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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nibiru 2012-2013 Transitional Awkening ELITES FEAR! "Sheep Dont KNOW this, do you really KNOW?"

Free your Self From DISINFORMATION!

Nibiru In Sumerian = Crossing

Crossing What?

Crossing From Mulki to Mul

Mulki is the Consciousness Soul Trapped in the "Reeds of Enki" "Consciousness Oathed to Ki"

Mul is the Consciousness WHOLE, One with Nature Rta

How Dose one Become Mulki?

Mulki is made from Shi "A Technique used by Necromancers, to Trick people in to Making an Oath to Serve the DEAD!"

Mul = Celestial in Sumerian

Mulki = Celestial Body Torn Apart

This is like Humpty dumpty, for those who arnt Following...

Nibiru will put humpty back together again, after Evil people KI used Shi to Break Humpty... Broken Humpty = Mulki, Healthy Humpty = Mul...

For those looking for a more Advanced Version, Sumerians Also had other Words
Usemi = Turned in to, Changed, Manipulated
Tiddu/Im = Usemi Living Clay
Duggae = Lifeless Clay
"yes they have a special word to represent manipulation of ones metaphysical consciousness to manipulate you in to serving them, and another word for general clay"

How do they Cast the "Shi" Necromancy Spell's?
Gen 2:7 " Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being "

Spells are Chanted, to Enchant,
With the WORD, Put Inside a DEAD CORPSE WITH NO HEARTBEAT, that your Tricked to SWEAR AN OATH to Serve for ETERNITY
So the Sumerians had words to say God Created Man from Clay "Living Clay"
And they Made Living Clay Using Shi, to Rip your Awareness apart and trap it inside an Illusion...

What is the Illusion Used?

The Reeds of Enki, and Zagmuk

Psychopomp Enki began by Psychopomping "Psycho-Pimping, Taken to a Place for your Psyche to Go when your Body Died, just one catch to get there you have to Swear and Oath to serve in this life and the next!" The Reeds of Enki is the FIRST HEAVEN+HELL Concept, "Place for HARVESTED SOULS" to Serve as Energy Batteries like the Matrix... Originally Called the Absu=Abyss...
The Elite Turn their Back on Rta, Morality, Equality, Universal Absolutes, and Trap Good people's SOULS who are Moral and Energized by Infinity to sustain their Immoral Descendants and SERVE THEM for eternity, they even plan to try and bring them back physically... so ENKI can Rule the Physical and Rule the REEDS of ENKI, The DNA genetically Proven Trackable Inbred Bloodline Serves this Agenda Physically to be Served by you in the Non-Physical, everyone else is Shi'd Tricked-conned to serve them... "You SWORE to SERVE AND FOLLOW GOD right?" your Oath is what you hold on to and what traps you to be an energy battery! "Abusing Immortality"

The Zagmuk is the Hierarchy, Used to Upgrade the Programing, To Cary on the Agenda and Plans, to Herd the Sheople, to MASK the TRUE powers "ANNUNAKI" CREATING AND ADVISING the LAW that is carried out and enforced by ZAGMUK, this programing mentality is seen in Computer programing spheres, If people CLIENTS need to PATCH there SOFTWARE, UPDATE to the NEW VERSION, the SYSTEM  needs AUTHORIZATION or it will DEFEND ITS SELF from what it PERCEIVES AS AN ATTACK to its PROGRAMED INTEGRITY!, when CLIENTS do FINALLY CHECK IN with an AUTHORIZED SYSTEM SERVER aka point of OFFICIAL SYSTEM FOUNDATION, the SERVER will CHECK the CLIENT to see if it has been INFECTED, CORRUPTED, or shows ANY THREATS to the SYSTEM, If the CLIENT is CLEAN it can be UPGRADED, IF the CLIENT is CORRUPT it is SCRAPPED, SCRUBBED, REPROGRAMMED, and only then can the CLIENT rejoin the SERVER COMMUNITY! "Inquisitions, Psychiatry, Hunting Domestic Terrorists Sounds like looking for people CLIENTS who managed to ESCAPE the MATRIX SYSTEM!"

Father = Zagmuk, Enki's Method of Hierarchy System Upgrades
Son = the Necromancer, Retitled Messiah or Prophet because the Father-Zagmuk says its official
Holy Spirit = Reeds of Enki, Consciousness Soul Trapped in an illusion by your own Oath to SERVE

This abomination comes from an Older PURE Natural Code that was Abominated by ENKI...

