they can hand out the Same Methods of Justice to the Elite when the Elites were hanging from the tower of London like the Elites hung so many innocent just seeking freedom...

If in today's World, TRIAL BY JURY, Finds the Elite Responsible for Murdering by Disintegration, the Jury Should be allowed to Sentence the Murderers involved and found Guilty of Disintegration Murder with an Appropriate Penalty!
Death By disintegration to all Elites involved at any time before during or after, even covering up or pushing disinformation!
Death Penalty By Disintegration!

Now is the Time to Inform EVERYONE
Police, Military, Teachers and Students, Medical Practitioners and Scientists, Media and Politicians
To give everyone a chance to do whats right! Before its to Late and the people Rise up Globally and Decide... What Side are you on?

The Side helping cover up the Truth?
Or the Side Uniting Freedom, Truth, and Global Equality free from Meddling Secretive Elites?

I Hope you Enjoy my First Video, Please feel free to contact me any time :

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