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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

STOP BLUEBEAM NOW!, Have your Vote To Disintegrate the Elite Responsibly for Dustifying 911


 The Punishment Should Fit the CRIME!

This Technology is hardly known even by most Truth seekers,

Dr Judy wood has been Exposing the Use of This Technology in 911

I recently Wrote This Article, Including my First Video

Now is the time, Not to ask for Hangings like 1381 Pesant Revolt, which was the Elites own method back in that era

Today lets ask those who are Randomly Selected to participate as Jurors in a Public Trial to Disintegrate the Elite Responsible for Disintegrating Innocents during 911, and those who support the lies to cover up the truth! if they find the Elite Responsible Guilty the Punishment should fit the Crime, Public Death Penalty By Disintegration should not be off the table!

Disintegrate the Elites "Hierarchy"
Disintegrate the Disinformation Pushers "Indoctrinators"
Disintegrate the Quest-mongers "Torturers and Inquisitors"

Do NOT allow the Elite to use BLUEBEAM to DISINTEGRATE YOU!

DO NOT VOTE in a way that the Elite Track you to be Targeted, Vote by Sharing the Information until the People AWAKEN and just walk in and arrest them all Responsible for the Mess were in... "To Save future Generations before it gets worse"

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