Rta = course of Nature, the Infinite, Absolute, Unfolding foundation of Reality "Physical and metaphysical, Like Time, Awareness, 2+2=4, the Fabric of Truth
Kama = Morality in Action Standing up to Immorality,"The True meaning of Sacrifice"
Daan = Sharing the Moral Code and Absolute Truth!

The Eastern people Continued the Ancient Ways

Dharma, Jainism, Hindu, Chinese Tao, Balian's, American to African to European Pagan Shamanism all reflect Natural Rta until the Western Conquests...

How Did this Start?

Enki Raped his Sister
Enki Raped his Daughter
Enki Raped his Grand Daughter
Enki Raped his Great Grandaughter

These Females of Ki in Summerian is
These , or This, = Annu
Female Verb = Na
of Ki
The Annunaki! "The Glistening Ones, Original Illuminati"

Enki Told the Annunaki they will have Peace when they DESTROY OUR WAY, everything forced to serve their way and them...

Enki can be Tracked to Zoroastrianism where they Reversed the Vedas Officially and Blended their Sumerian Terminologies "These are referenced in Ancient Textual Dictionaries showing Both Languages on a Clay Tablet"

Enki can be Tracked to EGYPT, Correlating Terminology, Hierarchy, Structure, System and most importantly the Droit Du Seigneur "Right of Gods aka Pharaoh's to take the Virginity of your Children! slaves to Self proclaimed God!"

From Egypt ANAT became ANAT-YHWH 410bc, who became YHWH the Abrahamic GOD

The Abrahamic GOD has ancient divisions,
The Original Jews who follow Abraham, "Old Testament"
the Christians who Follow Jesus, "New Testament"
and the Muslims who Follow Mohamed, "Quran"
ALL follow the Texts and TEACHINGS of the Abrahamic YHWH Religion

The roman Emperor, Along with Greek and Latin Terminology became Dominant Through Joining the Emperor Title with the Papal Title of the Church... "Historian Norman Cantor- Emperor Constantine was cured of leprosy by the virtue of the baptismal water administered by Sylvester. The Emperor, abjectly grateful, not only confirmed the bishop of Rome as the primate above all other bishops, he resigned his imperial insignia and walked before Sylvester's horse holding the pope's bridle as the papal groom. The generous pope, in return, offered the crown of his own good will to Constantine, who abandoned Rome to the pope and took up residence in Constantinople. The pope is supreme over all rulers, even the Roman emperor, who owes his crown to the pope and therefore may be deposed by papal decree" "when the Roman Empire Fell, the Church Went On... "Roman Army Ranks to Annex were Re-Adopted in the rise of THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, and Admiralty Law of the Holy Sea"

Popes Coronation of Kings and Queens, who Appoint Governor's Generals

This Seems Obvious when you Dig in to it yet Along Came 1381...
GOOD MORAL PEOPLE ENSLAVED FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM! and HANGING the Elite from the Tower of London! Including the Duke "Kings Cousin 4th in line for the Throne" the GRAND MASTER of the Knights Hospitlar, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury the popes representative for all of England Ireland and Scotland, and the Head Tax Collector... and no public property damage or individual's hurt...

The Pope ANNEXED the Church of England the Following year 1382, and Rewrote the English Language to have less then 900 words.. Burning people, and Hanging people for possessing or talking old or other languages, Elite Fear of the Rebellion Spreading and finding the real heads...

Kings and Queens were Replaced with Parliaments, The Illusion of Elections, when the Elite tell you Openly "Tax, Energy is collected to train special Chosen Children, to be Educated in Special Schools to be the NEXT GENERATIONS LEADERS!"

Occasionally even in the middle of the Immoral Mess a good person, stands up and Chooses MORALITY
When a POPE EXPELLED the JESUIT order the JESUITS used the terminology ILLUMINATI in 1776 to Continue their Plans to Annex America from England and the Vatican... "Providing the Illusion of Independence while still being Bound by JESUIT Necromancy Law "CONSTITUTIONS!"

The MASKS Changed, yet the Terminology is tracked and Technique Remains the Same, the Dead Body's are CONSTITUTED with the WORD of those with STATUS who STAND ABOVE OVER YOU and RAISE THE WORD-LAW HIGHER, Regardless if its the Dead Body of a Church, Nation, or other Title The Elites used to Divide and Conquer you, your ancestors and your Children...

