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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"hollow between a woman's breasts" Canberra NWO Capital


The site of Canberra was selected for the location of the nation's capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's two largest cities. It is unusual among Australian cities, being an entirely planned city outside of any state, similar to the American Federal District of Columbia. Following an international contest for the city's design, a blueprint by the Chicago architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin was selected and construction commenced in 1913.

The Griffins' plan featured geometric motifs such as circles, hexagons and triangles, and was centred around axes aligned with significant topographical landmarks in the Australian Capital Territory.

Canberra Word Origination, "Hollow between a woman's breasts" The region's first non-Aboriginal landowner, Joshua John Moore, named his property "Canberry Station" and it was first shown on the 1837 survey of the area conducted by James Larmer. Moore's name was one of the first English transcriptions of Ngambri. the name was reported by Queanbeyan newspaper owner John Gale in the 1860s to be an anglicisation of the indigenous name 'nganbra' or 'nganbira', meaning "hollow between a woman's breasts"

A variety of names were suggested for the capital, including Olympus, Paradise, Captain Cook, Shakespeare, Kangaremu, Sydmeladperho, Eucalypta and Myola.
The name of Canberra was eventually settled upon. At midday on 12 March 1913, the city was officially given this name by Lord Denman, at a ceremony on Kurrajong Hill (now known as Capital Hill)

Just like the District of Columbia, Vatican City, and the City of London, The Australian Capital is Designed from the start to be Zagmuk, a Symbol of Sex and a Place of POWER for the Elite to Rule From, Responsible for Gathering Souls and Sending them Along Anzac Parade to the Pyramid
To Serve the Elites in the "Reeds of Enki"

 Stop Zionism!

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