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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shundrallah "Before Its News" Contributor, Syndication !

BIG Thank You 
Chris Kitze "Publisher"
Stefan Mark Stanford & Vinh "Administrator's" "Shundrallah's BIN Contributor Page"
I have been talking to a lot of people in the Truth Community for many years, My First Article to be Picked up and Go global was Investigative Journalism Revealing Quotes of "THE NEW WORLD ORDER" In Australian Government Documents, and on the Official Australian Government Website
Since that Time Shundrallah had many Articles picked up Individually,and i have been focusing on Writing a Book, Video Editing and Digital Imagery for the New Website-Community-Historic Referenced Encyclopedia & News to Explain Enki's Inbred Bloodline Tracked Links Throughout History and relate that to breaking news and events, i have been researching for 15 years, "FULL TIME since i broke my back and could not feel below my waste, or move my legs" and awakened to the final Jhana for 25... "Knowing from Akasha Experience when Young, without the language to explain, conveying an accurate translation of experience was hard, so i spent a lot of time researching everything i could find on magic, philosophy, religion, and all ancient esoteric occult hidden texts,  i do not charge for any TRUTH, nor will i ever charge for the TRUTH, I am now accepting Donations on my Site, , Currently $0 Donated, Ive been doing this most of my life without any help, Its a Slow process, i dont like seeking Hits or compromising my integrity to be promoted,and i only would accept donations from people who can afford it, i know everyone good is hurting so it is ok to save your $ for more important things like paying the bills and buying food... "Unlike the Fake Truthers, Charging for Information, or Running Money bombs to Suck the Money From you, i am happy to bring you Truth with out ever getting 1 cent "For the record any Donations would be documented and spent accordingly to expand the Truth, and all Account figures will be made Transparent unlike most people with things to hide!"

"I am walking again and can feel my toes" Thanks to Endo-Canabinoids, "Endo = Within and Canabinoids is THC that also comes from one other place then inside all mammals body's, especially in human breast milk, is the Hemp plant..." This information was not known at the time i broke my back, and for the first 5 years no evidence existed in any way to regenerate central nervous damage, "quadriplegic's and paraplegics were left that way", even tho i was walking by then and providing many people including scientists, and Medical Doctors Evidence of the regenerative purposes of the central nervous scar tissue, i had a 1" inch gap in my 1st lumber, 3 disks out and 3/4's of the First Lumber was shattered beyond reconstruction.." Since that Time Studies and Experiments have been conducted and now Professors at leading Universities TEACH this in university that Endocanabinoids do HEAL SCAR TISSUE OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM , including spinal cord conditions, and mental Brain Neuron conditions! "Even Reversing Lobotomizing Mental Inhibiting Prescription Medications"

I also Help people Escape Dogmatic Illuminati Programing, Religious, New Age, Satanic, Political Hierarchical Stockholm Syndrome, So if you or a Friend ever needs help to Escape a Shi Attack on Consciousness, i am glad to dedicate the one on one time do this free, to help people be mentally and spiritually FREE!

Shundrallah cover's everything "I can Factually Prove with Linked Evidence" from advanced tech, To Medical, to Politics, Banking, History, Magic to ancient texts, my preferred area of Analysis is Meta-physics and Philosophy, and it was my Experiences relating to the Ancient Awakening Vedic Texts, Crossing the Jhanas In Buddhist Terminology Was Proven the Opposite of what the New Age movement is pushing, You need to LOWER YOUR FREQUENCY NOT RAISE IT!, "you learn fast the Elites have spent thousands of years turning everything upside down and inside out DELIBERATELY TO DESTROY YOUR WAY, like when Zoroaster Rewrote the Vedas backwards Abominating "The Course of Nature=RTA", in to an evil referred creation Zagmuk "The Father", and manipulative man who wrote words, wrote him self as god... even tho god was and is powerless over RTA it is well known the Elites make you focus on Finite Light Lucifer to Serve the Glistening Ones Rather then Even be aware of the Infinite Placeholder Nature Unfolding Universal Absolutes, Its not like God is there To Unfold Time or give you awareness but dose nothing as you suffer to immoral schemers... because your understanding those who stood with status above you, standing over you elevating words above you even higher to be given a special word of god's law... the Word its self Chanted to Enchant, By Necromancers to Constitute the Dead, In-Cor-Por-ate Power only Enforced with Zagmuk like governing Hierarchy's "Kings Queens Popes and Politicians" Authorized Program Patch Dissemination Nodes of the Matrix System of Delusional Laws, like Flatworld Finite Dogmas Decay from Truth De-sanctifying the Divine and make way for the Infinite Placeholder...

