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Friday, September 11, 2009

Stratigic Low Intencity Opperations

By Design to Coerce Global Humanity in to Submission in to the new World Order
War on Terror is a Strategic Planed War on your Morality to force you to abandon your Values, once enough people are broken the new world order will be a reality...
rebel openly and you are a terrorist! great strategy, make it open and obvious and force agreement and total submission...

Most people do not even no where these places are that they want to bomb off the face of the earth... this clip shows more than 1/2 the people when asked to point out there country they want to bomb the shit out of, do not name Australia but the put the pin in Australia on the map...
See what the people have become? totally ignorant and the elites only need about 35% of the people to be that stupid to keep going with there agenda
who's next?

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