Todays Mask's are So Abstract 99.99% of people HAVE NO IDEA
During the 1450-1800's "age of Enlightenment" The PEOPLE rebelled from the OLD ILLUMINATI SELF PROCLAIMED AND ENFORCED RIGHT OF NOBLE BLOOD TO TAKE THE VIRGINITY OF YOUR CHILDREN! Droit Du Seigneur, The Right Of the Bloodline to Continue ENKI's Tradition of TAKING YOUR CHILDREN'S VIRGINITY, Raping them YOUNG like ENKI did his Daughters! you had to pay your children virginity to get in to heaven!

Now we are Technological, Religious Masks have lost a lot of their old Power and Authority,
So the Inbred Immoral Elite came up with a Plan, The birth Credit...
Basically you have to BUY a LICENSE from the GOVERNMENT to have LEGITIMATE CHILDREN!
The Cost is based on CARBON, every human Exhales 3 Tones of Carbon per year, so every person wanting to have a child would have to pay for 18-21 years of CARBON in ADVANCE to get a Licence for a Legitimate Child...

This is the REASON for BANKING putting so much ARTIFICIAL WEALTH in to the HANDS of a few "None of the ELITES WEALTH EXISTS its all Digital 0's& 1's  earning interest on digital 0's & 1's", if a License was inflated to a trillion dollars how many legitimate children will be borne next year? possibly a few thousand... ALL ELITE INBRED BLOODLINE BABYS! Illegitimate Children will be there to SERVE LEGITIMATE ONES as SLAVES BY LAW YOUR ALLOWING! "Sexually again"

Yet if we REMOVE all the Fiat money, paper, Plastic and digital, were left with PHYSICAL ASSETS, and the ELITES OBJECTIVE FAILS!

The Carbon Tax, Credit Scam is not about Pollution, Removing Toxic, Heavy Metals, Radioactive Pollutants, Its About the Elites Wanting their RIGHT back to RAPE your VIRGIN CHILDREN "a Lot more then they get away with now using CPS" "To have a Vision of the NWO Think TSA checkpoints Inspecting all children to see if they are eligible for an Immoral Elites Pedophilia Party Night! EVERY DAY EVERYWHERE!"

Nibiru is FEARED by the ELITE...
For if we Stop Supporting the inbred elites DRAGON SLAYING!, 
And start supporting Parasitic Energy Sucking Vampire SLAYING, 
Undead Raising Necromancy Slaying, 
and all kinds of UNDEAD Minion SLAYING, 
Future Generations Could be Free...
Physically Free !
Mentally Free !
Spiritually Free !
Free From all their BS... FOREVER!

This is NOT an ACCIDENT,
 this has been PLANNED from the BEGINNING 



  1. New predictions

    Shaul Mofaz (Antichrist) will be Israeli Prime Minister( and

    After from earthquake in northern Israel and Syria (december 2012)- and become dry lake Kinneret/ govern -

    period mofaz 427 day and will be killed In Jerusalem:march 2014

    Saudi Arabia king will be dead and after

    start War for get reign :november 2012

    unprecedented Floods In many regions of the world in: september-.. 2012)-

    will be eruption Yellowstone?

    and will be send out ashes During the eight day

    earthquake in East Mediterranean Sea - with hundreds thousands killed on :december 2012

    will be occupy syria by Jordan army on

    december 2012-February 2013

    and will be war Between Turkey and Jordan in the north-

    eastern syria april 2013

    and after to leave american army in iraq Jordan army will

    be occupy iraq on may-june


    , some of Sufyani armys (Jordan) will be sink

    into the ground./ This place will be known as Baidah and

    will be located either between Makkah:


    (and Madina-volcano (alaise

    Will be killed pious man in Mecca on


    2014- return Jesus perhaps on...2013.

    will be coming to earth from the sky for to help Imam Mahdi propagation

    freedom and justice and beneficence in the world

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  3. Hare Krsna. Yes, the Vedic ways predate modern civilizations, bringing messages from purer times down to us in these dark Kali yuga times. The demons try to rule everywhere, and their organization is overwhelming to the tiny individual souls. If we can but overcome rascisms and sectarianisms and recognize One Godhead and be tolerant and work together to bring His light back, work through individual prayer and reading and meditation and good works in His service, we can oust the demons. The Names of Godhead are all-powerful, and by chanting them aloud, inauspicious things are cleared, the evil ones flee. Chant the Names of God /Allah loudly, Hare Krsna, al hamduli'lah.