This Abomination, Commonly Known as NWO "The New World Order" or "The Illuminati" has been Tracked back to the Origination, Via different, methods, From DNA, Bloodlines, Funding and Money, Wealth and Power, Methods and Techniques of Manipulation and Infection" commonly known as Using Shi to Create Mulki" in original Sumerian as noted in the original text dictionaries and Sumerian scholar references, along all changes in Language Re-Masking and Re-Packaging the Same Original System as people wake up, Begin Enforcing Morality and REBEL SEEKING FREEDOM!

Meta-physically when your body is dead and your consciousness awareness dis-guards all the useless physical associations, money, lines on maps, hierarchy, Laws based on words written by man on paper" all are useless and u do not take them with you because they are illusions created by MEN who YOU have  believed, Been Infected by a Psychological Parasitic Sociologically Programed Virus"called  they are gods, OBEY!", Wake up! It would be Pathetically Funny if it was not so horrifyingly REAL!

Recently it seems Trolls are harassing Legitimate users of Before Its News, Administrators are aware of the issues "Seems a lot of spammers, at the same time a new auto moderation system is catching legit users", The Auto Ban/Block from Reporting is resulting is some legitimate users being banned because trolls are ganging up with new user accounts...
I contacted BIN about this issue, and asked them to investigate the reports i personally got, and to read the associated articles.
The Staff at Before its News are FANTASTIC, informing me of the issues and allowing me to follow up, i asked them to read my articles that were reported... as i wanted everything cleared up before the new website 2013!
And to my Surprise !!! Chris Kitze "BIN Publisher" looked over my Blog and offerd to Forward my Blogs RSS feed to Before Its News, and my Issues are all Resolved... "Way better then Expected"
I would Advise anyone who is having trouble, with the issue of being CENSORED, not by the people in-charge of BIN, but by TROLLS ABUSING THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM!
Please contact Before Its News and Resolve your issues, The Truth Movement Dose appreciate everyone sharing the Truth with others... "Even if new and asking questions"

I would like to Warn the Trolls, Morally the Truth Movement is a Flooding Wave of Awakening, Nibiru one can Not stop! Anyone Knowingly Pushing Disinformation will be called out, anyone Trolling will be Delt with when the Dragon Slayers Reign is Finally Over you will not be forgotten about, Right now the Truth Movement has bigger Fish to Fry...
The Simple Fact is Time management during this WAR FOR FREEDOM is better spent targeting Immoral "The So Called Illuminati" People with real power and influence, Not the Elites Brainwashed or Employed Zombie Minions, or Target the Dogmas Directly and Dispel the Illusion Maya

! Semper Fi ! Daan ! Kama !

The Elites only have 2 Plans left, and one Ace Card

The First Plan is Zionism Megiddo "Allowing Genocide to Justify One Global Marine Force and no other Armies!"

The Second Plan is Economic Incrementalism to a GLOBAL currency "complete with Global Financial Crisis, Artificial Implosion, Currency Devaluation, Inflation from Printing $ out of thin air, fiat Money, No one will really see this until everything stored Digital and paper Backed Stocks Bonds, Derivatives, Money, Deeds all Evaporate as the Force that Insures Value makes way for a Global Dominance... "Watch out for major Financial Currencies Crashing backed by Destabilizing Countries who no longer ENFORCE the Wealth of Paper" "I'm not talking small countries here i am talking EU-UK-USA-China-Russia-India, when one of those countries no longer back their paper the games over for EVERYONE globally, all international contracts will be retracted, or not honored, and from their the collapse is inevitable..."

The Elites Ace Card is Bluebeam+TR-3B, Dustifying, Wave-Central Nervous System Integration tech "All man Made no alien Disinfo-BS"

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