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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alex Jabba Jones Shi's his Zombies to : Let them "The Immoral Elite's" Rape your Women for 10 Years under NWO Occupation!"

The Same Day the True Goal Behind the Elites New World Order "To Rape your Children" article was published
Alex Jones Pops up in a Video using ancient Annunaki Manipulation Techniques "Shi" to Program His Audience, "To Accept the Rape of Women by the New World Order!"

Notice the Illuminati Trading Card, Alex Jones and Ron Paul?
Notice Neo's Passport, 911, then Notice Alex is clearly in Skanner Darkley which is clearly a NWO flick... The Egyptian Sex Magic Right's, the Greek-roman Sex Magic Right's, The Papa, Obelisk, Phalanx, Sexual Congress of America, All Signify Enki's Sexual Rights Gelal-"To Lie Apon" When he Raped his Sister Daughter, Grandaughter, and Great Grandaughter, who became the Glistening ones, The chosen Ones, the DNA TRACKABLE BLOODLINE, the ANNUNAKI
Banks have more to do with this then you think, During the Rape by Enki the Children were advised to Avoid the Banks that would direct the Currents Flow of Energy!... Yet Enki Still Filled the Banks Raping... "Acquiring His Interest!" Think Carefully when Fighting the Banks about how old this Fight is! and what it is REALLY ABOUT! "Body, Mind, & Spirit"
George Carlin Said it Best...

Then Notice all Alex's Satanism, and Realize he is Advocating, Invoking an Ancient IMMORAL ELITE Right the Elites WANT BACK! "To take the Virginity of your Children!"

Many people already had Issues with Alex Deliberately Covering up the Truth
I have personally presented information to Alex and Infowars many times, The Truth is always Blocked with Alex and Infowars, the Place is setup to Suck Information and to Monitor who is waking up, and how active they are... much more then just brainwashing people trying to wake up to the cover story strategic second layer lie... Dont get me wrong Alex dose use a lot of REAL information how do you think get got any credibility?  He has woken a lot of people up only to follow him in to giving their children to sick immoral elite? WTF is that?
Way to many to list everyone now... Just Search for Jesuit Jones, or Alex Jones Debunked, sure some are just upset, others like Jack blood were on the Inside Presenting Infowars and can tell you how Alex really is out to get you, in way Sicker and Nastier ways most can or will ever Imagine...

Daan , is to Give the TRUTH freely, never to Restrict the Truth... Always to RESPECT THE TRUTH!
Never to Charge, Never to Restrict, Hide, Coverup, Obfuscate or Abuse the Truth...

And check the Price of Gold, Silver, and Copper you are buying... Alex's Bullion links are all marked up, in some cases like copper over 200%, Silver and gold is usually 25-35% markup ive seen as high as 45% above the spot rate from Infowars Gold Links.. Take Care that is a lot more You could be getting for your self if you shop around...

Honestly, I Do Not Know why he is not ARRESTED for TREASON !
Advocating for a FOREIGN takeover of that KIND!

Err yes i do his an Asset of the System to Keep those who begin to awaken get Herded to be reprogrammed, just this kind of programing should make it clear and obvious to everyone!

Moral Enforcement ! Say No to Alex Jones Calling for everyone to allow RAPE!

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