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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Semper Fi !!! Truth !!! "Always Faithful !!!, Always Loyal !!! Attain Immortality !!!"


Semper Fi Truth
Semper Fidelis is Latin for "Always True, Always Faithful, Always Loyal"

Semper = Always
Fidelis = TRUE Loyal Faithful

Why is this important?


The Brotherhoods have their own RESPECT to UNRANKED LEADERS who have EARNT HONOR! Based on Past Actions!
The Brotherhood members TRUST in the HONOR of their MEMBERS to UPHOLD the LEGENDS of the UNIT they are Associated "Members are also expected to uphold Loyalty

This Latin Terminology "Semper Fi" comes from an Ancient Natural Moral Code....
Daan !!! Kama !!! Morality Guardians !!!
Rta ऋतं ṛtaṃ "that which is properly joined; order, rule; truth") is the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it.
Ṛta is described as that which is ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the natural, moral and sacrificial orders

Rta is the Infinite Absolute Pure Natural Unfolding Foundation, like Time, Awareness, 2+2=4 , the TRUE Fabric of Existence! We only give those Universal Absolutes a Word to refer to them , the Rta Always Existed and always will... and those Who align themselves with it Attain Immortality...

Daan "Pure Charity with Knowlidge-Truth"

The Virtue-Honor-Integrity of Giving away "Daan" Knowledge of the Absolute lies in the fact you give away unhesitatingly and with out expectation of return or Merit, One may Incur the Wrath of God-Brahma if you chose to Allow Daan to go to waste.

Equated to Pure Renunciation , Total Dedication, Mastery of Self Willpower and Focus, Perfect Cognition, Usually as a journey rather than a Goal, for even when one or all Equated areas may be Maxed, that is not to say ones future will remain so, unlike a goal when reached a new goal is set, a journey may reach the highlight at any point and at any future point a low or higher or lower point may come to pass.

One seeking Purity will see no faster Spiritual and consciousness progress than Daan "Giving away the Universally Absolute Knowledge and Truth" you have acquired, and do not restrict or Obfuscate that which you no to be Universally Absolute Knowledge and-or Truth

The Highest form of Daan is to share the Pure Knowledge Truth of Brahma when fully Realized, Holding that Knowlidge back from others prevents their progress and prolongs suffering and one will fall back to the maya out of brahmas good grace

However until one becomes Awakened to really Know Brahma, Sharing the Universal Absolute Truthful Knowledge you have Acquired will only help you in all aspects as a greater understanding and comprehension of Universal Absolute Truthful Knowledge comes from sharing and teaching others as quick or faster then self study or being a pupil taught by a teacher, as Insight is reflected differently when one is focused on helping others, ones self or ones teachers lesson. Brahman is a structure that when cognitively known and purified will be fully realized, teaching part of the structure often has others ask questions and allows one to look at the situation focused upon slightly different, often revealing connectivity between separate structures and insight to greater structural depth via connectivity and insight, the same connectivity and insight one has when preforming solo insight "meditation or study" or when being taught, the difference is where the minds focus is on, when teaching you should be confident in what is KNOWN, however answering some questions will reveal different ways to view whats is known that will reveal other structure connections, so to when meditating or studying one is analyzing self insight.
Insight can come at any time, one Learns to Know, one preforms insight to work out what one knows from previous learning, ultimately tho those amongst us who are Moral Good people seeking Purity want to help everyone and Sharing the Truth is a way to help people in this life and possibly even the next... Far greater Virtue-Honor-Integrity in teaching a child math than seeking self insight or seeking teachings for self insight even of Brahma... Greater still tho is Teaching Insight of "The Natural Structure"-Brahma for nothing is Carried on past this life more...

Love = Kama, Bull, Lightning, Thunder, Rising Sun, Expressed as "Vik Virag" Cow, Resplendent Speech" Diamond of the Mind

Book 9 Verse 2
Kama Love
The Bull that Slays the Enemy
Render Tribute with Ghee, Oblation and Sacrifice
Let Lose Upon Him that Designs Evil Against Us
When they have been driven into the nethermost Darkness, Do they, O Agni, Burn up there Dwelling Places

That Cow the Sages call "Vak Virag" (ruling, or Resplendent Speech)
Is an Aspect of Love Kama that Drives Away Evil

There is no Returning again for those who have been STRUCK by the Vak Virag "Resplendent Speech"

With their power Reduced, Driven out, The Immoral Enemy shall go, Shunned by his own Friends, Down upon the Earth the Lightnings Alight

This Mighty Lightning supports both movable and immovable things, as well as all Thunders, May the Rising Sun by its own resources and its majesty Hurl Down thy Immoral Enemy

The Diamond Scripture

(Vajracchedika Sutra)

The Buddha Called This the Diamond of the Mind and it is The Strongest, Most Revered, Unchallengeable Force Usable by Any Cognitive Entity...

