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Monday, November 12, 2012

Code 6,66 Obama dismissing 66ing Generals before Benghazi Trialing Obama for Treason!, So many Resignations...

The Nazi's were Meticulous Record Keepers thanks to IBM Punch-cards
Code 6 "Adding the 6th Number" was the Code for Execution "Special Treatment", Note most people were used as WORKERS, few were Executed, and Little were JEW's, Most were Poles, Christians, and mentally ill or seen as defective in genes like Gypsies or the Deformed, But the Jew Holocaust is pushed by the elite as a LIE to Incite the Jesuit-Zionist Megiddo Plan...

Do not think for one second i am against individual's who chose to be, or are Borne Jewish... "to watch the Whole 5 part Series"

The complete records, compiled by the office of Richard Gl├╝cks for all the Nazi concentration camps in the years 1935 to 1944, are now stored on microfilm and kept in the Russian Central Archives in the Central State Archives No. 187603 on Rolls 281 through 286. These records give statistics on the number of Auschwitz deaths from execution 

President Obama dismissed Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal "At the time in-charge of Afghanistan, and ordered No more House Break-ins killing innocent children!"

Did Obama force the Resignation days before Petraeus was going to Testify About Obamas Involvement in Benghazi ?  CIA Director David Petraeus, the retired four-star general who oversaw US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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