AGod is all-pervading, lustrous, bodiless, flawless, sinewless, pure, unpierced by evil. He is Omniscient, knower of the hearts of all... He truly reveals through the Vedas all things for His subjects from His immemorial attributes, free from birth and death.@ (Yajur Veda 40.8)
In this way, it becomes clear that the Lord has provided this spiritual knowledge to educate and guide all of humanity. Thus, the Vedic knowledge is meant for everyone who seeks it, regardless of their position, status, social class, or background. If they are faithless, then they will go their own way, but those who respect and wish to obtain the Vedic knowledge should not be disregarded. And those who know the wisdom of the Vedic tradition must be willing to allow the same privilege to others, or as it is said, AHe whose knowledge of the four Vedas is like four horns, who studies and enjoys the Vedas, is perfectly well versed in them all, preaches them to humanity and listens to their teachings from others, is the praiseworthy embodiment of knowledge. It is our duty to propagate it to others, and act upon it in our domestic life with words of veneration.@ (Yajur Veda 17. 90)
If this is not clear enough, then this is further corroborated in the Atharva Veda (5.17.10): AThe sages, mortals, and the kings, the lovers of truth, have verily given the knowledge of the Vedas to others.@
Thus, it becomes the duty and responsibility of those who know the Vedic wisdom to supply it and teach it to others because it can become like a mighty and uplifting force in the way it affects society. And for those who do not know it but still have faith in it, it becomes their highest good to make arrangements by which others can become learned in this knowledge, as confirmed in the Atharva Veda: APreached freely, it acts as a powerful force. Held in high esteem it acts as a benefactor of humanity like a leader. It acts as a thunderbolt completely annihilating the usages and practices of a sinner. It acts as a conquest-loving hero throwing light on all topics.@ (Atharva 12.5.18-19)
Therefore, it is wrong to think that the Vedic knowledge is only meant for a small section of society, while these verses proclaim that everyone can benefit from it. This is especially the duty of a learned Brahmana: AEven if ten former guardians, none of whom is a Brahmana, espouse the cause of Vedic knowledge, they are no match for a Brahmana who takes into his hand the task of propagating her [the Vedic knowledge]. He alone is her true guardian.@ (Atharva 5.17.8) Thus, the Brahmanas, gurus and acharyas, if they are true to the Vedic cause, cannot keep the Vedic knowledge to themselves, but must go out of their way to make it available for the benefits of humanity. Otherwise, it is the lack of Vedic spiritual knowledge that corrupts society and misleads people onto the wrong path of ignorance. And those who know the Vedic sciences and withhold it from society become responsible for the godless nature that civilization exhibits, as confirmed as follows:
AIn ancient times the sages who practiced penance through the seven vital forces, verily thus declared about this divine Vedic knowledge, >Dreadful is the result of neglecting divine knowledge, which causes confusion and calamity, where its teachings are violated.= When infants die, [or are] untimely born, when herds of cattle waste away [from drought or death by other causes], when heroes strike each other dead [as in useless wars], the neglect of Vedic knowledge destroyeth them.@ (Atharva 5.17.6-7)
AIgnorance that overtakes a village is spoken of as a star with contradictory light. Lack of Vedic knowledge disturbs the kingdom where fall a lot of [inauspicious] meteors and shooting stars.@ (Atharva 5.17.4)
Herein it should become obvious to all that society needs the higher wisdom of the Vedic spiritual knowledge to keep itself on the right path to attain the proper qualifications, insight, cooperation, humility, strength, and the means to work in harmony with each other and nature. Without that, life becomes increasingly complex, and a struggle for existence. Without that, society becomes lost, as well as do those who do not promote it, as also explained in the Vedas:
AThey perish who do not preach the Vedas. He who hoards the Vedic knowledge loses renown. Their houses are burnt who withhold the Vedic knowledge. He suffers utter destruction who preaches the Vedic knowledge without the support of Nirukta [word meanings] and Grammar.@ (Atharva 12.4.3)
AIf a violent [or selfish] man or woman disregards the wealthy store of knowledge of this Vedic speech, he or she gets the stain of inseparable infamy, due to that sin... The God-created Vedic knowledge belongs to those who come to ask for it. The learned call it an outrage on Vedic scholars when one retains Vedic knowledge as his own precious heritage.@ (Atharva 12.4. 9, 11)
In this way, it actually becomes dangerous not to help or assist in the spread of Vedic knowledge, or to think that it belongs to only one class of man only, as is typically thought in India. It is like ahimsa or non-violence, when a person knows he can help someone in reducing the other person=s suffering but refuses to do so, then he is actually practicing violence, and that will come back to haunt him in the end and create future sufferings of his own. Similarly, AIt [Vedic knowledge] wounds like an arrow him who obstructs its free spread. It brings calamity on him who reviles and abuses it. It is fearfully venomous when it is down-trodden by its foe. It brings death-like darkness on him who has degraded and dishonored it. Pursuing him, Vedic knowledge extinguishes the vital breath of its injurer.@ (Atharva 12.5.25-27)
AIt weakens physically him who torments its preachers. It destroys the wealth of him who snatches it away from the learned. It brings misery when it is suppressed, and ill repute when it is shown disrespect. . . It is sinful to try to spoil it. Its destruction is distressing like an evil dream. . . It brings loss of power to its opponent who forcibly retards its progress, and humiliation when its spread has been retarded. . . It brings poverty when it is being outraged. . . Vedic knowledge, when desecrated, cuts off the injurer of the learned from this world and the next.@ (Atharva 12.5.29, 32, 35, 37, 38)
AIf in his house alone one preserves the Vedic knowledge received from an acharya or acquired otherwise, but imparts it not to others, such a dishonest person, doing wrong to the learned and the Brahmacaris [those worthy of receiving the Vedic wisdom], departs from this world in a miserable plight.@ (Atharva 12.4.53)
Herein we can see that if we have acquired this Vedic knowledge from an authorized teacher or guru, or have grown up with it and have become well acquainted with it, then, in the end, our spiritual advancement and securing the spiritual progress of others is all that really matters. All else is temporary and comes and goes.
Therefore, if we have benefitted from the spiritual knowledge that we have acquired from the Vedic tradition, then it behooves us to share that blessing with others, and provide a means for others to also benefit and become blessed. If, however, we do not do that, then it is but a sign of selfishness, and, indeed, a disqualification for having attained such knowledge. AHe who wants to derive full advantage from this Vedic knowledge should aspire after this life-infusing knowledge. This knowledge, when not given, however, harms a man who does not impart it to others when they ask for it. . . However, unavoidable adversity overtakes him who does not like to part with Vedic knowledge even when it is asked for. His wishes and hopes, which he would like to gain, are never fulfilled when withholding Vedic knowledge.@ (Atharva 12.4.13, 19)
Thus, we can see what may happen to those who restrict the flow of Vedic wisdom, or who selfishly hold it as if it is their property alone and not for others. However, it is even more damaging to a leader, king, or ruler who denigrates it, neglects it, takes it cheaply, or does not work to protect its existence and the lives of those who know and teach it. AVedic knowledge preached in all parts of the world attains to fame and dignity. It brings misery and suffering on the king who restricts its spread.@ (Atharva 12.4.39) Thus, for anyone who teaches the Vedic wisdom, or for the country who provides for such activities to go on, great well-being can be given. But for a king or ruler who neglects it, great misfortune can follow for himself and his whole family, either in this life or the next. AWhosoever looking on Vedic knowledge as fruitless, or defames it at home, God, the Lord of mighty worlds, reduces his sons and grandsons to extreme poverty.@ (Atharva 12.4.38)
Furthermore, a leader who is influenced by those who hate Vedic culture will bring ruin to the whole country, and such a person will depart this life heading toward ultimate darkness in the next. This may be more prophetic than we think, for is not the next statement what is happening in India? AThey who seduce the king [or ruler] and say, >Propagate not Vedic knowledge,= encounter through their lack of sense, the missile shot by a powerful person. . . For the Kshatriya [or leader] who usurps this Vedic knowledge and oppresseth the Brahmanas, the courteous language, heroism, and auspicious fortune all depart. The energy, vigor, patience and might, the knowledge and mental strength, the glory and virtue, devotion and princely sway, kingship and people, brilliance and honor, splendor and wealth, long life and physical beauty, and name and fame, food and nourishing edibles, right and truth, hospitality and acts of public utility, and children and cattle, all these blessings of a Kshatriya depart from him when he oppresseth the Brahmanas and usurps the Vedic knowledge.@ (Atharva 12.4.52, & 5.5-11)

It Should Be Real Obvious , However the Manipulation of Terminology has made most of these terms associated with Dogma, So i Focus on Morality to Clarify the Ghee

No one has the Moral Authority to force there will on to you!
You have no Moral authority to force your will on to anyone!

Everyone including yourself! Has total Moral authority to Defend your self or anyone else from Immorality!

This is the Essence of Self Defense…
This is the Essence of Humanity…
This is the Essence of Trust…
This is the Essence of Honor…
This is the Essence of Integrity…
This is the Essence of Freedom…
This is the Essence of Equality…
This is the Essence of Balance…
This is the Essence of Tranquillity…
This is the Essence of Rta
This is the Essence of Truth…

Empower your self With Facts,
so you increase your awareness and the awareness of those around you…
Knowledge is the Key that makes Morality Obvious ultimately answering any Dilemma, Resolving Any inconsistency, and defeating any Immorality

When Mastered, and seen in action this unshakable Morality projected through consciousness-Indra is referred to as the Diamond of the mind, Vajra Also known as a Thunderbolt because if people are opposing morality openly they are shocked by the instant connection EVERYONE has to the side that is moral opposing immorality as there illusions fall down and there essence is revealed to all as the Hydra-Vritra-Serpent-Dragon, for a moment those well aware see the twinkle of Indra’s Web Light up as the Essence of Morality Shines Simultaneously within all aware of its calling…

Standing up for Ones Self, And All others who are being Oppressed
Is Moral LOVE! Seen In Action!,
Not Taking Action is Seen as Hoarding Knowledge that could stop other peoples Suffering and Shows the World your Not Moral!
Because Your now Responsible for Suffering you could have prevented

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